The technology of planting seeds of bell pepper onseedlings (with photos). Care for Bulgarian pepper in the open field

Вт, 07 ноя 2017 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

Bulgarian pepper grows every gardener, but not always
It turns out to collect a good harvest. Have you ever thought that
pepper yield depends on the quality of seedlings? Let’s talk about how
grow quality seedlings, correctly plant the Bulgarian pepper
in the ground, about the intricacies of care culture.

Planting seeds of Bulgarian pepper seedlings with a photo

Bulgarian pepper – a perennial culture, which to our latitudes
grown as an annual. The term vegetation of pepper
long, from sowing seeds to ripening fruit passes a lot
there is not enough time for a short summer to grow pepper by sowing in
open ground. In our area it is cultivated through seedlings.

To get good seedlings, you need to select high-quality
seeds. Consider that mostly hybrid varieties are on sale,
which give a good harvest. Collect seeds from them for further
growing does not make sense, the subsequent harvest will not be
to meet all the characteristics, as hybrids do not save
maternal qualities.

Pre-seed treatment

The seeds of the pepper sprout tightly, so the cultivation of seedlings begin
with preplant seed treatment. This item can be skipped if
you bought the already processed and prepared seeds, information about
This is indicated on the packaging. If not, proceed to

– type in the water tank, the temperature of which is 45-50 ° С,
lower shift to swell for 6-8 h .;

– wrap the seeds in a damp cloth and place in a container with
with a lid, remove the container in a warm place for 3 days;

– reject the seeds, remove all that are not nod.

Quality seeds of Bulgarian pepper used for planting.
Such preparation accelerates their germination, shoots appear already on
the third day after sowing.


For seedlings use ready store soil for vegetables. is he
meets all the necessary characteristics: light, loose,
well passes water and air. Если такого ground нет, то его
can be cooked by yourself. For this mix good
humus with a garden land in the ratio of 2: 1, add part
washed sand and a spoonful of ash. Household soil pre
sterilized so that it does not contain pathogenic bacteria. For
this is roasted in the oven and left to full
cooling down

Training тары и посадка семян болгарского перца

As containers use spacious containers, as the root
Pepper system is fragile, does not tolerate frequent transplants. Opinions
gardeners about picks diverge, some advise
use ordinary tara, then pick the peppers in separate
cups. However, it is believed that it is better to sow peppers at once.
separate containers, and grow seedlings without picking. What way
choose, everyone’s business. We propose to consider the cultivation method
picks, as this method requires knowledge.

1. Rasnadnye boxes disinfect, fill with earth and form
grooves 2 cm deep

2. Seeds are laid out at a distance of 5 cm from each other to
sprouts enough light, and they are not stretched.

3. Boxes covered with foil, clean in a warm place, where
temperature at 20-22 ° C.

forget that when shoots appear, the night temperature is necessary
reduce to 16 ° C, otherwise the seedlings will stretch. Further cultivation
comes down to the correct watering. In too wet ground peppers can
to get sick with a black leg, and die in dry soil. Влажность ground
support moderate watering.

What you need to know about Bulgarian pepper picking

Dive pepper twice. In the stage of two true leaves sprouts
transplanted into separate containers for seedlings, the second pick
make immediately to a permanent place of cultivation.

the time of the first picking, the seedlings are buried to the cotyledon leaves,
but no more, a deep landing only hurts. The pots fill
nutrient mixture, make a groove in the soil, carefully transferred
sprout with a clod of earth. After planting the soil is moistened.
Stripped peppers look lethargic, they need time to
get stronger. For several days, remove the seedlings in a shaded place, not
water, provide high humidity around the pots.
As soon as the peppers take root, the seedlings start to grow.

Care for Bulgarian pepper seedlings

To get quality seedlings at home,
good lighting is needed. Since planting seeds is carried out in
late February or early March, then natural light
will not be enough. Experienced gardeners recommend using
artificial lighting or special lamps for seedlings.
Lighting includes at least 6 hours a day.

Two weeks after the picking, the seedlings are fed to the first
time. Mineral fertilizer for seedlings gives good results.
Agricola, Fortress and others. The second time feeding is made in the phase
development of the second or third pair of leaves. Fertilizer concentration
reduce, so as not to burn tender roots.

Planting of Bulgarian pepper seedlings in open ground

To a permanent place peppers carry when settled
stable air temperature is +16 ° C, and the threat of night frosts
completely bypassed. This is usually the second half of May, but in the northern
regions can move.

The best predecessors for pepper are siderats, cucumbers,
zucchini, carrots, onions. Not стоит высаживать рассаду после томатов,
potatoes, eggplant. In the fall, dig up the soil, adding organic matter.
and potassium phosphate fertilizers. Notпосредственно перед посадкой перца
the bed is decontaminated with copper sulphate or mortar
potassium permanganate.

Planted pepper in rows, between which leave 60 cm.
Plants in a row are placed at a distance of 35 cm. The wells make
shallow so that the root neck after planting remains on
уровне ground. The bottom layer of soil from the hole is mixed with mineral
fertilizer, put fresh earth on top, and then plant

Try to keep the earth ball so that the roots are not damaged during
planting time, and seedlings quickly adapted to the new place.

After planting, the bed is watered abundantly, the soil is mulched
organic material. If the night temperature drops below
+13 ° C, then without additional shelter, the seedlings can hurt,
to fall behind in growth.

How to care for pepper to get good
the harvest

Чтобы увеличить the harvest перца, первый цветок на каждом кусте
remove bushes form into 2 or 3 stalks. However, one plant is not
stand more than 25 fruits.

Pepper bushes are fragile and often break under the weight of fruits or from
gusts of wind. After landing, you need to think about the supports. In the cloudy
the weather is badly pollinated by bees, which suffers
the harvestность. Spray the bushes with the following mixture:

– Boric acid – 2 g;

– Sugar – 100 g

Components dissolve in 1 liter of warm water, spraying is carried out.
in the evening.

Pepper is poured as needed, but no more than 2 times a week.
After each watering the soil is loosened. To avoid this procedure,
Mulch the beds.

Two weeks after planting, the seedlings are fed with nitrogenous
fertilizers. The number of dressings no more than two with an interval of 10
days In the phase of flowering and budding switch to phosphorus-potassium.
top dressing.

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