The value of the name Tamara, the nature and fate of hisowners What does the name Tamara mean, what are its origins andstory

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In choosing a name for your unborn child,
It is important for parents not only to focus their attention on the beautiful and
cute name, but also get acquainted with his

What does the name Tamara mean? Каковы происхождение и story имени

The meaning of the name Tamara

Tamara – means “palm”. Zodiac sign, which
patronizes Tamara – scorpion. He makes the girl wise,
reasonable, insightful. The planet that controls life
Tamara – Pluto. Thanks to her influence, the girl is often lucky.

The color that impresses Tamara more than others is purple.
The tree from which Tamara can make a charm – a palm tree
date The plant that will bring her luck is rosemary. A rock,
which will be a talisman for Tamara – a grenade.

Происхождение и story имени Тамара

The name has an ancient Greek origin. what does the name mean
Tamara? Palma – this value is given a name, since in ancient times
the palm tree was considered very important in the construction of the dwelling,
making utensils. Flexibility and durability, which are inherent in palm trees
– inherent and Tamara.

Named Tamara celebrates twice a year. Twenty ninth of april
and the fourteenth of May. In different languages ​​of the world the name has the same
sound. But it has received the greatest distribution in the territory
Of Europe.

The nature and fate of Tamara

The positive traits of Tamara’s character include:

• honesty;

• openness;

• caring;

• Willpower;

• Purposefulness;

• Analytical mind.

She is very emotional, but at the right moment can take emotions in
fist. Tamara is constantly evolving, she never stops
on this, she is interested in everything new. She quickly learns all
educational information, visits a huge number of circles. it
Madly happy parents girls.

It is also worth noting negative traits

• Demanding;

• hardness;

• straightness;

• Conciseness.

Since Tamara has a lot of plans, she often doesn’t
he manages to fulfill them, so he is nervous and upset. She is
straightforward, but not everyone likes it. Many do not accept this and
stop talking with Tamara, despite the previous friendship. She is же
suffers from such situations, tries to find the cause in itself, but
then calms down and find new friends.

Tamara is always attentive to other people’s problems and other people’s situations.
She is хороший слушатель и может быть очень внимательной, ласковой,
even with strangers. For this she is loved at home, valued in
teamwork. She is строга, принципиальна. Likes to understand everything before
the end. At the same time he admits his mistakes, never argues, if
understands what is wrong.

The same attitude to life, Tamara demands and from
the rest. The trouble is that most people are used to playing roles,
coming up with a problem. Tamara is a realist. She is не любит
to suffer on trifles, to spend the life for frustration. She is
prefers to live really. Here and now.

It is worth noting Tamara’s genuine love for art. She is
is able to listen to your favorite music for hours, loves to attend exhibitions and
galleries. She likes to walk in the fresh air, ride in different
cities and countries. Thus, Tamara is resting. She needs something
to give positive emotions and make sense.

Noisy parties and celebrations in a big company Tamara is not very
loves. Therefore, friends for a cup of tea. Tamara aims to be
interesting interlocutor, always ready to listen to the problems of others

Tamara is executive, careful, so she will work
a librarian, a psychologist. If Tamara devotes herself since childhood
art – then it will suit the work of an actress, singer, artist.
She is может совмещать любимую работу и творческое хобби.

Tamara has so many abilities and talents, they
develop and unfold throughout her life. Tamara
many are jealous, but she herself does not understand why she is so easy
what is given to others is given.

Tamara can be a great leader. Meaning of the name
Tamara – determines her flexibility in team management. She is
loyal and demanding. Always ready to compromise. Helps
to their colleagues and subordinates. Nobody refuses to help.

Tamara has no friends at work. She is уверенно строит свой бизнес,
your business Competitors envy her patience and ability to conduct business
conversation. Tamara always has time not only for work, but also
at leisure. She is любит проводить его в кругу коллектива.

Her employees appreciate the boss’s sensitiveness, such dedication
to business Tamara has a lot of advantages over her colleagues. She does not like
stay at home and do housework, she is constantly evolving and
is studying. If Tamara decides to devote her life to education – she
can get a degree. At the same time she feels very thin
what work can bring her the maximum profit.

Love Tamara

The nature and fate of Tamara определяют её предпочтения в любви.
She is ценит:

• Wise;

• seasoned;

• Well-mannered men.

Never will waste your time on a man with whom not about
than to talk. She always wants to be first in everything. It may
interfere with its implementation in personal relationships. The problem is that
Tamara can compete with her partner. She can defend
their rights, for no apparent reason.

If Tamara feels that her partner is putting pressure on her – she
stop communicating with him. With age, Tamara becomes wise and
flexible in relationships. She strives to bring every relationship to
families. She wants one man, only her beloved and dear.

Tamara has a lot of supervisors, but she chooses a job, but not
fleeting hobbies. Married, she becomes the keeper
hearth. Husband and children are not deprived of attention and love. In the house of Tamara
always peace and harmony. She does not wash dirty linen in public, does not like gossip.

Every weekend Tamara seeks to spend with her family. She wants
make the rest bright and memorable. She does it very well.
The husband loves her and appreciates, as well as she him and his children.

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