Useful properties of tofu cheese

Tofu – so called cheese or cottage cheese obtained from soy milk,
curdled by heating or coagulants. Now tofu
became a very fashionable and popular product, all thanks
the spread of Asian cuisine and vegetarianism in modern
the world.

In addition, tofu is respected in the circles of people watching their
dieting and, simply, wanting to live long and

Сыр тофу It is believed that the birthplace of tofu is Ancient China.
In the twentieth century, bas-reliefs of the 2nd century BC were found there, on
which are traced in detail the process of making tofu.

According to legend, the first soy cheese was obtained quite by accident, when
in soy milk, or, according to another version, fermented soybeans,
salty sea water.

Soy protein was precipitated, and the man gathered this “cottage cheese”, and
having tried, was not a little surprised by the wonderful taste and amazing
satiety new product.

Now soy cheese and products from it are the main component of the diet.
Asian countries, the main source of protein, along with
other products from soy.

Initially, classic tofu is completely tasteless, it’s
soy cheese feature. This is his advantage.
Tofu can be made sweet or salty, add various spices and

The benefits of soy tofu

What is the benefit of soy cheese? And the fact that soybeans – the most
protein-rich plant, and accordingly, soy cheese –
high protein product that is absolutely necessary for people
sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Besides,
soy protein contains all the essential amino acids, a large amount
calcium and iron.

The second feature of soy cheese is high content
phytoestrogens. No, no, do not be afraid and horrified at the word

The fact is that research by American scientists
on the island of Okinawa (Japan), where the largest number
longevity in the world, proved that soybean phytoestrogens –
amazing stuff! They have selective (selective)
character, and can either increase or decrease estrogen in
body, and generally normalize hormones, not only
women, but also men.

In Japan, particularly in Okinawa, among 70-year-old men, the level
testosterone was comparable to the level of testosterone 45
summer european. And scientists believe that the whole thing in a soy diet,
and, in particular, in the “magic” phytoestrogens. Okinawa women are not
know the concepts of “hormone dependent forms of cancer” (breast cancer
железы, яичников и т. д.), что является бичом западных женщин,
especially during menopause and age-related hormonal changes.
That is why women who have at least suspicion of
hormonal imbalance, just need to include tofu in your
diet Besides, тофу незаменим, для людей, сидящих на диете. AT
100 g of tofu are only 78 calories and, as much as 17.1 g of protein.

How to choose a good

How to choose tofu? I advise you to choose tofu without taste
additives and flavors because in this way dishonest
manufacturer may mask an expired product. It is better
buy vacuum-packed tofu, and preferably one in which
Calcium chloride is used as a coagulant. AT тофу,
precipitated with calcium chloride, calcium is several times more than
cheese with another coagulant.

Good tofu should be white, if it is yellowish, it means
He was frozen, why do you need this? Keep open cheese in
container with water in the refrigerator.

There are many recipes for tofu. If you not
stick to diets, I recommend to fry tofu in spices and
breaded is insanely delicious and very popular asian

For people who are watching calories, I suggest adding tofu to
wholegrain sandwiches made of herbs and vegetables
breads, tofu and herbs or cook this green soup from
tofu and celery.

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