Thyme tea: the use of fragrant drink,best recipes for cooking. Thyme tea: harm, importantcontraindications

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Many centuries of thyme tea is included in the “book
recipes “best world healers.

The composition contains a huge amount of vitamins, other
beneficial substances for the body. If you learn to cook and
use thyme tea properly, you can improve the overall
condition of your health, prevent the development of many

Thyme tea: benefits, calories and composition

In Eastern medicine, thyme is known as thyme herb.
There are many kinds of it. Thyme is a small shrub,
reaching a height of about 40 cm. Thyme, due to its
rich composition, is in great demand not only in
alternative medicine, but also cosmetology, food industry.
Plant-based infusions can prevent, even cure.
many ailments.

The composition of thyme contains:

• tanning and mineral compounds;

• ursolic, oleanolic acid;

• organic pigments and essential oils;

• vitamins (ascorbic acid, vitamins of group B, PP).

Per 100 grams of dried thyme accounts for 70 Kcal. Tea with
thyme per 100 grams contains only 2 calories. Drink
recommended for use in the absence of contraindications. Him
You can even drink to women during pregnancy, lactation (only
after consulting a doctor).

Proper tea is characterized by mild sedative effect.
This property will allow to give a woman and her child
calm, deep sleep.

Tea with чабрецом: польза для организма

1. • It is an excellent antihelminthic
characterized by disinfectant, antibacterial

2.•Drink считается сильным обезболивающим. Tea cups in
minutes removes headache, discomfort during
time of menstruation in women.

3. • It is recommended to brew tea when coughing. It perfectly displays
phlegm, softens throat, prevents further development

4.•Drink способствует укреплению иммунной системы, за счет
its rich composition. It also normalizes digestive
processes, relieves bloating, normalizes peristalsis

5.•Tea with чабрецом известен своим благоприятным воздействием на
human nervous system. It has been proven that the drink is excellent
relieves stress, will allow to gain composure.

6. • Drink is also good for men. It improves the potency.
Women are advised to drink this tea with weak lactation (by
doctor’s appointment).

7.•Tea with чабрецом, польза которого неоценима, полезен и в
cosmetic purposes. Regularly including a drink in your diet can
get rid of acne, acne. Moreover, the presence in his
composition of essential oils, vitamins prevent early wilting
derma, strengthen hair, nails.

The most useful thyme tea recipes

Tea with чабрецом вред организму не нанесет, если научиться
to cook it properly. There are several recipes. Picking up each
Once the new ingredients (depending on your condition), you can
get the specific properties of the drink.

Invigorating morning drink

The perfect drink for the morning is black tea with thyme. He is fragrant,
incredibly delicious. A cup of tea will invigorate, give the beautiful
mood for the rest of the day.

Making a drink is simple. Add to the teapot
1 teaspoon of thyme and half a spoon of black tea. Everything is poured
boiling water. Drink должен настояться 7-10 минут. Then go there
orange (lemon), 1 tablespoon of honey is added.
Additional ingredients will improve the taste of the drink, make it more

Thyme black tea is not only invigorating, it will allow
normalize digestive processes, cope with a cold. Not
It is recommended to drink it before bedtime so as not to overcome insomnia.

Not является секретом, что зеленый чай невероятно полезен. If to
add thyme to the drink, it will turn out even more valuable in its
properties. Preparing this tea in the same proportion as with black

Benefits of the drink:

• blood circulation is normalized;

• reduces blood cholesterol levels;

• relieves headaches;

• facilitates the health of a person with a cold;

• characterized by excellent antioxidant properties;

• Strengthens the immune system.

During the day, no more than 3-4 cups of such tea are allowed to drink.
Last – 2 hours before bedtime. Drink характеризуется
strong diuretic effects.

Thyme Herbal Teas

Herbal teas with the addition of thyme are extremely beneficial to health.
The main thing – to choose the right ingredients. It is necessary to rely on
desired effect.

1. • Thyme and Oregano. Presented herbs are combined in
заварочном чайнике в пропорции 1 к 2. Notобходимо настоять напиток
under the lid closed for at least 15 minutes so that it absorbs everything
vitamins from plants, saturated with aroma.

2. • Thyme and coltsfoot. Herbs are united in the same
proportions (1 teaspoon, no longer needed). Mixture infused
15 minutes, then a tablespoon of honey is added there, as well as
a slice of citrus (lemon, orange). Tea to drink when he will
room temperature.

Presented “herbal recipes” are recommended to strengthen
immunity (2 cups during the day). The drink will also be effective.
to relieve headaches, help to improve well-being while

Thyme mint tea

If to чабрецу добавить мяту, напиток получится не только
fragrant, but also incredibly useful, tasty. Ingredients
unite in the same proportion. Everything is poured кипятком — на 2
spoons of herbs 300 ml of water. Tea must stand until it becomes
room temperature. Here you can add 1 teaspoon of honey.
Drink полезно пить перед едой, он рекомендован даже перед сном.
Thyme mint tea налаживает пищеварительные процессы,
normalizes metabolism, calms the nervous system and improves

Thyme tea with a cold

1. • To strengthen the immune system. To 1 tablespoon thyme
you need to add some rosehips, currant leaves and
strawberries. Drink необходимо заварить кипятком, дать ему
Brew for 10-15 minutes. Tea turns out incredibly useful. In him
many vitamins necessary for immunity. With a cold, it’s like
just what you need.

2. • Thyme and coltsfoot mix in the same proportion,
there is also a tablespoon of dried raspberry fruit. Tea
poured boiling water in the teapot, infused for 15-20 minutes.
It is necessary to drink it at cold – during the day 3 mugs. He allows
remove cough, alleviate sore throat, relieve headaches and
other ailments.

Thyme tea: harm, important contraindications

Tea with чабрецом вред организму наносит очень редко. If remember
о contraindicationsх, неприятных неожиданностей можно будет
to avoid.

Drink is not recommended if available
following ailments:

• having heart problems;

• kidney and liver diseases;

• hypertension;

• diseases associated with the thyroid gland;

• stomach ulcer;

• disorders of the nervous system.

Tea with чабрецом, вред и польза которого были представлены — очень
valuable drink. The main thing – do not abuse the amount, remember about

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