The Pinocchio effect is confirmed: when you lie,nose temperature rises

Thu, Jan 28, 2016

When a person speaks a lie, he experiences the effect of Pinocchio –
a rise in temperature around the nose and in the orbital muscle during
inner corner of the eye. Also, when we attach significant
mental effort, the temperature of the face goes down, and when we
experiencing anxiety rises. Here are some of the findings
Researchers at the Department of Experimental Psychology of the University
Granada, which first applied thermography in

Thermography is a technique based on body temperature.
Used in many areas, such as industry,
construction industry and medicine. Spanish scientists succeeded
get new and very interesting results. So, they discovered
that when a mental effort is made (this can be attributed to
false), the temperature of the face varies.

When we tell lies, the temperature around the nose rises, and
an element of the brain called an “island” is activated. Island
is a component of the cerebral reward system and is activated
only when we have real feelings. Island
involved in the identification and regulation of body temperature. So
Therefore, there is a strong negative correlation between
island activity and temperature increase: the more
islet activity (feeling stronger), the lower the temperature, and
vice versa.

A thermogram is a solid marker of subjective or
mental states and allows us to see what a person
feels or thinks. Scientists suggest using thermography to
assessing emotions and identifying emotional contamination, which is often
sensitive and empathic people are subject. In patients with some
neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, the body
does not properly regulate temperature, which may be
detected by thermogram. It can also be used for
assessing body temperature in patients with celiac disease, anorexia and

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