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Incontinence after childbirth is a pathology that
manifested in some women.

In this case, they may experience partial urination with
different circumstances (weightlifting, laughter, etc.).

The reason for this can be a variety of factors, consider
each of them in more detail.

The main causes of urinary incontinence after birth

The most common causes of urinary incontinence after
past births are:

1. Significant weakening of the supporting muscles of the pelvis, which
are some natural support for the uterus during the whole period
leakage carrying a child. This state is not separate.
disease, most often it is classified as postpartum
complication and is observed in more than 20% of women after birth
baby It should also be understood that during traditional childbirth risk
incontinence problems are several times higher than
with “artificially” childbirth (by caesarean section).

2. Too large a set of extra pounds during the carrying
child, which led to additional stress on the urinary

3. The presence of postpartum damage (perineal rupture, large
fruit, etc.).

four. The appearance of serious mental disorders in women
(depression, stress, neurosis, etc.).

5. Violation of the “work” of the urinary system.

6. Chronic pathology of the spine, coccyx or kidney.

7. Injuries to the spine or tailbone.

Possible effects of urinary incontinence after childbirth

Incontinence after a past birth is not only very
uncomfortable condition, but it can also be dangerous. For example,
if urinary incontinence is not treated in time, it will acquire
chronic in nature, and from time to time will be exacerbated. It’s in
turn, significantly worsen the quality of life of the young mother.

Also, without treatment, this condition may
to provoke the occurrence of more serious diseases, one of
which is cystitis.

Incontinence treatment methods

After diagnosing the general condition of the woman and her bladder
The doctor will select the best treatment method. Classical therapy
is aimed at strengthening the weakened muscles, so you can
much faster to get rid of involuntary urination.

The main indicator of patient’s recovery is the lack
previously observed manifestations of urinary incontinence.

Today, the most effective ways to
treatments for this pathology are such surgical

1. The introduction of the drug gel in the urinary channels. This
the procedure can be carried out both under local and under general
anesthesia. Its duration usually does not exceed thirty minutes,
therefore, on the same day, the patient can go home. This kind
treatment requires several procedures, otherwise there is a big risk
recurrence of the disease.

2. Urethrocytocervicopexy is a failure operation in which
the urethra, cervix, or
мочевой bubble. After such surgery, the patient
a rehabilitation period is required, so it’s best for a couple
weeks to be supervised in a hospital setting.

3. Loop operation. It can hold different options.

During the loopback operation, a strong support is made for the channel;
which passes urine.

Most doctors advise their patients to loop
operation using synthetic loop. In that case, for
recreating “support” for the urethra is applied
artificial material called prolen. He is not
absorbable, so even after a long time
loses its strength and elasticity.

The duration of this surgical intervention on average
It takes forty minutes, but in a more neglected state of pathology
The procedure may take about an hour. Patient while being under
local anesthesia.

Already on the second day the patient is discharged home. To active life
she can return no earlier than three weeks later. Physical
loads and sex are allowed after five to six
weeks after surgery.

Единственным противопоказанием к проведению
This procedure is an existing pregnancy or her
planning, since after delivery the achieved
results of surgical intervention.

This методика может использоваться почти сразу после родов.
Она имеет такие преимущества, по сравнению с
other methods of treating urinary incontinence after

1. Low trauma (during surgery, small
skin cuts, so the patient will not have to suffer for a long time.
heal stitches).

2. Efficiency (as shown by medical practice, more than
in 80% of women who underwent loop surgery, stopped
�”Unscheduled” urination).

3. Low probability of renewing urinary incontinence (except for those
cases when after surgery a woman becomes pregnant again and
gives birth).

four. Ability to carry out the procedure under different types

5. Short duration of the operation.

6. Ability to use different materials.

More gentle treatment methods are training
exercises for the muscles of the pelvis and bladder:

1. Hold weights. To do this, women need to hold
pelvic muscles special weights of different weights (first they must
be as light as possible, and then it becomes harder and harder). Such
exercise must be performed for fifteen minutes thrice in

2. The Kegel exercise also shows good results. For
This woman should strain the lower abdomen, periodically reducing and
pulling it in so that the muscles become stronger. Repeat procedure
нужно не меньше ста раз в day. Perform it best in standing
position when the body is maximally tense, however
do and sitting.

3. Retention of urination will help not only to train
muscles of the urethra, but also prevent possible
propensity to incontinence before birth. This is a great prevention.
postpartum problems with urine excretion.

In case of incontinence, it is also recommended to agree in advance with
urination plan with your doctor. That is, the patient must
urinate only after a fixed time interval. So
way, she will train your bladder to delay
liquid, and not immediately release it.

Gradually, such intervals between urination need
increase and, reaching a distance of 3-4 hours you can

Too urge to urinate too soon
it is recommended to restrain by naturally reducing anal
sphincter The duration of such treatment should be at least 3-4

Physiotherapy treatment provides for
electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles. Usually prescribed by
4-5 full courses, each lasting two weeks. In
the time of such treatment, the patient should also conduct a planned
bladder examination to monitor improvements and his
general state.

Incontinence drug therapy
provides for the reception of such medicines:

1. Vitamin complexes.

2. Preparations for improving blood circulation.

3. Medicines to improve the work of the kidneys and bladder.

four. Обезболивающие лекарства (при болях во время

5. Preparations for strengthening the vascular walls.

6. Soothing medications are prescribed when incontinence
urine was caused by stress or nervousness of the woman.

As an adjuvant therapy, the patient may be prescribed
swimming pool, therapeutic gymnastics and relaxing

It is also recommended to give up bad habits, especially
smoking, and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is very important
eat right, because the health of the genitourinary system directly
depends on what the woman eats.

The most useful products for pathologies of the urethra
feeds are fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products
(ryazhenka, cottage cheese, kefir), as well as lean types of boiled meat
(rabbit, turkey, chicken).

Treatment by folk methods

The most effective recipes for stopping urinary incontinence
after delivery are:

1. Средство из укропа:

• one teaspoon of dried dill seeds pour 250 ml
boiling water;

• insist about three hours;

• take half a glass twice a day for a week.

2. Средство из кукурузных «волос» или как их еще
called – “stigma”:

• chop the corn stigmas to make a full dining room

• залить их стаканом boiling water;

• leave to infuse for an hour;

• drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

3. Рецепт их трав:

• mix dried grass in equal quantities
centaury, Hypericum and chamomile;

• залить чайную ложку данного сбора 250 мл boiling water;

• insist for twenty minutes;

• strain from the ground;

• пить по столовой ложке три раза в day. After a week you can
repeat the treatment.

four. Рецепт из брусники:

• mix in the same proportions dry leaves of lingonberry, violet
and herb St. John’s wort;

• pour three tbsp. l такого сбора двумя стаканами boiling water;

• put on the stove and boil over low heat for another
half an hour (while constantly stirring);

• strain from the ground and drink a third of a glass before bedtime.

Before using the recipe of traditional medicine is recommended
consult with your doctor.

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