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Чт, 14 апр 2016 Автор: Карина Лих

Often, the owners of even a small apartment ask questions about
how to make the interior more diverse and comfortable without resorting
for repair and finishing works.

Many simply do not have the financial ability to improve their

In this case, it is not necessary to have cash, enough
complement the interior design with various decorative objects,
которые можно сделать своими by hands.

Usually, as a wall decor, paintings are used in unusual
frames, mirrors, complemented by paintings, rhinestones, stucco.

To give a more aesthetic look to the flooring
create interior rugs handmade. But what can
to use for decoration or transformation of upholstered furniture, be
Is it a bed, an old sofa or armchairs? Designers advise
use decorative pillows, it’s a great way
to decorate the interior and place accents.

Of course, in many specialty stores you can buy
pillows of various sizes and shapes. But why spend money on it,
когда можно сделать декоративные подушки своими by hands? For this
do not even need to buy beautiful materials and fillers. Everything, that
you will need to create such a masterpiece as a decorative
pillow for a sofa or bed – find the right materials. it
there can be any fabric obtained from old things or blankets, and
also scrap materials, sewing supplies and small parts
for decoration.

We suggest you to get acquainted with two interesting ideas that
You can be used to create decorative pillows
by hands. The first master class involves making incredibly
a delicate pillow with a heart-shaped decor, the other is the creation of a pillow with
diamond pattern. To make such a unique decorative
the subject of both the first and second master class, you
need not possess the skills of a seamstress, everything is very simple.

Декоративная подушка своими by hands «Notжное сердце»

In this master class there are no restrictions in the choice of fabrics. You
You can select materials based on your personal preferences.
Шить декоративные подушки своими by hands можно хоть из льняной или
cotton fabrics, even materials such as felt and fleece, can
look very original if you turn on your imagination.
Here the most important thing is that it is comfortable with the material you have chosen.
work, and the pillow itself turned out to be spectacular.

So, for sewing the main cover, you can take any fabric
(you can even cut out old clothes). You will need two
identical pieces in the form of squares. Expand the two halves
facing each other, align them around the edges. Further
it remains only to stitch the edges on a sewing machine, leaving one
side to fill the future pillow with wool or foam.

Since the main emphasis in this variation of decorative pillows
is the heart, you will need to pick up even more subtle and
delicate fabric, the edges of which are not dismounted by threads. From this
cut fabric of the same size circles, of which you will
form the elements for making the heart. The resulting circles
from the fabric fold in such a way as shown in the photo below, that is
wrap each circle in another, remembering to do in them

As a result, you should get a kind of flowers, the base
which need to be fixed with the help of threads and needles. From received
elements you need to form a contour in the form of a heart. For this
Take the previously sewn case for the future cushion and on one side,
where the decoration is supposed, with the help of chalk or pencil
mark the contour of the heart.

Further готовые цветочки из тонкой ткани постепенно прикладывайте
on this contour and sew to the fabric cover. When the outlines of the heart
will be ready, you can start filling the inside
pattern. For this нужно пришить остальные цветочки, но таким
way to make the heart look thick. Then
полученный декор следует немного потрепать by hands, чтобы сердце
seemed more fluffy.

The final stage will be filling the cover with cotton wool, padding polyester or
foam, in general, any material that you find at home.
Also do not forget to sew the gap on one side of the cover secret
stitch At this point, your decorative подушка своими by hands будет
ready, you can use it on your own.

Декоративная подушка своими by hands с ромбовидным узором

itт мастер-класс подразумевает создание декоративной подушки
своими by hands из более плотного материала. In our case, we
used thin felt, because its edges do not pour when
cutting that is very important. So, first you need to sew a case
for future pillows. Take a canvas of felt, cut two
squares of the same size and another slightly larger size
will serve as a consumable for decorative

Cut out a piece of fabric that is slightly larger.
the same and even strips with a width of not more than one centimeter.
Then пришейте концы полосок к фронтальной части одного из двух
squares, departing with a couple of centimeters from the very edge. For
This is most convenient to use a sewing machine. In the photo below
clearly shows how to do it.

Further следует перекрестить каждые две полоски между собой, после
Why make lines at the intersection of parts. As a result, you have
a peculiar pattern, something reminiscent of a rhomboid
lattice. It is also worth noting that the edges, that is, left and right
square, you need to leave an indent of about two centimeters. it
necessary so that when stitching squares can be
tuck edges for reliability.


When one side of the pattern is ready, you can proceed to
sewing the cover itself. For this оба квадрата приложите внешними
align each other, then sew them
along the edges so that the line is flush with the base of the pattern. Not
Remember to leave access to one side of the cover when
filling cushions.

After that, turn out the finished cover on the front side,
fill it with cotton or foam. It remains only to close the gap
cover with a secret seam. At this point, your decorative
подушка своими by hands будет готова. What should you get in
as a result, look at the photo below. We hope that such cute pillows
make the interior of your home more comfortable and raise you and
your guests mood.

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