Useful properties of lime

As a direct relative of lemon and orange, lime surpasses
other citrus fruits for vitamin C, vital for
our body. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) normalizes
the level of cholesterol in the blood, preventing the development of atherosclerosis,
it alienates and slows down the aging process of cells, stimulates
the formation of a special collagen protein, on which largely depend
skin firmness and elasticity.

Lime is an excellent tranquilizer, it has a calming effect on
nervous system, improves overall health, uplifting.
Modern research suggests: Indian citrus
able to overcome winter fatigue, tearfulness, depression,
increased irritability and nervousness.

Lime juice contains potassium, which in combination with vitamin C
strengthens and makes the elastic walls of the capillaries – the smallest
blood vessels supplying blood to the skin.

Organic acids (eg citric and malic),
present in lime, promote the absorption of iron – the main
hematopoietic element. In addition, lime contains calcium and
phosphorus, necessary for the construction, growth and preservation of teeth.
These two minerals are reliable protectors of tooth decay and
the formation of plaque: they prevent the growth of bacteria,
strengthen and restore tooth enamel. Together the minerals have
anti-inflammatory, firming effect on the gums, preventing
their bleeding. And ascorbic acid and organic acids
have a whitening effect.

Thanks to its anti-cold components (essential oils,
organic acids, ascorbic acid) lime reliably strengthens
immunity, makes it easier to carry colds and
accelerates recovery.

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