Treatment of flatfoot in children at home- really? What methods of treatment of flatfoot in childrenare effective?

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Flatfoot in children is a reversible reaction that
characterized by changes in the bone arches of the foot. The reasons for this
pathologies can be diverse and most of them –
acquired. The disease can be diagnosed in infants
specialist, but most often he is noticed in children over 5 years old.
Each parent is interested in the question of whether
treatment of flatfoot in children at home.

Causes of pathology

Depending on the root causes of the ailment, it can be congenital
either acquired. This species progresses if
genes passing from relatives there is incorrect information about
ligament strength. This pathology can be determined in
newborn, but more often manifested in children 2-3 years. Can
combined with other pathologies in development.

Identify the disease at an early age can only specialist. By this
engaged orthopedists. Till 5 years lifting is filled with fatty tissue. By
For this reason, a colored print will not provide the necessary information on

Acquired disease manifests itself in children of preschool age.
Several factors can provoke pathology:

– low bone density with calcium salts;

– excess weight, which appeared due to overeating or
hormonal disruptions;

– foot injuries;

– wrong load on the foot;

– wearing low-quality shoes;

– lack of phosphorus and calcium;

– Children’s poliomyelitis.

To determine the extent and cause of the disease can only specialist
after examining the child.

Home activities for the treatment of flatfoot

Perhaps the treatment of flatfoot in children at home with
ordinary activities. They are as follows:

1. In the summer time as you can walk and at the same time barefoot.
It is necessary to stop the choice on a stony surface. On
the foot of the foot has all the active points, so you can not only
to form anatomical arches, but also simply to strengthen your

2. Swimming will help with flatfoot. Movement
at the same time the limbs develop rotational movements of the feet.
If the pathology is in a light form, you can choose
ski sport or figure skating.

3. A good result shows a foot massage. Wherein
simple techniques are used. For exercises use kneading,
stroking, squeezing, rubbing. Such actions strengthen
muscles and ligaments, and tone leads to the correction of the feet.

4. You need to learn to move the baby. During
several minutes 7 times a day to ask him to move. Head
should be raised, and shoulders straightened. Feet should be
parallel to each other and be strictly horizontal.

5. An important condition is therapeutic gymnastics.

With all the points you can get rid of flat feet

Treatment of babies is aimed at strengthening the muscles. To cure
Such a pathology must comply with some recommendations:

1. Byдбирать обувь только строго по размеру и фиксировать стопу
hard backdrop. It is important that the arch support is present. Will fit
orthopedic insoles.

2. With such a pathology it is forbidden to wear shoes on a flat
the sole.

3. When walking to keep your posture.

Medical gymnastics against flatfoot

Treatment of flatfoot in children at home заключается в
performing a series of exercises. Flatfoot is a disease
musculoskeletal system. Byэтому важно при выполнении
exercises to distribute the load. If she is wrong
distributed, then it can cause dangerous ills during

The set of exercises is as follows:

1. At the time of walking, walk on your toes, and stretch your arms high
up. Next, put your hands on your waist and move on your heels.
Keep your hands in the same position and move around on the outside.

2. In a standing position, put your hands on your waist and stand on
outside of the foot. Turn the torso right and left.
Stand on the outside of the foot and lift up on

3. Sit on a stick with arms outstretched in front.
Move on a stick, putting the feet both across and along.

4. In a sitting position to perform these exercises:

– pull the limbs forward, throw the ball and catch it;

– stretch the legs forward, squeeze and unclench the fingers;

– stretch your legs forward and try to pull as much as possible

– stretch the legs forward, reduce and spread them, connecting

– bend the limbs in the knees, spread and move the heels.

In order to get rid of this pathology is necessary
perform all exercises on an ongoing basis throughout
several years. A day will take no more than a quarter of an hour.
Perform all exercises alternately and repeating a couple of times.

All actions in such a disease must be performed barefoot.
the leg. The main focus is on kneading the muscles of the foot and
prevention of modification of the joints and bones. Complex of all
exercises can be prescribed only by the attending physician, but most
methods extremely similar to each other. They include:

1. Rotation of the feet in different directions, flexion and extension

2. Unfold the foot and alternately rise from heel to

3. Walk in place at a fast pace.

4. Byочередные выпады вперед с разворотом на 180 градусов.

5. Squats standing on a hoop or stick.

6. Capturing and lifting various small feet

Such exercises must be repeated 5-10 times.

Recommendations of healers

In the case of complex treatment of flatfoot in children at home
conditions can be applied and folk remedies. The following recipes
have maximum efficiency:

1. Take the leaves of wormwood, wash and dry them yourself.
Byсле приложить к ступням и зафиксировать бинтом. Byверх этой
bandages wear socks.

2. Byлезно делать ванночки с морской солью. On 1 литр воды
need a tablespoon of salt. Such procedures strengthen bones and
relax the muscles.

3. Byмощь окажут и контрастные ванночки. Before conducting
Foot procedures need to steam for 1-2 minutes. Byсле прополоскать
them under cool water. In a warm bath pour bark decoction
of oak.

4. Not less effective baths with mint decoction.

5. Effective bath with the addition of sage.

6. Alcoholic immortelle tincture will help relieve pain in

This method is auxiliary, so you need to enable
its part of complex therapy.

Healers also recommend as a treatment for flatfoot
children at home therapeutic massage. This technique
appropriate at all stages of children’s flatfoot. Baby
the procedure makes it a parent, a teenager resorts to self-massage.
Procedures are performed using special orthopedic hands.
rugs, balls and rollers. Such a carpet can make their own
by hands. On ковер следует наклеить старые пуговицы, крышечки от
bottles, puzzle pieces.

Massage with the help of hands improves blood circulation, leads to normal
muscle tone It is important to include elements of vibration. Byдушечками пальцем
on the foot you need to draw the number seven. Need to conduct from
thumb to the last, drawing a curve to the heel.

Massage implies an impact not only on the foot itself. For
elimination of pathology need to massage the hips, buttocks and
shin. This also applies to the loins. Massage any part of the body to begin
need with soft stroking, rubbing and kneading. Once
the skin is warm, you can start tingling and
tapping Check out the session must be relaxing

Prevention of such a disease is essential. Almost everyone
the second person complains of fatigue and pain in the legs. Even those people
who lead an active lifestyle, reload their feet.
That is why from time to time you need to perform relaxing
exercises. This problem should be given maximum attention, so
how can complications and serious consequences in the future.

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