Tomato “Little Red Riding Hood”: description,characteristic and agrotechnology. Comprehensive care for the variety of tomato”Little Red Riding Hood”

Tomato "Little Red Riding Hood": description,characteristic and agrotechnology. Comprehensive care for the variety of tomato"Little Red Riding Hood"

Раннеспелый томат “Little Red Riding Hood” немецкой селекции подходит
for cultivation in greenhouses, open ground and not even a balcony.
A novice gardener can also get a harvest of tasty tomatoes. Sort
established himself as unpretentious to the conditions of detention. About
this and much more will be discussed further.

Описание сорта и назначение томата “Little Red Riding Hood”

The tomato belongs to early ripe and high-yielding varieties. Plant
forms a low shrub with powerful shoots and dark green
leaves, which is not necessary to tie.

TOак видно на фото, томаты сорта �”Little Red Riding Hood” среднего
size, rounded, formed by brushes of 3-5 pieces. Ripe fruit
bright red, fragrant. The pulp of tomatoes is juicy,
practically free of seeds, to taste sweet and sour. Skin
thin, tender. From one bush it is possible to remove up to 2 kg of fruits, which
good for early maturing varieties. Fruiting begins after 3
months after disembarkation.

Sort �”Little Red Riding Hood” салатного назначения. Fresh fruit
stored for long and not suitable for whole canning
because of the thin skin. But you can make delicious ketchups out of them,
refueling and other blanks.

The advantages and disadvantages of early ripe varieties

Томат �”Little Red Riding Hood” практически не имеет недостатков. it
unpretentious culture, which has several advantages:

– easily tolerates short-term decrease in temperature;

– rarely sick even with thickened landings;

– has a high resistance to late blight;

– does not require staking;

– responds well to dressing.

The compact size of the bushes allows you to grow tomatoes on the balcony
in boxes that allows you to shoot fresh fruit from the beginning of summer to
late fall. It is better to pick tomatoes fully matured because
during storage they do not gain taste. Sure get high
harvest with this method of cultivation will not work.

Посадка семян сорта “Little Red Riding Hood” на рассаду и уход за

In the southern part of Russia, tomatoes can be grown by sowing seeds
immediately to the ground, but in other regions it is better to prepare the seedlings. TO
seed sowing start no earlier than March-April. For this seed
pre-treated and carried out landing:

1. The day before planting, seeds are soaked in a growth promoter or
solution of potassium permanganate. it ускоряет процесс прорастания и
disinfects planting material.

2. Dried seeds are sown in nutrient soil for vegetables.
crops that you can buy at any store or cook
on their own.

3. The seeding depth is about 1.5 cm.

With this method of planting seeds sprout for 3-5 days.
Growth stimulants can be replaced with aloe juice or sugar
syrup For sowing, choose fresh seeds that did not lie
more than 3 years. The soil for seedlings should be loose,
moisture permeable. To independently prepare the soil, mix
sod and garden soil in equal proportions, add washed
coarse river sand, ash and superphosphate.

Before emergence, maintain indoor temperature up to 25
° С, after which it should be lowered to 18 ° С. After 7 days
the temperature is returned to the mark of 20-22 ° C. it поможет сеянцам не
pull out All this time, the seedlings are watered
water as needed. Too wet the soil is not worth it,
so that gentle plants do not get sick with a black leg.

Dive tomatoes into separate containers as soon as the first one appears.
a pair of true leaves. After picking, the pots are removed in
cool room to seedlings better settled down. A week later
seedlings can feed a liquid solution of mineral fertilizers.

Правила высадки томатов сорта “Little Red Riding Hood” в грунт

In the open ground, hardened seedlings are transferred in the second half
May If planting is planned in a film greenhouse, the dates may
differ. The main condition is the absence of night frosts. With
landing in the balcony boxes adhere to the same terms.

Seedlings are planted in an ordinary way, according to the scheme 65×45 cm. Such
the distance will allow the plants to grow normally, prevent
the appearance of fungal diseases. With более скученной посадке кусты
need careful care and regular pasynkovanii.
Thickening often leads to the appearance of pests.

The soil for planting tomatoes prepared in advance, dig
20-25 cm, adding manure and humus. Fertile soil will go
only benefit plants.

Features care for the variety

Томат сорта �”Little Red Riding Hood” не требователен к уходу. Watered
beds rarely, but well soak the ground to the full depth
bedding roots. On fertile soils, plants do not need
dressing, in other cases, will have to fertilize the bushes 2-3 times per

As a fertilizer used liquid organic mixture,
for example, Gumat +7 iodine or infusion of chicken manure, mullein.
The interval between dressings is from 15 to 20 days. The last
feeding is carried out two weeks before harvest.

TOроме полива и подкормок, need to loosen the soil between
beds every 7-10 days or after each watering. it обеспечит
oxygen supply to the roots. Loosen the crust is not to depth
more than 5 cm, otherwise it is possible to damage the surface roots of the plant.

Disease prevention and pest control on tomato varieties
“Little Red Riding Hood”

Sort заявлен как устойчивый к болезням, но профилактика все же
does not hurt, especially if the plants are in the greenhouse. The thing is
that over several years, pathogens are accumulating in the greenhouse
bacteria. To avoid contamination of tomatoes, topsoil
need to remove and stack fresh, more fertile. In the autumn after
harvesting the walls of greenhouses are well washed, treated with chemical

A good measure for the prevention of various diseases is
crop rotation Experienced gardeners highly recommend
planted tomatoes after eggplants, peppers, potatoes.

The best predecessors for tomatoes are:

– root vegetables;

– beans;

– cabbage;

– greenery.

With первых признаках заболевания опрыскайте грядки
bio-drugs such as phytosporin.

With вспышках фитофтороза помогут препараты с высоким содержанием
copper. To stop the progression of the disease, it will take several

Mulching of beds will help to prevent fungal diseases.
weeding weeding. Peat can be used as mulch
humus or straw.

Of the pests, the most dangerous for tomato are:

– aphid;

– thrips;

– whitefly;

– spider mite.

They feed on plant sap, slowing down and stopping
his height. With большой численности вредителей проводят обработку
toxic chemicals. If pests appear when the bushes are already there
fruits, it is better to use folk methods. Repeatedly
make spraying infusion of celandine, onion peel or chamomile.
Intervals between treatments 5-7 days.

If slugs appear in a greenhouse or on a bed, then pests
collected by hand, and the soil around the bushes sprinkled with ground red
Pepper, crushed eggshell.

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