Tomatoes variety “Intuition”: photos, dignity andlimitations. Features of cultivation of tomatoes variety “Intuition”

ATт, 23 янв 2018 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

Gardeners prefer to grow high-yielding varieties
tomatoes that do not require special care, take a minimum
forces. Among the variety of species, tomato varieties have become popular.
�”Intuition”. He has all the necessary qualities, suitable for
summer-autumn cultivation.

Description of the hybrid variety of tomatoes “Intuition”

Hybrid of tomato “Intuition” was bred by Russian breeders
in 1998. It is suitable for cultivation in the central regions of the country.
and Krasnoyarsk region.

By the time of ripening the fruit hybrid refers to the medium-early
species. Fruit picking starts from mid-July and continues until
the end of September.

Growing this hybrid is easy;
cope even novice gardener. Tomato “Intuition” refers to
unpretentious varieties, does not require special care. Stable
fruits in all weather conditions.

Fruit Characteristic

Tomatoes variety “Intuition” different leveled, rounded
fruits, the average weight of which reaches 100 grams. All fruits
same size, with smooth, dense skin.

Unripe fruits of saturated green color, without spots and cracks.
As it ripens, the skin becomes bright red.

The pulp of tomatoes is dense, fleshy, low in seeds.
The taste is pleasant, sweet and sour. If you leave the fruit to ripen on
beds, they get sweeter taste and sugar content. AT
the ripening process, the fruits do not crack, do not fall, do not
affected by disease.

Tomatoes are suitable for summer consumption, whole-fruit
canning and processing on juice, lecho. This is one of the few.
hybrids, the fruits of which retain their qualities in dried
the form.

Photos and features of the tomato bush “Intuition”

Bush tall, for the formation of the harvest will have to pinch
the top. Stalks powerful, thick, reach a height of about 2 m.
Leaf cover sparse, saturated green color. Plant
wrinkled, not hairy.

The type of flowering carnival, flowers are simple. The first flower brush
It is laid after 8-9 leaves, then every 2-3 sheets. AT
each brush is tied up to 6-8 fruits, which allows you to collect
a bountiful harvest.

Tomato root system is powerful but superficial. Lateral roots
half a meter apart.

ATысокорослый куст нуждается в опоре и подвязке, выращивают его
on the trellis. Experienced gardeners recommend growing in one or two
stalk, removing extra stepchildren. Thus, it is possible to increase
yield of the bush, with 1 square. m. collect up to 35 kg of tomato.

The variety is suitable for cultivation in open and protected ground,
has good immunity against various diseases, resistant to

Advantages and disadvantages of tomato variety “Intuition”

The hybrid has many advantages that make it popular.
among gardeners:

– high seed germination, almost 100%;

– good taste;

– friendly return of the crop;

– stable fruiting;

– good keeping quality;

– immunity to various diseases;

– marketable condition.

AT определенных условиях спелые плоды не теряют своих качеств
several days. For this, the room must be dry, warm and
dark. With sharp fluctuations in temperature tomatoes begin

Hybrid has almost no drawbacks, if any
the deviations in the characteristics, they are insignificant.
The only disadvantage is the inability to get their seeds
for future use.

Preparing and sowing seeds for seedlings

Seeds are planted on seedlings from mid-February to early March.
Pre-soaked them in a solution of nutrients that
increases the yield of the bush, and then dried. Soak
seeds can be in sodium or potassium humate.

For growing seedlings use special containers or
disposable containers. They are filled with nutrient soil mixture, which
suitable for planting vegetables. It is prepared by yourself or
purchased in the store.

Seeds buried in the grooves to a depth of 2 cm, between the grooves
leave about 3 cm. From above the seeds are sprinkled with loose soil,
spray and tear with a film. After which the containers are cleaned in
a warm place where the temperature is kept below + 20 ° C. Sprouts
appear on day 5 after landing. Container film neatly
take off, give the plants to breathe.

Care for tomato seedlings varieties “Intuition”

Watered seedlings carefully, it is unacceptable to excessively moisten the soil.
or dry it. From this, the growth of plants is disturbed, they get sick and
may die.

Hybrid tomatoes need a pick, which is carried out in phase
2-3 true leaves. Plants dive into separate containers.
volume of at least 0.5 liters, otherwise the root system will not be fully
develop. Soil for picking use the same as for
planting seeds. AT первые две недели после пикировки томаты удобрять
not necessary. But before landing in the ground should feed the weak
mineral fertilizer solution.

Features of planting and cultivation of tomatoes in the ground

Plants are transferred to a permanent place. in the second half of May.
If the weather permits, then earlier. ATсе зависит от климатических
conditions If tomatoes grow in greenhouses, the timing
plantings depend on how the soil warms up.

Tomatoes are not demanding to the soil composition, therefore they are grown
on any site. However, over time, the plants impoverish the land, under
Digging is recommended to fertilize. Even in the autumn you can make
humus or compost.

Seedlings are planted in wells up to 10 cm in depth, between plants
leave about 30 cm. It is best to place the plant under
tilt, not straight. As they grow, seedlings are tied to a support,
individual tall bushes can be tied up immediately.

Care for tall Intuition variety tomato in the open

To get the crop declared by the manufacturer, for the tomatoes
need to properly care.

AT первую очередь обратите внимание на полив. Tomatoes love moisture,
but it should not fall on the leaves or stems. AT период активного
growth soil is moistened twice a week, but in summer it will be required
daily watering. If the weather is rainy, then the soil is moistened.
as needed.

Good results are obtained by spraying the bushes with special ones.
infusions that prevent the occurrence of diseases and pests.
Experienced gardeners recommend the use of onion peel infusion
or Bordeaux mixture. Preventive treatments should be carried out once per
week, until the fruit is tied.

Important moments are staking tall bushes.
This is necessary in order to get a high yield of large fruits,
prevent bush thickening and the appearance of disease or
pests. Remove the excess side shoots, breaking them out of the sinuses.
If the bush is grown in one stem, then all side shoots

As you can see, nothing difficult in planting and caring for tomato “Intuition”
not. Variety of universal purpose, pleases stable yield
good fruit, suitable for beginners and lovers.

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