The value of the name of Dan, the nature and fate of hisowners What does the name Dana mean, what are its origins andstory?

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When choosing a name for their daughter, parents try not to stop.
only on a beautiful name, but also carrying a deep meaning. For this
they select a name based on its interpretation. What does the name Dana mean?
What are the origins and history of the name Dan?

Meaning of the name dan

Dana – received, given from above. This baby is long-awaited and
so beloved in the family that brings everyone pleasure and happiness.
Zodiac signs that patronize a girl are fish and

They endow her with natural charm, deep intelligence. Planet,
which rules Dana’s life – Neptune. The color that is the most
it suits her – blue. A stone that will protect her from trouble
– lapis lazuli.

The origin and history of the name of Dan

The name Dan has several versions of the origin. So,
according to the first meaning of Dana’s name, God is my judge. Based on this
version, the name has Jewish roots. It comes from a male name.

What does the name Dan mean according to the second version of origin? It
means bestowed, given above. The name is also considered abbreviated.
the form of the names of Doenitz, Danica. These names signified the morning star.

Historians claim that the ancient names used the form name
Danuta. There is also a version of the Celtic origin of the name
Dana It произошло от имени Богини Даны. Goddess was
prophetess and had great power over the Celts. Name Day Dana
does not note, because in the church tradition there is no one
holy The name today is popular in many countries of the world.

The nature and fate of Dana

It is worth noting the positive traits of Dana’s character:



Fast reaction;



The girl very quickly makes important decisions and can
minutes to resolve the issues that people thought
not solvable. Dana is very curious, but all the knowledge gained
she immediately begins to use in everyday life.

The negative traits of the girl’s character include:


Mood swings;


Dana is so principled that she can defend her case
even at the cost of a relationship or friendship. It works tirelessly, so
she faces a nervous breakdown or nervous exhaustion. Name dana
corresponds to four in numerology. She characterizes herself
personality prone to scientific activity and technical

She is always surrounded by friends and admirers. Her
the dedication of many inspires. But Dana does not consider herself to be
this unique one. She just can not otherwise. In childhood is given very
is mobile, she constantly plays with peers, comes up with for them
and yourself new fun.

It is difficult for parents to cope with its changeable character. Dana
always seeks to know everything first, and therefore misses and
frustration she also gets the first. She is often sick in
childhood, therefore, very irritable and restless.

She is expanding her social circle very quickly and just as quickly.
breaks up with people from this circle. She possesses subtle and always
relevant sense of humor. But not everyone wants to understand her jokes.
Some consider it a superficial special that just fills
to yourself Dana не обращает внимания на такое к себе отношение,
because it always has a personal opinion.

Dana очень трудолюбива. She takes on any job. In study she
also diligent, although she does not have huge congenital
abilities. She tries to comprehend more truths, to learn
the truth, to draw the right conclusions, rather than prove that clever.

She is difficult at school with peers at work with colleagues. Dana
always sees several possible scenarios,
tries to always be on top. Dana really lacks support and
cares of loved ones. She spends a lot of time to help.
around her people.

Из-за боевого характера, Dana быстро теряет связь с матерью,
who believes that a woman should be affectionate, should be
the keeper of the hearth, and not conquer the world. Но Dana всячески
tries to prove to the mother that she is a worthy daughter. At the same time, she
can flare up, afford extra.

Hot temper is the main enemy of Dana. She is in many situations
suffers precisely because of hot temper. Если Dana выберет для себя
creative profession – it will achieve incredible success.

Dana успешна в бизнесе, но тратит деньги молниеносно. therefore
it is difficult to say that it will quickly accumulate considerable capital.
Dana больше старается реализовать себя в карьерном росте, нежели в
interpersonal relationships. She often screams at subordinates, maybe
be too rude. It’s hard to work with her and this is one of the reasons
why Dana is better to get a personal business.

С возрастом Dana понимает, что риск не всегда оправдан и
already trying to count their strength not to be nervous because of the work.
Dane is hard to please, so she has only devotees for years
trusted friends whom she saves.

Love dana

The nature and fate of Dana определяют её успех у мужчин. She’s ready
change for the sake of relationships in many ways give in to your partner. But at the same time,
unnecessarily demanding. Dana может завести отношения с мужчиной и
after that, to demand from him the impossible, impossible tasks.
She is not enough all the time.

Так как Dana успешна, она и мужчину подбирает для себя
mediocre. She does not like to associate fate with men older
age She is impressed by men younger than who listen to
her advice and fulfill her wishes. Но Dana не благодарна, она не
able to appreciate someone else’s love and attention, therefore, very quickly bright
Union turns into an intolerable routine.

Детей Dana любит, но сидеть дома и заниматься их воспитанием
for a long time not planning. She has a lot of plans for
self-realization, she does not consider it necessary to devote her life to children and
to my husband Несмотря на сложный характер, Dana очень понимающая и
affectionate. She is generous. There is a lot of love and light in her heart. Просто Dana
more successful with many of their peers and therefore not always understood
by them. Сама Dana не считает нужным что-то в себе менять.

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