The situation around the “New Wave”: anotherthe absurdity of Dana Borisova

Thu, Jul 24, 2014

Dana Borisova was never distinguished by the thoughtfulness of what
He speaks. At a time when Russian singers condole with their
colleagues listed by Latvia in the “black list” and, thus, do not
given the opportunity to visit the “New Wave”, Borisova is recognized
in love with the singer Valeria.

Recall that Latvia banned Oleg Gazmanov, Iosif Kobzon and
Valeria’s visit to the “New Wave” because of their position regarding
Of Ukraine. The named performers, in the opinion of the Latvian side, were
�”Against Ukraine”.

Composer Igor Krutoy made a statement in which
argued that the competition should take place, as before, in Jurmala,
in spite of any sanctions.

Dana, in her blog, confessed her love of respect for
Valerie, as to the performer and mother. And urged not to pay
attention to the “envious” who do not let her on the “New Wave”.
Borisova called Valeria “the diamond of our variety art” and predicted
�”Envious” who did not give her favorite to visit Latvia, which is already
�Nobody will remember their names “tomorrow”.

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