Undeveloped pregnancy

Fri, 18 Nov 2016

Sometimes things go wrong. Fertilized
the egg cell successfully made its way through the fallopian tubes and
stuck in the womb. However, at some point the embryo stops
to develop, and pregnancy stops. Why is this happening?
The causes of non-developing pregnancy can be different:

  • Severe embryo defects not compatible with its further
    development. In these cases, the forces of nature itself come into play –
    the baby is not viable and leaves the body of the mother, who has yet to
    get pregnant with healthy offspring.
  • Infection of the mother during pregnancy. During the period
    childbearing, the mother’s immune defenses weaken to a new
    the organism was not recognized as an enemy and attacked by antibodies. therefore
    viral diseases become extremely dangerous – rubella may
    lead to severe fetal deformities, and cytomegalovirus to
    abortion. Even a flu virus that easily
    cope with the body of a healthy person during pregnancy can
    be extremely dangerous for the life of the fetus.
  • Genetic disorders. Transmitted from either parent
    �A “defective” gene can cause a fading pregnancy.
  • Problems in the endocrine system of women. Beginning of pregnancy
    accompanied by intensive production of specific hormones that respond
    for the functioning of the placenta. Unnoticed on time flaw
    progesterone does not give the placenta to provide the fetus necessary
    nutrition and oxygen. Under the supervision of a physician, the normal level
    hormones supported by medication, which allows you to make
    a child to women suffering from endocrine diseases.

How to check that pregnancy is developing normally?

Virtually the entire first half of pregnancy track movement
the baby, feeling the movement, it is impossible because of the small weight
fetus. Find out what’s wrong with the baby, and pregnancy
develops normally, it is possible only with the next ultrasound
research. Normally, an ultrasound procedure the expectant mother is not too
often – at the beginning of pregnancy to listen to the fetal heartbeat,
during screenings and before childbirth. therefore, до того, как начнутся
perturbations, check whether everything is in order with the baby will have to
indirect signs:

  • Early termination of toxicosis. Started nausea
    accompanying almost every pregnancy, gaining strength from 6-7
    weeks of waiting and tormenting women until the end of the first trimester.
    Someone has a toxic disease is easier, someone has a very
    heavy. But if you noted that barely having begun, strong nausea
    suddenly suddenly retreated, it is necessary to report it
    to the doctor.
  • Changes in the chest. Since the beginning of pregnancy, the mammary glands
    future mothers begin to change, preparing to feed the baby.
    Breast enlarges, becomes bulky and heavy, and nipples –
    sensitive to cold. The pigmentation will continue to change.
    areola, and colostrum will appear in the chest. Fallen chest and disappearance
    pregnancy-specific sensitivity is alarming
  • Blood discharge, deterioration of health, chills, appearance
    pulling pain in the lower abdomen or fever also
    should be overlooked. Sometimes a non-developing fetus leaves
    uterine cavity, but in some cases remains inside, carrying
    danger of infection.

Appeared suspicions in the first half of pregnancy
checked by blood tests for hormone levels of hCG. Normal to 9-11
week it is constantly increasing. When non-developing pregnancy
hCG growth stops. This analysis coupled with ultrasound
research help to verify the state of pregnancy.

Although the most dangerous for the development of the embryo is recognized as the first
trimester, fading of pregnancy is possible and at later
deadlines. That is why since the moment the movements of the fetus have become
perceptible, a woman should carefully listen to pinotchkam
baby Uniform stirrings will tell mom that with a crumb everything in
okay, but too intense movements may indicate
that the fetus is experiencing discomfort. The disappearance of perturbations
длительный период — повод незамедлительно обратиться к to the doctor. Up to 34
weeks the fetus moves very actively. Body Intensity
decreases slightly closer to childbirth, but this is only due to
lack of free space for somersaults and somersaults,
the life of the baby is still felt by the woman.


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