The value of the name Artemy, the nature and fate of histhe owner. What does the name Artemy mean, what are its origins andstory?

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The name of a person is his important distinguishing feature. From
The name depends much in the life of each of us.

What does the name Artemy mean? What are the origin and history of the name

Meaning of the name Artemy

Artemy is a church version of the name Artem. Artemy is healthy.
Messenger of the Goddess Artemis. Strong and purposeful man. Sign
the zodiac that accompanies it is the scales. He lets Artemia in
any situation to find a balanced solution.

The planet that accompanies man is Venus. She lets him
to equip in full privacy. The color that is the most
suitable Artemia – dark blue. The tree that will be for him
amulet – rowan. A stone that will protect from trouble –

The origin and history of the name Artemy

The name has an ancient Greek origin. It was believed in the old days
that saint artemy needs to pray for the healing of chronic
ills. To win in court cases. Today the name is distributed
in Europe.

In Italy, use the form of the name Artemio. In Poland, the name sounds like
Artemius. Artemy celebrates his birthday twice a year on the sixth of July and
November 2nd. Meaning of the name Artemy — здоровый, обуславливает
his physical and spiritual strength.

The nature and fate of Artemia

To the positive traits of character Artemia worth

• Independence;

• Independence;

• Diplomacy;

• Temper.

Artemy matures before his eyes. He doesn’t like dating
among peers. It is much easier for him to communicate with children who
older Artemy likes to learn something new, he is so
inquisitive that he can be carried away by almost anything.

To the negative traits of character Artemia worth

• Control;

• bias;

• Selfishness.

As a child, Artemy grows up calm and quiet boy. He likes
play alone, does not like big companies. He read a lot,
knows a lot of things. At school, he is a favorite of teachers. He is quite reserved in
utterances and selective in friends.

Parents are hard to find contact with Artemy. They are increasingly
begin to fear that the boy will fall in love with loneliness and will grow
exclusively in it. He will try to help both mother and father,
but it will always have its own point of view. Because of
that Artemy has strong arguments in defense of his
point of view – he becomes a pet in the classroom.

He likes спорт. She enjoys visiting various clubs and
section and does not regret the time to develop their skills and talents.
Artemy knows a lot and wants more. But he has friends
few. When Artemy becomes successful, he begins to impose
their will to others. Few people might like it.

Artemy delves into the essence of the matter, does not miss the smallest detail. His
The exact sciences are interesting, it reads a lot and is actively developed.
He likes to debate, to change experiences. But at the same time, it remains at
your opinion. In the sport reaches great success. And all thanks
perseverance and diligence. Parents are surprised at their determination.
Artemia Mother of the soul does not like in her son and tries in every way
promote its spiritual and physical development.

Often, Artemy graduates from school before his classmates.
just because it tends to start adulthood faster. Artemy
prone to learning languages. He likes путешествовать, видеть новые
country. That is why he may know several foreign languages.
– To communicate easily on them anywhere in the world.

It is better not to argue with Artemy. It’s very easy with him
reach an agreement. It’s almost flawless when it comes to personal
requests But, if someone doubted his professionalism,
преданности — с этим человеком Artemy не будет поддерживать больше
personal communication. He will bring it to naught.

Artemy will be a remarkable political scientist, economist, lawyer,
philosopher. If Atemii connects his life with science, he will achieve
huge heights. Also, Artemia will have a successful business. He is not afraid
taking risks, but taking a risk is sure to get wonderful

Artemy has few friends, his colleagues often disappoint him,
comrades betray. But he does not cease to develop and look for
like-minded people. Как руководитель Artemy слишком жёсткий. what
означает имя Artemy? Healthy, strong, hardy. Such a man
can lead and a large company, and create a family

Artemy has a wonderful ear, but he does not want to bind his
life with art. He likes музыку и слушает её для расслабления,
for the soul. He likes во всём порядок, поэтому многого требует от
the people around him. May in time give practical advice. Wherein,
Artemy не вызывает зависти у окружающих, он скорее вызывает

Love Artemia

The nature and fate of Artemia определяют и его позицию в семье. Wife
he will never let himself be ruled. He would rather settle for
mutually beneficial cooperation, rather than on matriarchy. Life companion
chooses smart and well-read, which is convenient, and communicate and
silent, looking at water smooth surface

Artemy needs a woman who will work at home,
while he works hard. He will not suffer cheating, but he will not
looking around. He appreciates his beloved, and she – his.
Artemy считает, что семья важнее работы, при этом практически всё
spends his free time at work.

Households can even temporarily forget what he looks like if
Artemia is an important project or business trip. Wife patiently waiting for her
husband, for it getting his love and affection. Artemy has a complex character
and only a wise woman can get along with him. Who can subtly
and unobtrusively lead him.

Детей Artemy любит, но уделяет им мало времени, считая, что это
their mother’s care. He likes путешествовать всей семьёй. It brings
he has a lot of fun. Несмотря на свою занятость, Artemy всегда
finds time for his friends and close people. In his house always
open doors for them. That is why Artemia is surrounded only
close and faithful people, time-tested and vital

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