Tree peony: planting seedlings, breeding andpruning. Tree peony care: feeding, preparation forwinter

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Tree peony – deciduous shrub that
gradually grows to 1.5 meters. His shoots do not die off every
autumn, so the plant needs the right

The peony blossoms every year more and more plentifully. Shrub well
tolerates frosts, it is successfully grown throughout

How to plant a tree peony on the site

The best time to plant a tree peony is the first half.
of autumn. Somewhere from August 15 until the end of September, seedlings are planted
on the place prepared in advance.

To grow a tree peony, select a sunny plot,
which is in an open area. Abundant flowering can
reach only in such conditions. In the shade the bush becomes not so

The soil for tree peony is suitable loamy, enriched
humus and compost. Clay soil is best diluted with sand. From
the state of the earth is directly dependent on life expectancy
shrub. At one place peony is grown for a long time. Transplanted
perennial extremely rare.

Tree peony is planted in low beds
groundwater. The root system does not tolerate stagnant moisture,
therefore, the landing pit is well drained by the available material on
height 30 cm. During planting, pay attention to the root neck
plants, it should be on par with the soil.

Tree peony – a plant sprawling, between seedlings
Leave enough space for development, but not less than 1.5 m.

Most often, perennial planted shanks, as the seed
reproduction is quite complicated. For the emergence of seedlings
subjected to stratification, but it does not guarantee success. TO
Moreover, such a plant will bloom only after 6 years.

Tree peony care: watering and feeding

Caring for a plant is not particularly complex. Everything
grass crops need regular watering, fertilizing and

Поливают пион два раза в месяц, но обильно,
pouring about 10 liters under each bush. If the summer was hot, then
shrub watered more often. In late August, watering is reduced to
растение подготовилось к winter.

После каждого полива обязательно проводят рыхление
, чтобы насытить корни кислородом. No need to loosen
the ground is too deep, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the root system.
Best after irrigation zamulchirovat land, that not only
will help retain moisture, but also retain its structure. As
mulch use organic material, good results
mulching with humus.

Tree peony is very picky about feeding. For
full flowering he needs a lot of potassium and nitrogen.
Feed the pion as follows:

• at the beginning of the growing season make nitrogen;

• during the budding and flowering period, potassium and

• after flowering nitrogen is added again.

Using this scheme, remember that it is better to underfeed
perennial than overfeed. Excess nitrogen not only provokes
plentiful growth of greens, reduces winter hardiness, but also promotes
development of various diseases.

TOак правильно обрезать и пересадить древовидный пион

Pruning tree pion according to all the rules is carried out in the spring. From
whether it is done correctly depends on flowering.

During pruning cut out all the old branches, and last year’s
shortened by 10 cm. Old bushes are cut at the level of the soil,
so that the adventitious buds are awakened, so the plant

Proper trimming of peony is the key to lush flowering in subsequent

Perennial tolerates transplant very poorly, especially with
by age. Strong and healthy plants after transplanting can
perish. If a transplant is necessary, then try
her neatly, without hurting the root system. Dig a bush with a lump
soil, then rinse well under water and inspect the roots. Everything
remove sick and broken roots, shorten the rest slightly.
Process the sections with a solution of potassium permanganate and sprinkle with crushed
in coal.

Reproduction of tree peonies

Tree pion is propagated by several

• grafting;

• division of the bush;

• layering;

• vaccination.

By dividing the bush, adult peonies older than 5-6 years old breed
age Moreover, do it better in late August, dropping off
Delenki immediately to a permanent place.

By cutting method, half-woody shoots are propagated.

They are cut with a heel, the leaves are shortened and placed planting
material under the jar in the hothouse.

It is best to conduct cutting at the end of June.

Depth of planting cuttings 1.5 cm.

In the fall, the cuttings are planted in a hothouse where they overwinter. With coming
Spring seedlings are transferred to a permanent place in the garden.

Photo of tree peony ready for planting

Reproduction by layering takes two years. Spring shoot notch
and pin to the ground, covered with a layer of soil 8-10 cm

The soil is well moisturized throughout the season. TO сентябрю
otvodok should give the roots, after which it is dug and planted
to a permanent place.

The most reliable and common breeding method
perennial is a vaccine. At home vaccination
held on the roots of a plant.

In August, cuttings are harvested, the lower part of which is ground.
under the wedge and inserted into the incision at the root.

Place vaccinations tightly tied. Grow tree peony
two years.

Problems in growing peony tree

TOустарник устойчив к болезням и вредителям, но ослабленные
plants are subject to gray rot. The rotted shoots are removed, and
the plant is sprayed with a solution of blue vitriol or
potassium permanganate.

If the peony is infected with boron spotting, the bush is sprayed
Bordeaux mixture. Infected shoots, leaves are removed and

TOак подготовить древовидный пион к winter

After flowering shoots are shortened to the axillary bud. If this
not done, then the plant weakens. Late autumn shrub
fertilized with ashes, which are brought under each bush and instilled.

Tree peony is a winter-hardy plant, but experienced gardeners
advise to cover it for the winter. Cold scrub on scary but
temperature drops and early thaw can ruin the naked
growth buds.

In late autumn, peony shoots are tied with a string, a root zone
mulch with peat. TOак только погода установится, куст накрывают
spruce, dry foliage or covering material. In such conditions
the wintering of the plant will go well.

TOак видно, ухаживать за древовидным пионом просто, не требуется
any complicated procedures. Enough watering time and
feed the plant. When planting a peony tree immediately
choose a suitable place for it, so as not to injure the plant
frequent transfers. By sticking to these simple recommendations, care
for shrubs bring only positive emotions. Sure to
plant a tree peony in your garden so that each spring
enjoy its bloom.

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