True and nutritional myths after exercise

printsipy-pitaniya-posle-trenirovkiNutrition до и после
the workout depends on many factors and goals that you
chase by going to the gym.

Some are engaged in order to build muscle mass, others
want to get rid of fat stores.

Therefore, proper nutrition after exercise for weight loss is very
important; but also the time of your studies plays an important role,
Do you go to the gym in the morning, afternoon or evening.

How to eat after exercise to reach faster
goals – to lose weight or build muscle, in all
details are discussed below.

The goal – losing weight: nutritional features after exercise

Professional athletes and nutritionists in one voice assure
that the most effective workouts for weight loss are those
what you spend in the morning on an empty stomach.

It is at this time that glycogen stores (this polysaccharide is
energy source in the body) is minimal, that is, during aerobic
occupations your body will be forced to expend energy
directly from fat.

If you can not train on an empty stomach – you do not have
forces, dizzy and there are other ailments, then half an hour
before class you can eat some light carbohydrate foods,
for example, coffee with a banana, bread, a couple of spoons of steamed wheat
or oat bran. This is what you ideally can afford
before training.

How to close the carbohydrate window?

At the end of the lesson, you should pay special attention to
what you eat. It is at this time that the so-called
�“Anabolic window”, otherwise it is called “carbohydrate window”, during
the time of which the body continues to actively burn energy,
the main source of which is your fat.

Usually this process lasts two hours after the completion of the lesson.
It is logical to assume that if you eat right after
workout, then the body as energy resources will
consider food, not your stock at the waist and hips. Otherwise
speaking, you will cancel the efforts that have been made during

In fact, this is not the case: you need to eat after a workout, but with

Simple arithmetic: what to eat to lose weight and not lose

Suppose, in an hour of intense study, you spent 600 kcal –
fine. Finish exercising, allow yourself some useful
food, the total caloric content of which does not exceed 300 kcal.

  • Во-первых, такое питание убережет вас от пищевого срыва,
    which may well happen if you can barely stand it
    indicated two hours.
  • Во-вторых, еда поможет вам избежать потерю мышечной
    masses and even improve its quality.

If your goal is not only weight loss, but also beautiful, elastic
body, then you definitely should close the “protein-carbohydrate window”,
but do it with foods that contain minimal
amount of fat and does not contain caffeine at all.

The ideal would be a combination of carbohydrate-protein foods containing
60% directly carbohydrates and 40% protein. It may be
low-fat cottage cheese, protein shake on skimmed milk or
water, another wholesome food. Also keep in mind that the “window” is better.
just close half an hour after the end of classes in the hall.


The goal is to build muscle: the basics of nutrition before and after

If the goal of your classes is to get a beautiful toned body and
to minimize the percentage of body fat, then to the question
потребления еды перед и после workout следует подойти с
somewhat different side.

Recent studies in the field of sports nutrition show
what is important is not so much the closing of the “protein-carbohydrate” window,
how much adequate protein intake every day. Average,
You need to include in your diet from 1 to 1.66 grams. protein for every
kilogram of body weight.

Also, scientists say that the “anabolic window” after the power
workout открыто не два часа, как считалось раньше, а все шесть,
so in order to avoid loss of muscle mass you still need
to eat

For the benefit of the body: your diet to increase muscle mass

Anyway, after strength exercises experienced athletes
recommend closing the notorious window for half an hour after
occupations; in order to build muscle it is best to choose
food that contains 60% protein and 40% carbohydrates.

Moreover, if the percentage of body fat suits you, you are quite
You can eat as many calories as you spent on your entire workout.
But keep in mind that within a few hours after class you
you should not drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages, and
eat fatty foods.

Белковый коктейль после workout будет самым правильным
decision, while it should be prepared on the water or as much as possible
skimmed milk.

So, to close or not protein-carbohydrate window: conclusions

If you briefly answer the questions discussed in the article, you can
highlight the following points:

  • закрывать «углеводное окно» после workout нужно в любом
  • do it best for half an hour after
  • if your goal is to lose weight, you need to eat a serving of food,
    which calorie is equal to half the one that you spent on
    training In this case fat will continue to burn and muscle
    will not lose in their quality; (example: in training you burned 700
    kcal means immediately after it you can afford to eat for 350
  • if your goal is to build muscle, you have to
    a day to consume enough protein;
  • close the “anabolic window” after the power (anaerobic)
    workout нужно, лучше это сделать пищей, богатой белком. Her
    calorie can be equivalent to what you spent during
    intense exercise.

By following these simple rules of nutrition, you will make classes in the hall.
as efficiently and quickly achieve the desired result,
whether it’s burning fat or building a handsome muscular

And what will the pros say?

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