The skin of the newborn is shelled – the reasonssymptoms and treatment. Why does the skin of newborns flake off and whatdo?

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One of the most common problems with
newborns – peeling of the skin after birth. Shelled skin
almost all newborns, the duration of time
all different: from a month – until the end of all baby

Normally, babies’ skin is smooth, soft, velvety. In the womb
the mother of the child is covered with a special lubricant
the light is washed off, absorbed, erased, and the dermis becomes too
thin and vulnerable. After some time, peeling appears.
Pediatricians do not recommend specifically removing this lubricant, since it
performs protective functions in the adaptation period of the “water” image
life to the “air”.

Shelled skin у новорождённого — причины

If the skin of a newborn is flaky, the reasons may be
the most diverse:

1. Adaptation of the skin to the new environment – the most common cause
peeling. This is a natural and normal process. Every child
it is expressed in different ways, to a greater or lesser extent. If a
the child is calm, there is no redness of the skin – reasons for
no worries. After some time, everything will come back to normal.

2. Insufficient care for the skin of the newborn – more serious
reason for peeling skin. This happens if the baby is bathed with
adding manganese to water – it dries the skin, which can
lead to flaking.

3. Моющие средства — частая reason for peeling skin.

4. Wind and cold in the cold season, wind and sun in the warm
time of year can cause peeling of delicate skin

5. Dry air in the nursery is one of the reasons for peeling:
humidity should normally be 55 – 70%. Since the air in winter
always dry due to working heating

6. Allergic reactions to food. Most often this happens when
breastfeeding and depends on those products that
eats a nursing mother. When mixed or artificial
feeding allergies, and, accordingly, rashes and peeling
skin may occur on some kind of mixture. Allergies are dangerous
possible development of angioedema is an emergency
requiring immediate medical attention.

7. Newborn clothes can also cause redness,
itching, rashes and peeling of the skin. This applies to artificial
materials – they are contraindicated in children and require immediate replacement
on clothing made from natural fabrics. Most often it concerns the head
of hats

If a все вышеперечисленные причины отсутствуют или устранены,
but despite this, the skin of the newborn continues to peel off,
causes may be in some diseases. More often
the skin of a newborn is flaked off if it has:

– fungus;

– ringworm;

– tick;

– scabies;

– atopic dermatitis;

– ichthyosis;

– genetic problems of hereditary nature.

In order to solve the unpleasant problem in which
the skin of a newborn flakes off, the reasons for this must be
determined on time, and treatment is prescribed as soon as possible.

Shelled skin у новорождённого — симптомы

If a шелушится кожа у новорождённого — симптомы этого
phenomena often depend on the reasons that led to

1. Adaptation peeling

– appears at the age of three to four weeks;

– initially appears on the arms and legs, later
extends to the torso and head;

– The general condition of the newborn is not broken.

2. At low humidity in the room first
nasopharyngeal mucous membranes dry up, which leads to
unhindered penetration of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, except
the fact that the skin begins to peel off in newborns, the symptoms
colds or dryness of the nasal pharynx also
come to the fore.

3. With increased dryness of the air occurs not just resistant
peeling of the skin, but even peeling of the epidermis, which is dangerous
by the addition of infection, especially when different, even
minor damage to thinned skin – scratches,
diaper rash, all kinds of dermatitis.

4. Due to constant thirst (due to dry air)
disturbed sleep and nutrition of the child.

5. Allergic reactions leading to flaking skin.
in newborns – symptoms may begin with redness and swelling
after eating, bathing or walking. Later, skin peeling develops.
places where redness and edema were originally.

Shelled skin у новорождённого — лечение

If a шелушится кожа у новорождённого — лечение необходимо
start immediately after the appearance of scales. Skin peeling treatment
is to moisturize and soften it. As practice shows,
most of the peeling pass with time independently. But everything
there is no need to wait for the problem to resolve itself.
Careful care of the newborn and constant moistening are necessary.
skin to avoid unpleasant consequences.

1. First of all, when bathing a child, manganese should be excluded,
which is used sometimes on the advice of grandmothers, and others washing

2. After bathing the skin is best treated with oil,
preheating it. Apply oil to the swab and
smeared behind the ears, in the folds and fingertips. Thereafter
massage the oil is applied to the whole body. With this
The purpose is to use the following oils, the use of which is effective
cures peeling:

– vaseline;

– sunflower;

– olive;

– peach.

There are special children’s oils, but they sometimes have
strong smell, which the manufacturer uses for fragrances. Butter
with a smell it is undesirable to use for the newborn, since it
may cause allergies.

4. For the treatment of flaking skin in the newborn used
Special children’s creams and ointments. They act quickly, do not cause
allergies and any side effects. Most effective
creams and ointments containing panthenol: depantenol, bepanten, etc.

5. If a причиной шелушения стала аллергия, прежде всего
It is necessary to establish the source of the allergen and remove it. Pediatrician
prescribe antihistamines in adequate dosages to
certain term.

6. If a установлено, что у ребёнка есть болезнь, из – за которой
the skin of the newborn flakes off, treatment should be directed to
underlying disease.

Shelled skin у новорождённого — профилактика

Despite the fact that the treatment of flaking of the skin of a newborn in
in most cases not costly yet easier
prevent this problem than treat it. Therefore, in cases where
the skin of a newborn is flaky, prevention depends on the reason
caused peeling.

Basic preventive measures to prevent
skin peeling:

1. The first bathing of the newborn should be no earlier than
a week after birth, so as not to wash off the protective fat layer.
During this period, you can only flush the newborn and
wipe with oil or baby cream.

2. Swimming in clean water. Do not use tap water,
since chlorine irritates delicate baby skin. Use boiled or
filtered water.

3. Bathing facilities should be used no more than two times.
a week

4. After bathing wet the skin with a soft towel and lubricate

5. Refuse wet wipes, strongly drying the skin.
Or use special baby wipes that do not contain
alcohol and fragrances.

6. Change diapers as needed, but give
a few minutes the skin “breathe” without a diaper.

7. When washing children’s clothes, exclude conditioners and aggressive ones.
powders. It is better to use baby or household soap. AT
Otherwise, allergies may develop.

8. Do not use clothes and underwear made of artificial

9. Frequent walks in the fresh air will accelerate the adaptation of the skin to
environment, will raise immunity.

10. Do not apply protective equipment to the skin before going on
walk – you need to do this in advance.

11. Mandatory air humidification, which has a beneficial effect.
on the skin of a child.

12. A nursing mother must adhere to a certain
ration to prevent the development of food allergies

Prevention does not require much effort. It costs only slightly
change the daily care and remove some of the factors. AND
remember: if a newborn child has a rash or peeling
– it is necessary to carry out all appointments and advice of the pediatrician. AT таком
In case of peeling, it will be possible to heal and also to avoid unpleasant

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