Tree vine or wisteria: planting and care inopen ground. How to propagate wisteria, grow wisteria fromseed

Чт, 30 мар 2017 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

Garden Wisteria is widely used in landscape design for
decoration fence or gazebos.

Tree liana blooms in late spring, her
flowering continues until mid-summer. All this time the garden is decorated
fragrant purple, white or lilac brushes whose length
exceeds 20 cm

How to plant wisteria and properly care for her will be discussed

Planting wisteria seeds

Посев seed глицинии на рассаду начинают поздней осенью, в конце
November or early December. They are laid out on the surface of the soil,
sprinkled with river sand and well moistened. To maintain moisture,
the container with the seeds covered with film. Wisteria planted in
light, loose soil.

Фото seed глицинии

Seeds germinate in a dark, but warm place in about a month,
after which the container is exposed to light. Wisteria seedling
prefers diffused light, from direct sunlight it is better
to guard.

Dive seedlings in separate containers when the second pair appears
leaves. When this procedure is carried out carefully, trying not
break the earth com. After planting the seedlings watered
solution of potassium permanganate.

After the seedlings take root, they are gradually hardened. For
start opening the vent or transfer plants to unheated
the room. Delicate seedlings are still very vulnerable, so they are protected
from drafts.

Можно вырастить глицинию из seed иначе, посадив их
directly into the ground in early spring. Such plants are more
Hardy and easier to care for them in the future.

How to plant wisteria in the garden

Adult plants are very cold-resistant, but young seedlings are not
need to put undue risk. In the garden wisteria transferred
only at the end of May, when there is no threat of freezing.

Wisteria is a perennial liana, so for its landing immediately
choose a permanent place. It does not need to be transplanted so that
injure the root system. Gardeners grow wisteria for its sake
beautiful inflorescences that adorn the garden in early spring. Full value
flowering is possible only in open and well-lit areas
what to consider when landing. If there is no such place, then
position the plant so that in the first half of the day it
was in the sun.

For выращивания глицинии подготавливают слабощелочную рыхлую
well drained soil. Remember to grow wisteria
better on fertile soils, making complex digging
mineral fertilizers.

Despite the fact that with age wisteria becomes more
hardy, she absolutely does not tolerate drafts. Organize
landing with this requirement.

For посадки глицинии в саду готовят ямы, глубина которых не
less than 50 cm. A good layer of drainage is laid on the bottom to
provide the roots with reliable protection from underflooding with soil
by the waters.

ATыращивать глицинию из seed долго, поэтому наберитесь терпения.
At first it seems that the seedlings stopped growing, only on
the second year young shoots start to grow. If you are lucky
bloom can be seen already at 5 year of cultivation, although some
specimens do not bloom for 10 years.

Two-year wisteria seedlings

Wisteria after planting

Throughout the season, the plant needs moderate, but
regular watering. If you break the mode, the buds are showered, and
leaves fade. In the dry period, watering needs more often, but so,
so that the soil remains moderately wet. Try not to pour
plant. In late summer, watering is gradually reduced to wisteria.
managed to prepare for winter.

Growing wisteria without dressings does not make sense, since
the plant will not fully bloom. From early spring regularly
apply additional feeding, alternating mineral fertilizers and organic. In the autumn
all feeding stop.

Pruning wisteria

In addition to standard care, the plant needs pruning. AT
first of all, that branches grew in the necessary direction. Pruning
carry out in several ways:

• To grow a stem tree, all side shoots are removed,
leaving only the strongest escape.

• Climbing plants form a little differently, shortening
side shoots for full flowering.

Whatever method of cultivation is used, in the spring spend
sanitary pruning. ATырезают все поломанные, кривые, сухие и
protruding branches.

ATажно! Annual wisteria shoots are necessarily shortened by
25-30 cm, otherwise they will not bloom. AT конце лета сильно укорачивать
no shoots, otherwise there will be no lush flowering in the spring. Enough
only trim 10-15 cm.

Wisteria reproduction

Wisteria seed reproduction is troublesome, especially since
Some plants may not bloom at all. For получения
planting material is best to propagate wisteria

The one-year shoot is notched and dropped, leaving the tip for
free growth. The procedure is carried out in the spring. A year later young
seedling can be planted in a permanent place, providing him
proper care.

Some gardeners have resorted to cutting wisteria, but this
method very few succeeds. Cuttings are badly taken root, so spend
time and power does not make sense.

Problems in growing wisteria

Although wisteria does not apply to moody plants, but with
some problems in growing can be encountered.

1. • Wisteria does not bloom at all. First you need to revise
growing conditions. In addition, flowering may be absent due to
improper feeding or trimming. If you overfeed the plant
nitrogen fertilizers, the green mass will increase at the expense of

2. • Wisteria leaves turn yellow and discolor. ATозможно, растение
affected by chlorosis. The reason lies in alkaline soil and wrong
selected landing site. Feed the plant with iron salts.

3. • Wisteria is affected by aphids or clover mites. ATредителей
destroy by insecticides, conducting preventive and curative

4. • The plant fades and dies. ATозможно, причина кроется в
excessive soil moisture, insufficient drainage or high
groundwater. If the wrong location is required

Besides all of the above, wisteria suffers from a shortage
oxygen at the roots. Loosen the soil regularly to avoid
a crust was formed.

How to prepare wisteria for winter

Wisteria is a frost-resistant plant, but in the northern regions without
additional shelter it does not grow.

In late autumn, the root zone of the plant is well spud, and
shoots removed from the support and bend down to the ground. Next, wisteria
fall asleep with a thick layer of dry foliage and cover with spruce leaves. AT таком
able liana tolerates even extreme cold.

AT Сибири некоторые садоводы выращивают глицинию как кадочное
plant. In winter, the vine is stored in the cellar, and in the spring it is brought back to
air transplanted into a spacious container.

As you can see, plant wisteria is easy, but the plant is still
needs basic care and care.

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