Tomato diet – three tracks to lose weight

tomatnaya-dietaIt has been several decades since
how the world first learned about the existence of the tomato (tomato) diet,
but its popularity still knows absolutely no limits!

And all because with the help of such a diet can not only lead
in full order your figure, but also improve your own condition

In addition, researchers from Albion in the course of their
works found that the tomato boasts another awesome
secret – the ability to “correctly” influence the appetite.

This means that the people whose food ration contains
the required number of tomatoes are more likely to be
to feel full enough between main meals so that
they had a desire to go and enjoy something “delicious”
and, as a rule, high-calorie.

Also, the researchers came to the conclusion that the tomatoes are present
One very important substance is lycopene, due to which, by the way,
the vegetable has a bright red color. Without touching other aspects of it.
positive effects on the human body, you can safely
say that lycopene is able to limit growth and development
cancerous growths.

Here is a list of highlights why you are serious.
think about the mandatory inclusion of tomatoes in the list of products
own diet


The main advantages of a diet on tomatoes:

  • Tomatoes are a real source of many famous vitamins.
    (groups A, B, C) and minerals (iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium), plus
    they have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the central nervous system.
  • Tomatoes have a huge impact on the blood system, well
    thin the blood and have a devastating effect on
    cholesterol accumulation on the walls of blood vessels, therefore, recommended
    for people who are prone to thrombotic
  • Possessing excellent antioxidant properties, tomatoes
    promote cleansing of the body from the damaging presence
    free radicals.
  • Act as a good folk remedy against
  • They are an excellent tool for quality prevention.
    bleeding gums.
  • A tomato-rich diet has a positive effect on
    condition of a person’s hair and skin due to the presence in their
    ingredients that can protect the skin from
    ultraviolet damage.
  • Tomatoes affect the blood level of the “bad”
    cholesterol, limiting its damaging effects on the body.
    Plus they adjust blood pressure and promote well-coordinated
    the work of the heart muscle.

In addition to all of the above, I would like to add that
tomato diet is quite affordable for any person with different
income and is very low-calorie (less than 22 kcal per
100 gr.).


The most popular types of tomato diet:

2 days

As the name implies, its duration is exactly 2
days after which you can expect to decline
a body weight on 2 kg.

Its essence is that during each day you need
eat about 2 kg. tomato, self-distributing it
the amount between main meals.

2 week diet on tomato juice

This is a longer version of the diet, which, with proper
Efforts will allow you to say goodbye to 6 – 8 kilograms of excess

Your daily diet consists of the following foods.
Meals: Breakfast – 2 slices of whole-grain bread, 100 gr.
low fat cottage cheese and 250 ml. fresh tomato juice. Optional
Additionally, you can eat one apple. Banned: bananas and

For lunch you can afford 100 gr. cooked rice without
adding butter, a couple of pieces of oven-baked fish, low-fat
varieties, a couple of apples and drink a glass of 250 ml. tomato
juice. Dinner you will be half a daily portion of cooked rice,
small chicken or beef chop, vinaigrette and standard
порцией tomato juice. 2 week diet on whole tomatoes

The main side dish throughout the diet is presented in the form of
boiled rice or light vegetable salad. From meat 3 – 4 times a
during the week you can eat white chicken meat (filet)
and low-fat fish baked on the grill or in the oven.

As for the liquid, the best option would be to use
clean spring water (in extreme cases, the purchase of mineral water without
gas) and according to the rules of brewed green tea. Take dinner
must be no later than 18.00 hours.

Недостатки помидорной диеты: Как мы знаем, совершенно у
Each nutrition program has its own contraindications! There are they and
have a diet on tomatoes …

So its use is not recommended for various
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, ranging from gastritis and ulcers
down to cholecystitis. During food poisoning, tomatoes can
cause unreasonably increased sensitivity of the body to
action poisons.

But, despite all the above, in general – this is one of the most
effective and beneficial nutritional programs through which you
You can count on a good result with confidence!

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