The purpose of flaxseed oil: benefits forwomen Use of flaxseed oil for women’s home use.treatment

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Made from seeds of ordinary flax oil has a mass
unique and beneficial to the human body properties.

Especially highly valued substance for its
beneficial effect on the female body, its ability


Features of the composition of flaxseed oil and benefits for women

Ancient healers used flax seed oil to treat
various ailments and diseases. Modern science has been able to
determine the unique composition of the product whose ingredients and
give oil healing properties. Part

• amino acids;

• macro- and microelements, such as manganese, iron, phosphorus,
magnesium and others;

• vitamins A, E, F, K, group B;

• lignins;

• organic acids;

• phytoestrogens;

• fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid Omega
3. •

Fatty acids perform a protective function in the body, reducing
the likelihood of developing breast cancer. These
substances capable of inhibiting the formation of prostaglandins,
which provoke profuse menstrual bleeding. Fatty
acids are responsible for the beauty and health of hair, nails, skin,
eliminate various skin problems.

Phytoestrogens – balance regulators
estrogen-progesterone in the body, which contribute to the relief
symptoms and hot flashes during menopause.

Omega 3 fatty acids promote better calcium absorption,
which prevents the development of micronutrient deficiencies in the female
the body. Alpha linolenic acid is involved in reducing
risk of developing cardiovascular disease through
reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

The lignan element is a natural plant estrogen,
which is also useful for the prevention of cancer and
metastasis of neoplasms. It acts for the body
good antioxidant.

The trace element magnesium is responsible for reducing symptoms.

Thanks to this rich in nutrients oil
It is considered to be an excellent dietary supplement.

The positive properties of flaxseed oil: benefits for women

Linseed oil is very often used by women for the treatment and
eliminate female ailments such as abdominal pain in the menstrual
period, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, menopause symptoms,
female infertility, as well as to improve the function of the uterus. Butter
is also able to regulate and normalize the menstrual cycle and
maintain optimal progesterone levels. Therefore, the best
use flaxseed oil for women over 40 when it comes
premenopausal period. All related symptoms
hormonal changes in the form of sleep disorders, headaches,
tides, gratuitous anxiety, mood changes will be
greatly facilitated. •

Natural product has a positive effect not only on
female reproductive system, but also to other organs.
Linseed oil has the following beneficial properties:

• prevention and treatment of osteoporosis;

• reducing the likelihood of a heart attack and
diseases of the heart, blood vessels;

• preventing the spread of inflammatory processes in
body in diseases of lupus and gout;

• increase immunity;

• protection of vessels against the formation of cholesterol plaques in them;

• splitting of stones in the gallbladder;

• facilitating the course of an asthmatic disease, reducing
its symptoms;

• improving the ability of the thyroid to assimilate the element

• preservation of the youth of the body, inhibition of the aging process
cells and tissues;

• stabilization of the transmission of nerve impulses;

• acceleration of the skin regeneration process – skin damage and burns
heal faster;

• prevention of renal diseases, diseases of the liver, stomach,
bladder and pancreas;

• improving the functioning of the intestines and eliminating constipation;

• prevention of cancer.

Flaxseed oil industries: benefits for women and
of girls

Butter, добытое из семян льна, можно считать универсальным
product, as its application areas are quite extensive.

1.•Butter способствует эффективному похудению. Product can
use as an aid in cleansing the body,
elimination of toxins from it, slags, harmful accumulations. With
regular use of the substance of the digestive system
getting better, improving metabolism, and extra pounds
gradually go away. The oil has a positive feature to reduce
appetite. Withнимать вещество следует натощак.

2. • Flax elixir produces a cosmetic effect on the body.
Oil baths perfectly strengthen the nails. Cosmetic
oil-based face masks give the following results:

• cleansing the skin, eliminating deficiencies;

• smoothing wrinkles;

• rejuvenation;

• deep hydration of the dermis;

• saturation of tissues with vitamins;

• removal of inflammations;

• tightening of scars and scars, their smoothing;

• giving elasticity and elasticity to the epidermis;

• disposal of peeling.

In case of hair is also a lot of positive

• strengthening hair roots;

• giving shine to the strands;

• elimination of fragility and section of curls;

• solving the problem of hair loss by ingestion.
It is necessary to take three times a day and 1 tbsp. l oil before meals for
30 minutes for 3 weeks. This way you can not only
stop the fallout, but also ensure the head of hair is thick. •

3. •Withём масла служит профилактикой варикозного расширения вен
because it prevents blood from thickening. Disease
peculiar to both sexes, but it is women with particular trepidation
relate to the beauty of their feet. Regular oil intake will help
keep their beauty.

4.•Butter способно препятствовать разрыву родовых путей и
stretch marks on the skin during pregnancy. •

How to use flaxseed oil correctly for the benefit of
of women

With использовании льняного масла для лечения или оздоровления
It is important for the body to correctly follow the dosage so that the product
brought only benefit. You can use the product as for the reception
inside and as an external agent.

For the prevention of female and cancer diseases, relief
the period of menopause, in inflammatory processes and
rheumatoid arthritis must be consumed daily for
4 days Art. l oils for 6-15 months.

To improve the appearance of the skin, rid the skin of rashes.
or other problems need to make lotions based on seed oil
flax, cosmetic mask using the ingredient. For
improve the condition of the skin of the hands and nails is enough to add
a few drops in the cream and massage movements to rub the mixture.
After a month of regular procedures will be noticeable significant
positive changes.

For оздоровления организма, продления его молодости можно просто
include flaxseed oil in the diet. It can be a dressing for
salads, an ingredient in vegetable dishes or the addition of cereals. Flaxseed
oil can be mixed with sour milk products or drinks in

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