The value of the name Alina

The value of the name Alina
Wed, 25 May 2016

Имя Алина в переводе с латинского означает
�”Alienated”, “other”, from Old German – “noble”, with
Arabic – “true”, “prosperous.” Borrowed name in the USSR�
began to spread from the 30s of the twentieth century. At the beginning of the twenty-first century
listed in the list of the most popular female names.


Alina – traits

In childhood, quite bold, stubborn and wayward. Not tolerate
objections, strive for leadership, trying to subjugate
parents. On this basis, many conflicts occur in the family. Easy
converges with peers, however, due to its difficult nature
often swears with friends. School is good, any information
seizes on the fly. Alina has an excellent memory and innate feeling
the words.

With age, it becomes a little calmer and more restrained.
Prefers to be friends with men, because they do not trust girlfriends.
Alina is always flawless, carefully watching herself, adores
compliments. She knows her worth, can feed herself with the best
hand, can be very insidious and cunning. Achieves the desired
in all sorts of ways, often offending people.

From energetic Alina will make an excellent public figure. She is
always defends his opinion, and convince the girl practically
is impossible. In the work – careful and fast trying to conquer
all vertices that she often succeeds. From Alina it turns out pretty
good and practical, but very strict, the head.

In a relationship with a strong sex behaves relaxed and
at ease. Her sexual energy can only envy.
But to marry a girl usually takes the time, preferring first
realize yourself in life. He loves with his mind, not with his heart. For marriage Alina
intuitively chooses a strong partner, friend and ally who
she totally trusts. For children is indifferent, but his
child will idolize and pamper.

Alina – Name Compatibility

The owner of this name has a high probability of a successful marriage.
with Eugene, Boris, Victor, Alexander, Vladimir, Peter,
Michael, Yakov, Oleg and Andrey.

Avoid union stands with Igor, Dmitry, Anatoly, Nikolai and

Famous people named Alina

– Alina Pogostkina – famous violinist; – Alina Kabaeva –
Russian athlete; – Alina Vitukhnovskaya – poetess; – Alina
Yanovskaya – actress; – Alina Gut – a political figure in Poland.

Alina – interesting facts about the name

– the planet of the patron – the sun; – color – orange, yellow,
golden; – symbolic plant – verbena, maple; – totem
animal – mantis; – stone-talisman – topaz and hyacinth.


Alina 11/25/2016 cool! right about me
:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Alina 11/13/2016 Always respected and
уважаю parents. Rarely argued, always listen to them :) I want to get married already
Now ♥ Falling in love is worth nothing;) I love children madly and I study on
the teacher. 18 years old ^^ ALINA 08.11.2016 ALL ABOUT ME BUT I LOVE ROMA A
He ME Alina) 11/03/2016 I read everything, and a lot about me,
except that I grab any information on the fly, it’s not really
so))) About the compatibility of names. This is also true I like
Zhenya!)) Alina) 11/03/2016 I read everything, and very much about me,
except that I grab any information on the fly, it’s not really
so))) About the compatibility of names. This is also true I like

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