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Sun, Dec 18, 2016

The decree is considered to be time, though not the worst, but
apparently causing significant damage to the gray matter. Although about
there is no need to speak during the rest period – early ascent, run with
stroller at the ready, constant training care and vigilance
To relax the young mother just does not give. However, the brain usually
working intensively and absorbing new information, decides that
decree granted to him for complete relaxation. To refute
this hypothesis, charging that capricious organ can be given in any
situations – for example, on the playground. Birth of a child
a great reason to see those little things and details that are in the same
hectic working days were unavailable. Meanwhile, watch
for characters walking with children is pretty funny.

Ostracized smoker

The days when young mothers were flocked in whole flocks on
the benches, drinking beer and vigorously smoking a cigarette, stayed in
the distant past. Lead a wrong lifestyle among the young
parents are not fashionable now – even if women are not averse to using
relaxing cocktail or make a couple of puffs, these are pernicious
addictions are carefully hidden from children. Therefore the appearance
smokers in radius of sight is met with violent indignation with
parties moms, dads and grandmothers. In addition, the law on the side of fans
HLS – smoking and drinking strictly near the playgrounds strictly
prohibited. Take a closer look – maybe mom with beer and
cigarette – an endangered species.


The funny thing is that moms-brawlers children are most often quiet and
friendly This is not a little greedy fiercely conquers their
toy wealth, consisting of a whole arsenal of shovels and buckets
– this is she, the true defender, is raised to the first approach
someone else’s baby. �“These are our toys!”, “Take your child away!”,
�“Bring back our typewriter!” – is heard literally from all sides.
mom’s site indignation. Think she’s greedy? Not at all, just
One popular, but not quite understood, psychologist explained that
the mother must defend the interests of her children so as not to injure
their psyche. Starting to play the role of protector, women easily enter
taste, often creating conflicts from scratch. Be extreme
attentive with the representatives of this camp – do not think
make comments to their children and in general, try not to join
dialogue, because any phrase may seem to them
potential threat.


Very nice type, which can only be caught in that
sometimes she replays a little. Its basic principles are to show
good education and natural courtesy at all costs. Oh she doesn’t
will protect the toys of her child – she will first offer
other children use them gently but persistently
your crumbs “do not be greedy.” It is very interesting to watch the meeting
two such parents – fascinated by the demonstration of good manners,
mommies squeeze their children out of dialogue, showing a friend
friend own impeccable education.

By far

But this character has something to learn. It’s moms already
having experience raising older children. Engage her in hot
It’s impossible to discuss “how it’s right”, she’s listening in half,
and watching what is happening, it seems, “half-eyed.” But for some reason
she manages to pick up not only her, but also strangers
kids – experience honed her reflexes to automatism. She’s thought out and
practical – her child will never go for a walk in the slush in
snow-white jacket, and toys they brought
popular with all kids, although they are quite inexpensive. By far
mother is wise and good-natured, willingly shares tips, but she is silent if
she is not asked. Walking strictly by the clock, commensurate with the possibilities
younger with the needs of a senior.


She does not brag and does not expose her merits, but
next to her for some reason it becomes painfully embarrassing for her own
sloppiness. She never forgets wet wipes at home,
interestingly and competently talks about the most effective
methods of early development, and her baby is not only intelligent, but also
obedient. She never raises her voice until she screams, does not get annoyed,
and apparently knows some spells. Such a mother, of course,
good, but out of reach, appearing on a platform from somewhere in the world of fairies
and good wizards.

The author of the material is Vera Guler.

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