Useful properties of coffee and the harm of a loved onea drink

The Japanese call morning coffee “gymnastics for vessels.” In this
the country is recommended to all people, even the elderly, to drink in the morning
a cup of weak coffee with milk in order to stimulate
vascular trophism. As you know, violations of the organs, including
including the formation of cholesterol plaques occurs in places of stagnation.
And the stimulation that vessels undergo after drinking coffee
this sense is very helpful.


On the other hand, coffee contains substances like cofestol.
and coveal, which in elderly people, on the contrary, even
contribute to the deposition of cholesterol plaques. However, these substances
in practice, they are not so dangerous, because successfully
are filtered by ordinary paper filters that are equipped
modern coffee makers.

The main disadvantage of coffee is the ability of caffeine to wash out
trace elements are excreted in large quantities – calcium, phosphorus
and magnesium. Therefore, everyone who regularly drinks coffee should drink
foods high in calcium are primarily dairy, and
Required multivitamins.

Milk that is added to coffee is also a source.
calcium, but compared to the amount of calcium that is washed out
thanks to caffeine, its not enough.

Green tea contains more caffeine than coffee – up to 5%, but is present
it is there in the form of compounds with tannin, therefore absorbed into the blood
longer and milder – tea invigorates, but does not excite.

Coffee has the ability to repulse appetite, so you can
use coffee for weight loss.  In America, slimming girls
constantly go with a paper cup of coffee in hand, because of what even
appeared the ironic name of this method of losing weight – Starbucks
diet – on behalf of the most famous chain of coffee shops Starbucks.

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