Unwanted Effects of Christmasholidays

Sat, 03 Dec 2016

New Year and Christmas – the long-awaited holidays for many.
Decorated Christmas tree, a table full of delicious food, delicious wines and
aperitifs, nice music. Under the influence of all this is not surprising
relax and forget about the very important: contraception. According to
researchers 51% of women, with a big answer after the New Year holidays
become moms by the next fall. And no wonder: under the influence
alcohol mixed with a good mood is a sin not to indulge
love joys with her husband or young man.

Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor’s Internet site held a curious
research: as it turned out on this Internet resource was
32% increase in orders for contraceptives was recorded. Poll,
held among 2,000 women show that every sixth and them,
due to drunkenness forgot to take contraceptive
a pill. And every seventh – just confused, engulfed in turbulent
triumph. 28% of women celebrating the New Home offensive
the guests just forgot to take contraceptives with them.

The director of the online resource who conducted the study noted that
Portal specialists annually mark the peak in demand for contraceptives.
at the end of November-December. Just when they start
Christmas festivities. Because most women because of
holiday bustle forget to take the pills, and get at this time
years to see a doctor is quite difficult, the result
stormy festivities becomes unwanted pregnancy.

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