The tailbone hurts during pregnancy: causes, normal andpathology. How to help with pain in the coccyx in a pregnant

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The pain in the coccyx is called coccygodynia.

As a rule, in pregnant women it occurs in a sitting position,
delivering discomfort to an already difficult time for a woman.

This pain syndrome may have a different nature and

Consider in more detail why the tailbone hurts during pregnancy
and what to do with it.

Sore tailbone during pregnancy – causes

Most often, pain in the tailbone during pregnancy occurs at such

1. Earlier injury to the coccyx, about which the woman herself
may not remember at all. At the same time, the tailbone could shift out of its
normal position to one of the parties, which led to a violation
severity of the body and disturbed nerve endings.

It is important to know that the tailbone injuries are very dangerous and require
immediate treatment, otherwise even after a few years they may
provoke not only pain, but also problems with

2. Discomfort in the tailbone may occur with long
sitting on a soft surface. At the same time, when a woman is sitting, she has
there may be stagnation of blood in the pelvis, which will lead to
swelling. Gradually, soft tissues will begin to squeeze nerves, causing
radiculitis and pain in the coccyx.

3. Lack of an active lifestyle can provoke
the occurrence of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal
apparatus, especially in the lower spine. In addition, when
pregnancy is shifting the center of gravity and increasing the load on
the back of a woman, which only aggravates her position.

4. The tailbone can hurt not only physiologically, but also
for hormonal reasons. The fact is that during the carrying
the fetus, the woman’s body produces a special hormone – relaxin. Him
the task is to soften the ligamentous apparatus of the pelvis and its
joints. Thus, under the influence of this substance, the tailbone
gradually tilts back, making generic unobstructed
of the way. it в свою очередь, может вызывать жуткие боли в беременной

5. Due to the fact that in the second trimester of pregnancy
the uterus grows more actively than in the first, it leads to
the tension of the bones of the pelvis, the coccyx and their ligaments. If before pregnancy
the woman suffered bruises of the bone tissue, then due to the load
they can make themselves felt again.

6. During gestation, the female body undergoes
very strong changes, especially for the overall configuration
pelvis. At the same time, the nerve of the coccyx is often impaired, which provokes
acute attacks of pain in a sitting position, as well as in a supine position.

In addition to the root causes, pain in the coccyx during pregnancy can
provoke such additional factors:

1. Earlier surgery on the anus, due to which he
warped and healed.

2. Severe pathologies of the rectum that were not on time
cured (hemorrhoids, anal fissure of the intestine, proctitis, prolapse
perineum, etc.).

3. Diseases of the spine, in which the nervous

4. Calcium deficiency during pregnancy.

5. Impaired digestion and the problem of constipation.

6. The bad habit of sitting in the bathroom for a long time.

7. Severe past pregnancy, in which strong
the fetus tore a pelvis.

8. Urogenital system diseases (cystitis).

9. Недостаток магния в организме women.

10. Diseases of the lower cavity of the abdomen and pelvis, which
accompanied by inflammation (diseases of the uterus or fallopian tubes).

11. Salt deposition in bone joints, which provokes
coccyx inflammation.

12. Diseases of the bladder.

13. Impaired functioning of the neuromuscular system.

14. Psycho-emotional instability can also affect
development of pain in the tailbone. It is also important to know that frequent
the stresses of a woman when carrying a fetus directly affect further
development and health of the child, so expectant mothers are recommended
to relax and control their emotions.

Sore tailbone during pregnancy – possible consequences

Pain in the tailbone is a fairly frequent complaint of women in the period
Carrying a child that requires removal. At the same time, the pains themselves
may be of different nature: there are sharp, aching, dull or
stabbing pain that can be given to the lower abdomen,
crotch, buttocks or back.

The most dangerous pain in the tailbone are sharp
colicky pain in the coccyx, which give to the bottom
belly. They can signal the risk of preterm birth.
(miscarriage). In this position, the woman is recommended as possible
contact your gynecologist as soon as possible to find out about your condition.
Risk and wait until he passes this symptom is not worth it,
especially if this is the first pregnancy and the woman does not quite understand
which signs of pregnancy are acceptable and which are

Sore tailbone during pregnancy – what to do

Most often the pain in the coccyx is diagnosed as a consequence
physiological changes in the body. In this case, the woman does not
needs additional therapy. On the advice of a doctor, she can
put on supporting bandage that will take off a little
load from the back.

