The most common fears of pregnant women

Wed, Apr 30, 2014

If you are pregnant or are planning to become in the near future
mom, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the most
common fears that sooner or later arise
pregnant women. It will also be helpful to learn about various fears and
prejudices of your close people who will be with you
wait for this joyful event – the appearance of the baby.

What are future moms afraid of?

1. Fear of antibiotics and other drugs, without
doubt the most common fear of pregnant women. Almost all
women are convinced that it is possible to cause irreparable harm to the baby,
if you take various medications while you are pregnant. Largely
they are right – some drugs do possess teratogenic
(germ-damaging) action and can significantly affect
health of the future child. But remember that sometimes the disease
brings much more harm than medicine. You should also know
that drugs, the negative effect of which has been proven, have not been
are prescribed.

2. Fear of childbirth. Basically, the fear of childbirth is associated with
several reasons: this is the fear of pain, of complications and
birth injury. Most often, the fear of childbirth arises due to
terrible stories of “knowing” friends and “well-wishers”, and sometimes
and the doctors themselves do not deliberately “intimidate” future mothers. Pregnant
do not listen and, most importantly, believe all these stories.

In order for pregnant women to feel confident, they
It is recommended to undergo special psychological training, where
describes in detail what signs precede the birth,
what to do and how to cope with fear. If you have
there is no possibility to attend such courses, then it is necessary
ask all your questions to your obstetrician-gynecologist. Rather
all, most fears will fade.

3. Fear of not reaching the end of the term and losing the unborn.
baby is also quite common. Moreover, it does not depend on
whether the woman gave birth earlier or not, whether it was a successful birth or
all ended in miscarriage. Something pricked, something sore: how
As a rule, this is enough for pregnant women to get scared and
to panic. In fact, the likelihood of what will happen
miscarriage is very small if a pregnant woman does not belong to
a particular risk group. You should know that the possibility of miscarriage
has obvious signs: bleeding and severe abdominal pain.
Therefore, it is not necessary to immediately worry when any
slightly discomfort.

How to deal with fears?

First you need to decide what exactly scares the most
you. As a rule, expectant mothers do not have any exclusive fears.
and all the answers to your questions can be easily found in
many women’s magazines and benefits for pregnant women. Reading how
you can get more information about what really excites you
You can understand whether your feelings are in vain or not.

If you do not leave the thought that with your baby something
happens, it is best to go through additional tests,
so to speak, check all the facts.

Do not keep your fears in yourself – you need to share them: with a doctor,
psychologist, husband, girlfriends. Relatives and friends will certainly be able to
help and reassure you, choosing the right words.

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