Unique plant barberry: useful propertiesand composition. The use of various parts of the barberry and their usefulproperties

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The barberry plant has about 500 species,
the most common among which are ordinary
barberry and Amur.

They are used in traditional medicine and are very similar in
происхождению и полезным propertiesм видами.

For home treatment, not only fruits are used.
plants, but also its leaves, bark, roots, branches and flowers.


Химический состав барбариса: полезные properties компонентов

Very often the barberry is a component of pharmaceutical and
drugs. And the plant deserved such recognition
thanks to its amazing composition. The composition of the barberry
common include:

  • alkaloids, among which a significant role is given to berberine.
    This component provides barberry choleretic effect. Besides
    berberine in the roots of barberry contain leontin, iatroricin,
    palmatin, columbamine, oxyacanthin, berberrubin;

  • organic acids, which are contained in the fruits of barberry.
    Among them are wine, lemon, apple and others;

  • ascorbic acid, pectic substances and sugar are also
    in berries;

  • carotene or provitamin A;

  • tannins;

  • tocopherol;

  • vitamin E and essential oils contain foliage during gestation

Чуbeforeдейственный барбарис и полезные properties для организма

In the folk treatment of barberry remedies
are used:

• in diseases of the liver, kidneys, in particular, kidney stones

• for the treatment of diseases and elimination of inflammation of the biliary
пузыря, желчнокаменной diseases;

• with hepatocholecystitis and common cholecystitis;

• in diseases of the stomach, pathologies, cramps and

• in the treatment of colds, fevers and inflammations,
as a diaphoretic and antipyretic agent;

• for the treatment of eye diseases;

• with malaria, tuberculosis, pleurisy and scurvy;

• to relieve inflammation in the oral cavity and treat various

• with gout, shooting and rheumatism;

• at emergence of tumors in the field of a liver, a stomach and a throat;

• to eliminate bleeding during childbirth, as well as those
associated with inflammatory, hypotonic and anatomical
processes in the uterus, with subinvolution;

• to prevent heart pain;

• in inflammatory processes and diseases of the spleen;

• at emergence of hemorrhoids;

• to combat diabetes;

• to combat high blood pressure.

There are several positive qualities for
body preparations based on barberry:

• they are great tones;

• increase appetite;

• act as a powerful antiseptic;

• are mild laxatives;

• prevent emetic urge in pregnant women.

The ability to relieve bouts of vomiting and nausea is
A distinctive feature of the barberry, which has been seen since ancient times.
The application of the plant is not only among pregnant women,
who are difficult to tolerate toxicosis in the first half of pregnancy,
but among other people feeling unpleasant signs due
motion sickness or other causes.

Effectively barberry fights coughing and phlegm
from the bronchi. Thanks to the berberine component
which has antitumor and anti-leukemia effects, with
With the help of the barberry you can break with oncological diseases.
But only a few admirers of traditional medicine have this knowledge.
due to the relatively recent discovery of these properties in plants.

Рецепты народных средств из барбариса: полезные properties кажbeforeй
bush parts

Barberry can be considered a universal plant, since
drug creation or home treatment can be
Absolutely any parts of it are involved.

1. Berries. Mature should be eaten
fruit. Immature berries can cause severe intoxication and
pose a serious danger to the body. Ripe fruit
strengthen the immune system, increase the body’s defenses against viruses and
bacteria. Ripe berries can be frozen to ensure stock
useful fruits for the whole year.

2. Leaves. To extract from the leaves of barberry
полезные properties по максимуму, можно приготовить спиртовую
tincture. In proportions 1 to 5, raw materials and vodka are taken, respectively.
Infuse the mixture should be about 15 days. When the tincture will be
ready, you can start taking it 30 drops three times a day.
The whole course should be limited to 20 days. Break between courses
can last from 5 to 10 days, in the absence of contraindications
the course can be repeated. Treats such a gynecological tincture
diseases. Their list includes various uterine bleeding.
nature, problems of the postpartum period.

From the leaves, you can prepare and ordinary infusion, which will help
with liver pathologies, diseases of the gallbladder and fit
as an anti-inflammatory agent for the body. For this
need 2 tbsp. l dry foliage and a glass of boiling water. Insists
this composition is about an hour in a thermos, after which it can be applied.
Course term will be 1 month, and will need to take 1 tbsp. l before
5 times a day.

3. Flowers. From the flowering barberry can
prepare a decoction that will help reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes
eye membranes by washing, eliminate heart pain and
hypertension. A tablespoon of flowers of barberry should pour 1.5
стаканами воды, затем поставить на медленный огонь, beforeвести before
boil and hold the mixture on it for 10 minutes. Then you need to give
broth brew about 2 hours and strain the composition.

4. Bark, branches and roots. Underground part
растения используется для beforeбычи из неё такого элемента, как
berberine, whose role in medicine is enormous. Based
it produces drugs for such purposes:

• lowering blood pressure;

• providing choleretic action;

• normalization of heart rhythm, elimination of arrhythmia;

• stimulation of uterine contractions.

The roots, branches and bark of the plant are essential
barberries used to fight most diseases
which he can do. For the treatment of gallstone disease
decoctions of bark and roots are applied. To eliminate hepatitis,
kidney diseases, cholecystitis and bladder problems
bark decoctions are applied. Decoction of the roots is appropriate to take when
rheumatism, tuberculosis, stomach problems and pleurisy. Decoction
roots, branches and bark take bone fractures, sprains
sprains, dislocations.

Барбарис: полезные properties и противопоказания

Before using the barberry should be familiar with possible
consequences for the body from the plant and contraindications.

1. Frequent use of barberry preparations leads to
the formation of constipation.

2. People with diseases associated with high acidity
stomach or preinfarction barberry is contraindicated.

3. When ovarian dysfunction should not be used barberry.

4. Infusions from the leaves of barberry should not be consumed by pregnant women.
for women.

5. Детям before 12 лет не нужно давать барбарис.

6. When cirrhosis of the liver should abandon the plant.

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