Unloading day on buckwheat

Continuing the series of articles about fasting days for weight loss, in
This article will tell you about another very popular form.
unloading – on buckwheat.

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We have already indirectly mentioned buckwheat in the article
about fasting days on kefir, telling about kefir-buckwheat

Why is the fasting day exactly on buckwheat

If you notice, of all the cereals only buckwheat is used when
fasting days, and this is no accident. Thanks to its unique
properties of buckwheat has a large number of necessary for
the body’s elements: potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and
other useful ingredients.

In addition, buckwheat porridge is rich in dietary fiber, which
turn helps to clean the intestines of toxins and improve
digestion when the fasting day itself will help unload
digestive system, as well as throw off a couple of extra pounds.

Also, buckwheat is a fairly satisfying product, and, having eaten
literally a couple of spoons of this cereal, the feeling of hunger will begin
slowly disappear, and this is probably the most important thing for
fasting day: eat a little and not be hungry.

Duration of fasting days on buckwheat

Buckwheat fasting day should last exactly a day, because from
In addition, he and the “day”. In some sources you can find information
where it is allowed to use a fasting day on buckwheat for 2 days
in succession, but only if it was preceded by
long lasting table meals.

But there is one nuance: 2 days in a row, fasting days on
buckwheat can only be used when you regularly them
used before – for several months, once
in Week.

In other cases, the unloading day on buckwheat should
last only a day, and before use, for
day, you need to prepare your body.

You also need to go back to your usual diet smoothly, and
not eating enough after that.

Features fasting days on buckwheat

Consider that using a fasting day on buckwheat once a
week, and the rest of the day there is and not to deny yourself anything – not
will bring no result in losing weight. Yes it will help
relieve the digestive system, but lose weight with such a diet
you will not succeed.

So that the fasting day will help not only your stomach, but also
contributed to losing weight, you need to adjust your
daily diet

Before using the fasting day on buckwheat, per day
before that you must prepare your body for unloading, eliminating
heavy foods: meat, fatty foods, fried foods, fast food and

This must be done so that the fasting day brings
maximum effect in losing weight. Due to the fact that you will not
consume “heavy foods”, the digestive system in
the fasting day will rest, not digest what
accumulated in recent days.

Порция гречки

Fasting days on buckwheat during pregnancy

Very often, fasting days on buckwheat are interested
pregnant girls, but if at all the very theme of the diet of pregnant women –
This is a very difficult question, then, fasting days – even more so.

If you want to use buckwheat fasting day at
pregnancy, then you need to consult
with your doctor, since this type of discharge can
negatively affect the fetus, and with this risk
can not.

As a rule, doctors have a negative attitude towards fasting days.
time of pregnancy, and recommend individually tailored diet.
Maternity diet is a more benign form of nutrition when you want
unload your digestive system and lose some weight if
you gained weight above normal. The diet in this case should also
make up your doctor.

Cooking buckwheat

To prepare for a fasting day, you must advance to yourself.
make the necessary amount of buckwheat per day. As a rule,
all buckwheat fasting days, it is recommended not to use
more glass of buckwheat (unprepared).

To do this, in the evening, before the day of unloading, take one glass
buckwheat and pour it into a container, preferably in a pot, and pour
her boiling water. The pot must be covered with a lid and well
wrap a towel to keep warm as long as possible. In the morning
buckwheat will be ready.

Please note that for cooking buckwheat you
must add nothing but water: no salt, no sugar, no other
spice. The same applies to the use of buckwheat – no

Unloading day on buckwheat меню

In view of the fact that the options for unloading days on buckwheat
quite a lot, we will try to briefly describe their menu.

Fasting day exclusively on buckwheat

First we, of course, tell about the standard form of unloading
days on buckwheat. This type provides for the use of
throughout the day exclusively buckwheat. Cooked in the evening
buckwheat you have to take all day, breaking her reception on
5 servings. As for the use of fluid, then for the day
it is allowed to drink no more than 2 liters of mineral non-carbonated
water. Also, instead of water, you can drink unsweetened green tea and
decoction of wild rose.

Unloading day on buckwheat и яблоках

If you have never used fasting days on buckwheat,
then start them best with fasting days for buckwheat and apples.
This type of discharge is more gentle compared to
fasting day exclusively on buckwheat. Fasting day ration
on buckwheat and apples should be as follows: cooked buckwheat
must be eaten in 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), between
main meals are allowed to use 3 green
medium sized apples. As far as fluid intake is concerned,
and in the previous case, a day you can drink no more than 2 liters
water. Main meals can be finished with a cup of unsweetened
green tea.

Приготовленная гречка

Unloading day on buckwheat и молоке

Unloading day on buckwheat с молоком – ещё один вид
разгрузочных days on buckwheat. For this cooked amount
buckwheat is divided into 6 servings, and they are taken during the day, through
equal periods of time. Each meal can be supplemented with ½
glasses of skimmed milk, in a separate form or by adding it to
portion with buckwheat. With this discharge floor is allowed
use only water, not more than 1.5 liters per day of discharge.

Unloading day on buckwheat и фруктах

If you want to arrange a fasting day on buckwheat and at
this is your main goal to unload only
digestive system and not lose weight, then in that case
It is recommended to use fasting day on buckwheat and fruit.
Divided cooked buckwheat into 3 portions, in each of which
add 250 grams of fruit (apple, pear, peach, orange – on
choice). В день можно выпить 1,5 литра минеральной non-carbonated

The results of the unloading day on buckwheat

In one fasting day on buckwheat, you can lose order
1-2 kilograms of weight, which is pretty not bad. Given that if
at the same time you will use the mode of proper nutrition, then
results achieved due to fasting days
fixed, then in a month you can achieve excellent results
in losing weight.

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