Tourism with children: some tips

Sat, 08 Mar 2014

Winter has passed its position, and therefore, it is time to dream about
vacation. Some babies will go on their first trip, and
Parents are worried about many questions – how to prepare for
how to take a first-aid kit and how not to take
make a mistake with the choice of hotel.

Travel with baby

Перелет. The smallest passengers are easy enough
transfer air travel. But take care of their comfort will have

What to take on the road:

  • Hygienic set – wet wipes and diapers. Their
    The amount is recommended to be multiplied by two, because on the road they can
    unforeseen delays and delays occur.
  • Food. Moms practicing HB need to pre-pick a comfortable one.
    clothes for feeding. But also those whose baby is on IV, there is nothing
    worry – baby food is allowed on board.
  • Stroller. For travel, it is better to choose a lightweight, comfortable stroller,
    after all, when passing through control, you will have to fold several times and
    lay it out. If the mother is traveling with the baby alone, you can
    use the backpack during the flight and the stroller
    immediately check in the luggage.

Авиабилет. Passengers can choose whether to buy a baby
a ticket with a seat and pay almost the full cost, or
use the symbolic surcharge for the infanta without a place. TO
The category “baby” includes children from 0 to 2 years.

Отель. As the kid joined the trip, our
tastes when choosing a hotel will have to adjust for it
needs. So, it is better to give preference to small family
to hotels Noisy animation in this case will be a clear disadvantage, but
compact territory and a few guests will allow
spend pleasant days of rest in a relaxed atmosphere. That
baby is traveling with you, it is better to inform in advance that
the administration managed to prepare a special bed and reserved
most comfortable room.

Аптечка. Habitual drugs should be collected in advance,
so as not to get lost from unfamiliar names and instructions on someone else’s
language. You will need antipyretic and analgesic as well
sunscreen for the smallest. Care must be taken and
about extended health insurance, the terms of which you need
carefully study before the trip.

Питание. Habitual baby food is better to take with you.
First, the hotel may be located away from large
supermarkets, secondly, baby food choices on popular
resorts in Bulgaria, Turkey and Montenegro are less widespread than in

Travel with a child of 2-5 years

Перелет. A few hours already seem boring
little fidget. Therefore, parents will have to carefully
prepare to the baby was in business and not disturb others
passengers Experienced travelers advise to collect on the road
a special handbag – with a set of pencils, a new book,
stickers and treats. The main thing is not to show it in advance, everything
treasures should be a surprise and come to the aid of mom and
bored kid only during the flight. But older children
age and do not notice the duration of the flight due to
modern gadgets – because you can enjoy your favorite
cartoons and games as you like.

Отель. When choosing a hotel it is better to get acquainted in advance with
its territory and location. After all, children will certainly want
make forays beyond its limits, and therefore, should be close by
Parks, rides or favorite entertainment – trampolines and cars.
An excellent choice would be club hotels, with its own
infrastructure, mini zoo, playground and shallow
pools. Be sure to check with your agent about real
distance from the sea – not every kid is ready to overcome large

Питание. Try to get a confirmation from the hotel about
наличии диетического меню. But what is usually called
�”Children’s table”, often includes french fries, hamburgers and
nuggets, and is not at all the right healthy diet. Good
alternative to the all-inclusive system for travelers with children
younger ones are family apartments with their own
mini-kitchen, and those who have already crossed the three-year milestone will be
quite comfortable and in ordinary hotels.

Text: Vera Guler

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