The principle of nutrition in the corn diet

  • 1 Description of the corn diet
    • 1.1 What can I eat?
    • 1.2 Menu for 3 days
    • 1.3 Menu for the week
    • 1.4 Cornmeal Dishes
  • 2 Weight Loss Results

Among the huge choice of diets is weight loss on corn.
A corn diet can last three days, four or a week. AT
depending on the initial weight of the person can lose weight by 5-6
kilogram. How to properly diet on corn flour and porridge,
more in the material below.

Description of the corn diet

The corn diet can be on healthy porridge, on flour or on
cornflakes and chopsticks. AT зависимости от предпочтений
man, each version of weight loss will bring effective results.
The principle of nutrition in diet is based on the use of food, in
the basis of which is corn.

When losing weight dietary cereal can be eaten as boiled,
so in canned. For the day you need to lose weight
drink at least two liters of water.
quite strict, but if you stick to it,

  • Improve your health. Vegetable properties carry a lot
    beneficial substances for the body: phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and vitamins
    AT и С. Они поддерживают иммунную систему. ATещество Е придает коже
  • When cooking porridge or meals with the addition of flour the body
    gets the right amount of carbohydrates that provides energy to
    all day.
  • ATысокое содержание клетчатки выводит шлаки и токсины, очищает
    organs and blood vessels of the digestive tract.

The benefits of corn are that not only can
get rid of extra pounds, but also improve your health,
strengthen skin, hair and nails.

What can you eat?

Menu for every day diet on cornmeal or porridge
suggests a set of products based on corn: porridge,
cereal, raw or boiled vegetable. The diet of healthy food is also
includes a variety of vegetables, fruits and dairy products. With
соблюдении диеты врачи запрещают употреблять мясо, рыбу,
rich food, sweet products. Weight Loss Technique
or porridge is based on a ban on using it for people with
sick stomach and intestines.

Corn porridge for weight loss will help not only
get rid of excess weight, but also enhance health. For three days
применения диеты можно скинуть до 5 kilogram. Its feature in
that for a diet it is quite nourishing. Despite the ban
a huge number of products, losing weight will not go hungry.
Withнцип питания заключается в соблюдении монодиет, а похудение
carried out by keeping a large number of vegetables in the menu
and fruit.

Menu for 3 days

Menu corn diet for 3 days:

The first day:

  • завтрак: 150 грамм вареной каши с
    Kiwi, tea with a teaspoon of honey;
  • обед: 250 г кукурузного супа,
    carrot juice;
  • ужин: творог с яблоками.

Second day:

  • завтрак: 150 грамм вареной крупы с
    carrots and sweet apples; green tea;
  • обед: вареная кукуруза, салат на
    based on tomato, cucumber and broccoli, chamomile tea;
  • ужин: 250 грамм каши, грейпфрут и
    apple, yogurt.

Day three:

  • завтрак: 200 г кукурузных хлопьев с
    milk, coffee without sugar;
  • обед: 200 грамм тушеных овощей
    (zucchini, onions, corn, tomatoes, broccoli);
  • ужин: 200 г творога, яблоко, стакан

Slimming with the help of corn-based products effectively. Behind
три дня на диете можно скинуть до 4 kilogram.

Menu for the week

Menu for the corn diet for the week (breakfast, lunch


  1. 200 g of boiled cereal, apple compote;
  2. 150 canned vegetables in combination with 2 tomatoes and 1
    cucumber, green tea;
  3.  150 g of cottage cheese with kefir.


  1. 150 grams of corn flakes with milk, a large apple;
  2.  salad – grated carrots, tomatoes, onions, boiled corn and
    dried fruits compote;
  3. 2 tablespoons of cereal in milk.


  1.  cornmeal and cocoa muffins;
  2. 250 г кукурузного супа, carrot juice;
  3.  200 g yogurt, apple.


  1. two corn tortillas with orange juice;
  2. vegetable stew (tomatoes, onions, zucchini, broccoli, chilli
    beans), chamomile tea;
  3. 150 g of cottage cheese with an apple.


  1. cornflakes with milk, coffee latte;
  2. grapefruit, corn;
  3. cottage cheese with kefir.


  1.  porridge with warm milk with cinnamon;
  2. vegetable salad (corn, sweet peppers, tomatoes) and green
  3. porridge on milk.


  1. an apple with a portion of porridge;
  2. corn onion soup, pumpkin juice;
  3. boiled corn, tea with lemon.

Cornmeal Dishes

From cornmeal, you can cook a large number of tasty


Кукурузные оладьи

AT 500 гр. warm kefir add two eggs, a glass of corn
flour, a pinch of salt and sugar. Beat well with a mixer. Add again
a glass of flour, half a teaspoon of soda, a little milk and mix.
Fry the pancakes in a pan with a little olive


Pancakes кукурузные

200 гр. flour mixed with three tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt.
ATзбить миксером два яйца с 300 гр. milk Add liquid mixture to
dry. Mix well, pour a tablespoon of olive oil and
mix again. Fry in a well heated pan on
slow fire.


Кукурузное печенье

ATзять 300 гр. flour, 200 gr. milk, mix. Add salt,
sugar, cinnamon, flax seeds and a tablespoon of olive oil,
Stir and knead the dough. Roll out the dough into thin
rectangle, cut it and put it on a baking sheet, greased
olive oil. ATыпекать печенье 10-13 минут.

Despite the minimum set of products when dieting, you can
cook recipes based on flour. Meals will not only be delicious,
nutritious, but also beneficial.

Slimming results

Corn diet allows you to lose weight in 3 days at 3-4 pounds.
If you follow the dietary regime for a week, you can get rid of 5-6
kg The main thing is to love yourself and adhere to the rules of the diet.
power supply.

ATот несколько фотографий До и После кукурузной

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