Uterus and cervix during pregnancy

Sat, Oct 22, 2016

During pregnancy, doctors give great importance to the state
female uterus. In what tone, normal or elevated
it is located, directly depends not only the course of pregnancy, but
and the life as well as the health of the child. Most often, when talking about
tonus of the uterus, imply its increase or hypertonus. The
a sign may in the early stages lead to spontaneous
abortion, and in later months – to
premature birth.


Tonus and hypertonia of the uterus during pregnancy

Often the appearance of uterine hypertonus is facilitated by excessive
physical exertion, nervous stress, overexcitement, or fright
fear. Also, an increased uterine tone may result
inflammatory processes occurring in the female body,
endometriosis or uterine fibroids. To hypertonus can lead and
Excessive overstretching of muscle tissue that occurs during
multiple pregnancy. Often, hypertonus appears after
transferred ARD, sore throat, flu, pyelonephritis. Also this
an adverse symptom often accompanies women smokers or
future moms who abuse alcohol.

Increased tone may be accompanied by aching or compressing
pains in the lower abdomen, similar to the sensations during
monthly Sometimes there is a slight spotting or
excessive tension of the abdomen. When any of these
signs require immediate medical attention.
using Today, uterine hypertonus is well treated. Pregnant
necessary complete rest and normalization of psycho-emotional
states. Under this condition, sexual activity is prohibited.
any physical activity. Often pregnant is performed and
medication, patients are prescribed drugs,
relaxing uterine muscles, vitamins and sedatives

Changes in the cervix during pregnancy

During pregnancy, significant changes undergo and
Cervix. Due to the development of an extensive vascular grid, it
acquires a cyanotic hue, and its glands expand and become
even more branched. On the initial terms of carrying a child
especially dangerous are bleeding and expansion of the inner
pharynx cervix.

In the last trimester, the cervix ripens and softens. it
testifies to the readiness of the body to start generic
activities. Immediately before giving birth the neck is in the very
the center of the pelvis, and its length is only 10-15mm. In the process
the birth of the cervix gradually opens and reaches 10 cm in diameter.
Sometimes when a child moves through the birth canal
rupture or fissure of the cervix. Then to the damaged places
stitched over.

Pathology in the cervix during pregnancy

The cervix of some women is in the pathological
condition called ismico-cervical insufficiency.
The meaning of this disease is that the muscular
muscles in the isthmus of the uterus is not reduced, and the cervix itself
It opens prematurely and is unable to hold the fetus. By
the fact that the child gradually goes down, develops
premature labor and a sudden
miscarriage. The causes of this disease can be as
congenital and acquired. CI often develops
due to hormonal disruptions or underdevelopment of the uterus, injuries
obtained during abortions or delivery by large fruit.

Another cause of preterm labor or spontaneous
miscarriage can become endocervicitis. it заболевание возникает из-за
inflammation of the cervical canal. The reasons may be very different,
from sexually transmitted infections to staphylococcus,
E. coli or streptococcus. The disease
accompanied by copious mucous discharge with unpleasant
the smell.

Erosion of the uterus during pregnancy

A common defect in the mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​erosion.
It occurs due to inflammatory, traumatic,
chemical or any other damage. Also erosion can
to be due to heavy labor, douching or
abortions. Sometimes erosion itself disappears after childbirth, in
In other cases, it is successfully treated and does not affect the course
of pregnancy.

Uterine fibroids during pregnancy

Quite a difficult problem that can complicate
pregnancy is uterine fibroids. Sometimes may occur
quite serious complications of this disease. Which
require early operational delivery. The outcome of such
complications can be the birth of an immature baby with
neuropsychiatric or physical development. Reasons
these complications may be large sizes of fibroids, its
adverse location as well as malnutrition of the tumor
node. Other diseases are often combined with this disease.
inflammation and ovarian tumors, hormonal disruptions,
diseases of the mammary glands, disorders of the thyroid gland or bark
adrenal glands.

Often uterine fibroids are active quickly. developing
hereditary disease. Frequently uterine fibroids
diagnosed in primiparous women with a burdened
obstetric and gynecological history. Risk of spontaneous
abortion increases when fibroids
located under the placenta. Mode of delivery for patients with
myoma is selected in each case individually, taking into account
the number, size and location of tumor nodes.


Veronika 03/26/2016 How many all sorts of dangers and diseases!
For example, fibroids, from what does it appear at all? it же как
scary that a child can be born with disabilities … Need
constantly monitor your health, only such a conclusion can be
do … Galka 03/26/2016 I have nothing of that, thank God, not
It was. True, there was erosion, but it was cured. Erosion was before
pregnancy and I was worried that because of her I could not
get pregnant But, all this is over. And as it turned out, all the experiences
were in vain. Angelica 03/26/2016 My neighbor with pathology
I managed to save and give birth to a child. True, almost all
pregnancy lay in the hospital on conservation. thank you doctors
got really high-class specialists. Lika 03/26/2016
У меня был повышенный тонус матки во время of pregnancy. Stomach
постоянно ныл и что-то там тянуло… it было из-за стресса, и
when the stressful situation disappeared, everything was fine. Pregnant
in general, peace and no anxiety are very necessary. Kalinka 03/26/2016
My friend was diagnosed with myoma during pregnancy, and even wanted to do
an operation. But everything went well. Tfu-pah, I have no problems
arose. There are after all different cases, even the uterus falls out. Need to
was to maintain a tone of special exercises.

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