Another effective pain relief method is light massage.
cross zone and swimming pool. These procedures are absolutely
harmless to pregnant. Moreover, they are even useful, since
will stimulate blood flow, relieve swelling and “unload”
muscular apparatus of the body.

If you suspect a pathology, after an examination, the gynecologist may
send a woman to a specialist narrower focus. it
there may be a neuropathologist, an osteopath, and even a gastroenterologist.

After finding the cause of pain in the coccyx, the doctor will prescribe
necessary treatment.

Due to the fact that during pregnancy most of the drugs
categorically can not be taken, a woman should drink only those
medicines that the doctor prescribed for her. Self-treatment
medicines can not, because it can lead to deterioration

To authorized drugs that can be used with
pregnancy (and then, only on 1 and 2 trimeter) include:

1. Paracetamol can be taken up to three times a day. He possesses
pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
They can be treated for no longer than five days in a row.

2. Ibuprofen tablets can drink up to three times a day for 1 pc.
Duration of treatment: up to 1 week.

3. Ibuprofen gel can be applied to the affected tailbone up to four
once a day. The course of therapy: 2 weeks.

4. Diclofenac gel is applied four times a day on the tailbone and bottom.
backs. The course of treatment: up to two weeks.

5. Diclofenac suppositories can be used by 2 candles per day.
Duration of treatment: 7 days.

In addition, a good analgesic effect is given by blockades from
lidocaine, however during pregnancy they can only be used when
very strong pain syndrome. It is important to know that alcohol is
such a blockade is not included.

Additional treatment of pain in the coccyx during pregnancy
provides for:

1. Performing light aerobics or gymnastics for pregnant women.

2. Conducting manual therapy.

3. Reducing the tension of the back muscles with the help of special
orthopedic pillow circles. They should be placed under the back or
buttocks when sitting.

4. In the case when a pregnant woman works for
computer, she is recommended to do ten minutes
warm up

In addition, to prevent pain in the tailbone or
reduce their intensity without medication, it is recommended
follow these rules:

1. Avoid constipation and prevent them (preferably
for this drink kefir).

2. Watch your diet. It is very important that the diet during
the pregnancy was perfectly balanced and the woman got everything
essential trace elements and substances, especially calcium, iron and

3. Sleep in a comfortable position.

4. To sit not on soft, but on more rigid surfaces or
orthopedic circle.

5. Do not self-medicate even when the first pains appear in
coccyx consult a doctor.

6. Acupuncture and other procedures can only be done by
prescribed by a doctor.

7. Do exercises for pregnant women with the help of special
big ball.

It is also recommended to plan pregnancy in advance in order to
time, it was not “floated” not treated diseases, which began
to escalate.

A woman when carrying a baby should be in good health and
cheerful spirit, because in this position her body will undergo
very serious loads that need to endure.

Sore tailbone during pregnancy: folk remedies prognosis

The most effective folk remedies for pain in the tailbone

1. Applying dry heat to the tailbone area. it может быть
a bag of preheated salt or a boiled egg. While important
know what to bathe or sit in hot water during pregnancy
strictly prohibited as it may worsen the condition

2. Apply a compress with essential oils of lavender and mint. Data
herbs will relieve acute pain and inflammation.

3. Ointment from honey. For its preparation it is necessary:

• mix two tablespoons of honey and 2 spoons of radish juice;

• add 2 tbsp. l vodka;

• apply a thin layer on the tailbone;

• apply a sterile bandage band on top;

• leave for twenty minutes;

• repeat daily during the week.

4. Means from lavender:

• lavender flowers pour sunflower oil in the ratio
1: 4;

• insist the mixture in a dark place for two weeks;

• rub the finished product in the tailbone every day for a week.
It will relieve pain and inflammation.

Before using recipes of traditional medicine it is recommended
consult a doctor.

Pain in the tailbone during pregnancy occurs in more than 50%
women With timely diagnosis and treatment, they are all
bear and give birth to healthy babies.

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