Universal Diet Vegetable

Mon, Dec 12, 2016

Experts note that people who have in their diet
Eggplants in various forms are not only less likely to suffer from diseases
heart, liver, intestines and blood vessels, but also live longer.

Eggplant fruits are 90% water, it contains
trace elements and vitamins, as well as melangen, due to which
eggplant has a slightly bitter taste.

Eggplant can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Potassium is indicated in atherosclerosis of the vessels of most organs, and
different types of cardiovascular system.

Eggplant is recommended for people suffering from edema, thanks to
diuretic action of this vegetable.

Eggplant can improve digestion, normalize
intestinal peristalsis. The manifestation of these properties is shown at
diet food for patients with gastritis, intestinal diseases,
with a tendency to constipation and dysbacteriosis.

According to the observations, eggplant increases the separation of bile and is recommended
patients with pancreatic, liver and
biliary tract.

In addition, eggplant has antibiotic activity. Exactly
therefore, they are recommended to be used for certain types of purulent
diseases – juice of raw fruits of eggplant is recommended for lubrication
affected surface several per day.

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