The value of the name Leonid, the nature and fate of histhe owner. What does the name Leonid mean, what are its origins andstory?

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The name of a person is a peculiar individual code,
allowing to determine the main character traits that will be
inherent in him. It is important to correctly and fully interpret the meaning

What does the name Leonid mean? What are the origin and history of the name

Meaning of the name Leonid

Leonid is like a lion. The name has ancient Greek roots. Sign
the zodiac that accompanies Leonid is the lion. He gives man strength
will power of influence. The planet that governs the life of Leonid –
The sun. She gives him cheerfulness and ability to forgive a lot.

The color that suits Leonid the most is gold. Tree,
which can become a talisman for Leonid – cedar. Plant that
cure him of all diseases – dog rose. Stone that stands
choose a talisman – diamond.

The origin and history of the name Leonid

The name has ancient Greek roots. Since the meaning of the name Leonid
– similar to a lion, a man was associated with this courageous and
free animals. The short meanings of the name are – Leon,
Lyosha, Lyokha.

Angel Day Leonid celebrates twice a year – April sixteenth
and the thirtieth of july. In Spanish, the name sounds like Leonidas. On
Italian – Leonido. Today the name is common in Europe.

The nature and fate of Leonid

It is worth noting positive traits

• Passion;

• Emotionality;

• Curiosity;

• Sociability.

Leonid has a rather remarkable appearance. It has flexible
character and quickly finds an approach to any person. It is worth noting
Leonid’s negative personality traits that are worth holding back for
obtain the desired result:

• Pride;

• Vanity;

• arrogance.

Leonid is given a lot easier than others, so he
often behaves arrogantly and arrogantly. He should hold back
emotions and do not forget that reputation is easy to spoil and very difficult

Leonid is a narcissist, but he shows this quality in the desire to be
better than others. He tries not to prove anything to anyone in words, but
constantly work on yourself. At the same time it is not enough to share its
internal experiences and problems at work. Therefore he
It seems somewhat cold in communication and detached.

If Leonid values ​​a person, he will never be rude and not
restrained. He will try his best to
man has everything in the best way. Leonid just
wonderful friend.

He can listen, support, solve problems with lightning speed. With
This, he especially does not spread about his problems, because
I used to solve them quickly and without compromise. He just has nothing
complain because he feels at ease like on
work and at home.

Leonid is worried about himself and his health. He tries to follow
over pressure, exercise regularly, keep the nerves out
overloads. He loves to do charity and
good deeds, getting real pleasure from it. Leonid
keeps a lot in memory and constantly scrolls events in his
head. He tries to forget, but sometimes he fails.

He is very hard going through all his defeats and falls. what
означает имя Leonid is like a lion. This is a strong spirit man,
who used to control the situation. He has a huge amount
future plans and ideas for how to achieve them.

Leonid с детства увлекается точными науками. They are given to him
легко, поэтому Leonid старается развить в себе навыки анализировать
and systematize information – it helps him further
of life.

Have Leonidа развитая интуиция, он старается изо всех сил не
confuse personal dislike and work, but he does not often succeed. Have
Leonidа постоянно есть завистники. These are people who have reached in
life is much less than he envied him from the bottom of his heart. Leonid
does not pay attention to their machinations and builds life in his own way.

Leonidу лучше выбрать работу аналитиком, математиком,
manager, physicist, scientific activity. In business, he is also not
equal. He is able to predict the behavior of competitors for months
forward This allows him to gain time and earn more.
of money.

Единственная сложность для Leonidа — работать в бизнесе в паре.
He tries not to let the partner down, but at the same time he demands from him,
as from myself. Not everyone is able to reach the same height in business as

He can not only manage an existing company, but also
create your own. Leonid легко учится у конкурентов, поэтому
quickly adopts someone else’s innovative experience and easily implements
him in his activities. Have Leonidа сотни идей ежедневно. In the end he
finds those people who easily help him realize everything

Любовь Leonidа

The nature and fate of Leonid предопределяют его успех у женщин.
Leonid талантлив и хорош собой. From an early age he attracts to
attention of the weaker sex. Девушки бьются за право быть Leonidу
friend, sweetheart, bride.

He himself is calm because knows his only
the woman is intelligent, beautiful, restrained. She will not render signs
attention to the first man. It is this woman that he finds in his
of life.

Leonid не стремится рано жениться. Even if next to him
one that completely satisfies it. He tries by herself
to be realized in life, to achieve something. He manages it and then
you can think about the family.

Leonid любит детей, но воспитание их полностью перекладывает на
shoulders her sweetheart. He tries to provide the family with everything
necessary. To make his favorite people in no way
needed. Leonid старается доверять людям и у него много друзей.
He does not worry if his communication with someone stops. is he
tries to be with all restrained and friendly.

In the family he is honored and valued. Considered the head of the family, loved
a man is he за это дарит своей женщине поддержку и внимание,
gives her gifts and kisses. In his house are always welcome and
relatives. Such hospitality provides him a huge circle.

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