The sex of the child depends on the material wealth infamily

Sat, 03 Dec 2016

Many prospective parents are concerned with predicting the gender of the future.
baby Someone wants a girl, and someone – certainly a boy.
However, there are studies that clearly show: birth
child of one sex or another depends on social status

American researchers engaged in the problem of determining
possible sex of the child, noticed that often one of
factors affecting the birth of a boy or girl is
материального положение в family.

The study involved the participation of families with different income levels.
and various social situations. The experiment gave amazing
results: wealthy families are more likely to have boys.

What is the reason for this phenomenon, scientists have not yet figured out. One
of the assumptions is the best quality of food and lifestyle
women that perhaps somehow reflected on the field
будущего baby However, they suggested that family well-being
influences nutrition and


7.12.2016 in families in which a lot of work
мужик.занимает лидирующее место в family который не перекормлен не
are overweight are born shooters and vice versa in families where
the leading place is occupied by a woman who earns more and
contains no thin man born girls

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