The value of the name Allah, the nature and fate of hisowners What does the name Allah mean, what are its origins andstory?

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Any parent wants to give his child the most
beautiful and unique name. It’s important to sort it out

What does the name Alla mean? What are the origin and history of the name

Meaning of the name Alla

Alla is another, not of this world. Zodiac sign, which
patronizes Allah – Aries. He makes the girl wayward, with
complex character. Alla loves to compete with others. Her
like to win the argument

The planet that controls its life is the Sun, so Alla
growing up cheerful and open child. Color which is bigger
the other suits her – scarlet. The tree that will become a talisman for Alla
– Rowan. The stone that will become a talisman for her is a ruby, he
can protect her from evil and negativity.

The origin and history of the name Alla

Alla is a Greek name. It has ancient roots and several times
modified. Meaning of the name Alla — иная, это современное
value. There was an ancient interpretation of the name – which came with

Name Day Alla marks the eighth of April. Happy angel Alla
connected set will take. Today the name is distributed to all
continents. All is also called Elia, Allochki,
Elvirami But the original name sounds like Alla.

The nature and fate of Alla

It is worth noting the positive qualities of Alla’s character:

• hardness;

• Sustainability;

• head;

• Diligence.

Alla is getting used to solving all her questions and problems from an early age.
on their own. She rarely complains about life and rarely asks for help.
More relies on their own strength. Dislikes criticism and
cynical remarks.

It is also worth noting the negative traits of Alla’s character. She often
unable to control your emotions, maybe unnecessarily
categorical and quick-tempered. Her self-esteem is too high, often
Alla forgets about the people who have done a lot for her.

Since childhood, Alla has a complex character. Her тяжело самой с собой
reach an agreement. She is capricious over trifles. Sleep bad at night.
Parents are sounding the alarm and driving the girl to the doctors, looking for reasons
her excessive excitability. In fact, Alla has such a temper.

She is very restless. Almost never can be silent
long sit in one place. Often involved in fights. At school
Causes ridicule from classmates. Alla has enough
unusual appearance. It attracts the attention of others.
Eager to always be in the first place, always know more
the rest.

Alla has a strong sense of dignity. She seeks
be the first in everything. At the same time trying to achieve a lot due to
other people. Little Alla often brings her mother to tears – she
asks her all new and new dresses, new and new toys.

Alla treats her studies responsibly, but often misses her lessons.
To teachers, she seems like a spoiled girl, who often
skips lessons. Alla is more interesting walks in nature. She is
may have bad habits at an early age because
rushing to grow up.

Alla often catches cold and is ill. In the fall, she loves to be depressed,
this, not giving rest to others. When Alla is not in the mood – she
becomes unbearable. Relatives try not to respond to
the girl’s intolerable character, and as soon as possible they give her to study in
another city.

Alla loves herself madly and does not notice the flaws in herself. She is
it may even wonder when she will be told about her complex temper.
From an early age, Alla tries everywhere and everything has time. She is
engaged in several sections, circles. It tries not only to be
in them the best, but even surpass the teacher.

Alla often chooses a job related to money. She is очень их
loves and tries to live in prosperity. She is также любит внимание и
success, therefore, can easily become a public person. If Allah
want something new, unusual – she, without hesitation,
go on a long trip.

Alla is hard to please, she is quite difficult to agree with her colleagues.
Her проще работать в одиночестве. The girl does not know how to obey. Even
if the head is right, Alla will never admit her mistake.

If the work does not bring Alla pleasure – she is not on it
linger on. Alla is very risky, so she can even play on
Exchange The main thing is her subtle sense of success. She is очень быстро
находит своё преднаvalue. Quickly gains contacts and contacts.
If Alla needs a person, she tries to do everything for him, but
when the need disappears – for a long time disappears from the mind.

Alla has few friends. This is primarily due to its complex
character, and then with her incredible desire to be always and
everywhere first. Alla is difficult to communicate with women, as she sees in
they are rivals. Therefore, she has been friends with boys since childhood, even
may wear men’s clothing.

In her work, Alla is punctual, always takes responsibility for herself,
does not trust anyone with his work. Can work to achieve the goal
without holidays and weekends. Alla has a lot of envious people at work, but her
it does not stop.

Love Alla

What does the name Alla mean? Other, different, unusual. She is like a magnet
attracts men with its originality and mysteriousness. There are not many who
can cope with her temper. Alla can be harsh even with her
beloved man, because he believes that partners are made for
to complement each other.

Alla has a lot of plans that she easily implements. She is может
meet several men at the same time and this mystery
never open. Alla loves huge and expensive gifts.
Men give them to her. Alla rarely cares about her chosen one.
She is настолько уверена в своей уникальности, что не переживает по
about his personal life. Alla easily breaks up with men.
Almost never alone.

Alla loves children, but gives them little time. She is больше занята
yourself and your career. Alla has a lot of pugs and fans. She is
tries to find time for personal life and career. Getting married
repeatedly. With former husbands and chosen ones supports
good relationship. Does not tolerate adultery, but it can itself change.
Men appreciate her strength of character and independence.

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