Under Rostov-on-Don, schoolchildren found in the forestlion cub

Tue, Nov 29, 2016

On an ordinary autumn weekday near Rostov-on-Don,
the road to school a group of students came across an unusual for those
Locations found. In the local forest, not far from the path, the children noticed
some large animal, and having come closer, they found out that this
none other than a little lion. The animal is found in
little-known village called Sower, located in
Sal district of the Rostov region. This event happened on Wednesday,
November 28.

Pupils discovering a small predatory animal immediately
доставили его прямиком в свою школу, где lion cub временно
placed in the gym. The director of this educational
institutions Angelica Chemerisova, was forced to call the service
rescue and the police to report on her
a little lost lion cub.

At the moment, local law enforcement agencies have taken
the decision to leave the animal at school until it becomes clear where it can be
to transport. There is also a diligent search for its possible.
the owner. The investigators have two versions. According to one of them
predator could quietly escape from the recently visited on the territory
village mobile zoo “Safari”. According to another version
the little animal could have been left by its owners, who realized that
they cannot contain this animal. Not yet established how much
specifically the time the lion cub was in the forest.

When a group of children came across a predatory cat, it looked
very exhausted, scared, dirty and hungry. It looks like a lion
spent in the forest at least a few days, if not more. Employees
schools together with students of all classes began diligently
otpaivat young king of the jungle with milk. Participate in this process
without exception, all schoolchildren, as an opportunity to care, or
at least not everybody sees such an animal

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