The value of the name Aurora, the nature and fate of the girlwith that name. What does the name Aurora mean: origin andstory

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The name of a person is his unique code, which
determines his fate and character. But this does not mean that everyone
destined the same fate.

What does the name Aurora mean? Worth to understand.

Meaning of the name Aurora

What does the name Aurora mean? It means morning dawn. First name
found in manuscripts written in Latin. In everyday life
used mainly by the Greeks. Aurora Zodiac Sign –
Дева. The planet that protects it –

This planet characterizes the personality
patronizes, as militant and not retreating from their
of principles.

Цвет имени — фиолетовый.

A plant that will help Aurora to get rid of many ailments –

A stone that accompanies growth and beauty like no other.
девушки — розовый халцедон.

The day on which she can meet her happiness –

Происхождение и story имени BUTврора

Aurora is an ancient Greek warlike goddess who
patronizes the weak. And today her face is engraved in many
Greek temples. The name Aurora has many synonyms in other
cultures. In France, the name used is Oror, which means Aurora.
In Spain, the girl will be called Aurora.

The Greeks portrayed Aurora, sister of Helios, riding a chariot.
The face of Aurora in Greece was portrayed as winged. Meaning of the name Aurora
somewhat changed in modern history and mythology. Many
consider her the goddess of the morning sun, because according to giving, Aurora
shed tears for his son killed in the war, and it happened
at dawn.

In Christian tradition, the name Aurora is not specified, name day
Aurora celebrate is not accepted, since there is no saint with the same
by name. But in many European countries girls named Aurora
baptize like Ann, so they celebrate their birthday on the day of the birthday

The nature and fate of Aurora

Происхождение и story имени BUTврора предзнаменовали его
value. It should be noted that modern Auroras are not inferior
in its militancy predecessors. Positive
Aurora’s character traits:

• poise;

• Calmness;

• Exposure.

Many считают её излишнюю скромность и сдержанность пороком.
Some may consider them hypocrisy and think that Aurora is not
wants to maintain a dispute or develop a quarrel. On the contrary girl
carefully listen to all the arguments of the opponent and only then do
your conclusions. It is not too active, it is not always a generator.
new ideas. She herself is not prone to drastic changes in
of life.

Perhaps, therefore, it may seem boring to men. They are not
find in her that femininity and passion that you would like
find. But in friendship with Aurora, men get pretty much

She is a great friend and ally. Always weigh the pros and cons
and allow both allies and rivals to express their point
view. It does not enter into disputes, but it can be so on time and
clearly express their position that opponents will not
of arguments.

To the negative traits of the character of Aurora can

• Excessive seriousness;

• Lack of flexibility;

• Short-sightedness.

But, having a number of more active partner, Aurora will
wonderful wife and housewife. She is not looking for risk in this life,
she has enough of what she gets from friends and relatives. BUT
This support, love and caress.

The nature and fate of Aurora заставляют её всегда оставаться сильной
girl and rely on yourself alone. She is ready to help in
any difficult moment and this is appreciated by her friends. С маленькой BUTвророй
parents will be very difficult to find a common language. She is very early
forming her own opinion, which she likes to express when
senior and in a big company.

She questions any decision of the elders, because she wants
herself come to this decision, to this conclusion. Parents often
take this behavior for ignorance and punish the little
BUTврору, при этом девочка не всегда понимает, что же она сделала не

BUTврора может стать весьма скрытной, если её очень долго и часто
punish and scold. This will only lead to the fact that she will
make even more mistakes and will be even more offended by
surrounding Parents should not put too much pressure on the girl and
demand from her the impossible. Когда BUTврора вырастет, она станет
more purposeful, and her every miss will be a certain victory over
by myself.

Также стоит запомнить, что если BUTврора молчит, это не значит что
she is calm and has positive feelings inside
emotions. This may mean that she is offended and unwilling to continue
conversation. The only way to find out the truth is to ask directly about her.

Профессия и любовь BUTвроры

BUTвроре не присущи лидерские деловые качества. About Us
pleasure to work under someone’s sensitive guidance, rather than
she will become the leader. She is very disappointed by others’ blunders,
therefore she tries to fulfill the most important and responsible

In financial matters, it is possible to with ease
. She will never betray and not substitute. If
make a mistake – will be fully punished. BUTврора с радостью
will replace the ill colleague and will not gossip on
work. Therefore, she is valued as an employee and always willing to pay.
decent salary for quality work.

BUTврора не спешит замуж, да и её избранники не
always try to make out for her restraint deep
feelings and feelings. Если BUTврора родилась летом, то в семье она
may be despotic. Her fickle mood is very strong
affects close people. To the children she is strict. It requires
they have the same discipline and the same exposure that are peculiar to her
the most.

Not every man will endure marriage with such a serious woman.
Only a man is an adult and clearly knows what he wants from life –
подойдёт BUTвроре в качестве спутника of life. She is not inclined to change
and always believes in the devotion of his soulmate. To create
крепкую семью BUTвроре необходимо научиться быть гибкой и принимать
слабости surrounding

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