The valuable gift of the sea flounder – the use and value ofdietary nutrition. How to choose and tasty cook flounder

Пн, 18 июн 2018 Автор: Анна Кедрова

Flounder is not the most popular fish, not even the most exquisite.
(but tasty). But you should not refuse it – it is very useful.
and, in the end, given its biological features, no less
exotic than any tiger shrimp.


What you need to know about the composition of the flounder and its benefits in general

Flounder is difficult to confuse with other fish – it is recognized by
flattened rounded body and eyes, located with one of his
sides upstairs, and, curiously, the flounder is quite
ordinary fish and changes only with age.

Flounder is a predator, almost fifty of its species inhabit almost all
the seas of the earth, and some also swim in freshwater estuaries

And although this fish is simple, not delicacy, flounder is highly valued.
even in haute cuisine, and also often recommended by nutritionists for
special therapeutic and preventive nutrition.

It is easily and quickly absorbed by its body digestion.
spends a minimum of energy.

Flounder is known as lean, carbohydrate-free fish, but
rich in nutritive protein that enters the human body
and essential amino acids. Strictly speaking, to recuperate
with heavy physical exertion, a good portion of flounder is not useful
less than a dish of pork or beef.

Flounder – a source of phosphorus – about 400 mg per 100 g of fillet, and this
no less than in peas and brynze. And covers 25% of the daily requirement
trace element.

Phosphorus is required by the body to maintain functioning.
nervous system, acid-base balance and bone health
system (not less than calcium).

This fish is recommended for iodine deficiency and iron deficiency.

It should be noted, and selenium, the desired thyroid gland is not less than
iodine and also as an antioxidant that protects the body’s cells from
malignant rebirth.

Flounder and vitamins are not deprived:

D – helps transporting minerals to bone
tissue, accelerates wound healing and normalizes clotting

B12 is good because it can accumulate in the body and
spent when needed, and it is needed for blood formation and
protects against radiation;

E – improves the function of the bladder, protects against increased
fatigue and as an antioxidant prevents premature
aging of the body.

It also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are necessary for
improve hormonal levels (especially for women), removal
depressive states and prevention of allergic reactions.

Flounder meat, unlike other fish, contains a unique
complex substances capable of combating poisonous and carcinogenic
substances that in the conditions of modern ecology can become
essential help for the overall health of the person weakened
often, in addition, bad habits and antibiotics.

And there is the flounder caviar. Of course, it can not be compared with caviar
salmon fish, but still it is very tasty as a snack –
it is wilted right in the garments.

Fresh it is sold very rarely (and usually in those regions where flounder
catch), but you can find it in not gutted fish. And then
tastes best roast fry, roll in flour.

This product is rich in folic acid (helps the synthesis of hormones
happiness and the formation of new cells strengthens and makes more
elastic vessels).

In what cases will benefit from flounder

Flounder is included in the not too varied list of products,
permitted and even recommended for inflammatory diseases
pancreas (pancreatitis).

Sometimes it is worth considering the properties of the flounder as an aphrodisiac (although she
much weaker in this regard, the famous oysters) and means
improves reproductive functions of both sexes.

Also, the regular use of flounder (and this is only 2-3 times per
week) has a positive effect on the following:

improved memory and concentration;

lowering the level of “bad” cholesterol;

normalization of the production of essential enzymes;

treatment of chronic cholecystitis;

improvement of the skin, hair and nails.

How to cook flounder with benefit and tasty

White, juicy and tender flounder meat is distinguished by worthy
taste and can be cooked very diverse,
but cooking soup with her and soup is not recommended.

The fact is that the flounder is not devoid of a specific fishy smell,
which becomes brightly noticeable when cooking, and to reduce
it with other methods of cooking, with fish fillets need
carefully peel off the skin. Even for this you can cook flounder with
aromatic herbs, savory sauces (it combines perfectly
with tomato), white wine, lemon juice, spices.

And just for the best taste of the dish is recommended to combine flounder
with potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables and cereals.

And so that the meat does not fall apart, did not become hard and dry, flounder
cook on moderate heat and for a short time, and at
roasting wrapped in foil.

The energy value of the flounder is low – about 90 kcal, and
this indicator will increase insignificantly, if the flounder is put out or
bake, not fry.

And what is especially interesting is that the flounder can be eaten both for
weight loss, and to gain weight, because sometimes his gain brings
only benefit (for example, during pregnancy).

Good to know that the taste and healthy qualities of flounder are fresh.
(chilled) and frozen are approximately equivalent.

The choice is to stop on individuals up to 30-35 cm and weight in
300-500 g, larger, older fish, not so tasty and their meat

You can also purchase flounder, smoked, dried and salted, and
Here they are canned very rarely – do not compare in the same tuna or

Can there be harm from flounder

Dried and smoked, as well as salted fish
recommend to get involved for two reasons – firstly, it contains
a fair amount of salt, and secondly, some manufacturers
smoked and dried catch on cheap technology, resulting in
Fish meat is saturated with carcinogenic substances.

And it is especially important in order to avoid harm from the flounders of the above
varieties of cooking, give it up for diseases:

kidneys – this is fraught with their overload, water retention in the body and
the appearance of edema;

joints – may be affected by decreased mobility and increased

liver – may result in stagnation of bile;

gastrointestinal tract is likely to impede digestion and
aggravates the condition of gastritis, colitis and ulcers;

cardiovascular system – may hamper the natural
excretion of bad cholesterol, make it more brittle
vessels and capillaries, disrupt the rhythm and blood supply of the heart.

If we talk about diet, it is not often
seduced by fried fish – such flounder will put a strain on
the pancreas, and in a braised or baked flounder there is no harm and she
no less tasty.

Buying flounder, we can not exclude the possibility that
it was caught in the waters polluted by human activity, and
it means that with its fillet the most
a variety of harmful, toxic substances.

And for this reason, flounder is not recommended for small children.
and too much for older people and women during pregnancy
and lactation.

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