The meaning of the name Rustam, the nature and fate of a manwith that name. What does the name Rustam mean: origin andstory

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The name of a person is his fateful code. There are so many in the name
it is assumed that each of us receives certain
makings and opportunities.

It is important to interpret the name and use properly strong and
weaknesses of character. What does the name Rustam mean? What are
происхождение и story имени Рустам?

Meaning of the name Rustam

The name Rustam has Ossetian, Tatar roots and literally
meaning “giant”. By this name they called the firstborn
boys, who were pinned their hopes on protection and continuation
kind of. The boys grew strong and nimble, tried to learn
family traditions.

What does the name Rustam mean now? Today it means that
the man who wears him proudly is a real protector of his family and
their loved ones. Zodiac sign, which protects him not one.
This is Capricorn, which is distinguished by its assertiveness and
perseverance, and aquarius, which is wise. This combination
lays in Rustam not only charisma, but common sense,
which allows you to use it for good.

Планета, которая покровительствует Рустаму —
Saturn. She knows destruction and drastic changes, therefore
the life of a man will be filled with a variety of events that
it will be difficult to understand logically.

Цвет, который сопутствует всегда и во всём
Rustam is black, dark gray.

Дерево, которое даёт ему силу и питает его —
cypress. From it you can make protective charms, they will
give him the opportunity to dramatically change his fate for the better.

Meaning of the name Rustam тесно переплетается со значением его
покровителя — это верблюд, который известен своей
endurance and resistance to external influences. Same
Rustam is also strong and purposeful.

The stone that can cure him of his ailments is onyx. is he
can help him recover not only from physical ailments
nature, but also remove psychological blocks, fears.

Происхождение и story имени Рустам

The name Rustam has Muslim roots. That is why Rustam
no angel day. In the Christian tradition do not worship the same name
holy For the first time the name is found in the Tajik epos. Some
historians believe that Rustam is of Persian origin, and
It was imported to Europe from another continent.

Translated from Tajik, Rustam means powerful. In modern
the world there are several variations of the name – Rustam, Rustembay,
Rustembek. Among the Turkic tribes, the name was revered as Arslan. In Russian
the same name was used in another form – Ruslan.

The nature and fate of Rustam

It is worth noting that despite its physical strength, Rustam
has a delicate and sensitive soul that allows him
endear any person. Girls love him because
he is handsome in appearance and has a discreet disposition. Friends honor him for
wisdom that is not peculiar to his peers. is he не завидует
never to anyone. Always trying to support a friend in difficult
a minute Very closely related to the mother. is heа для него является
stereotype and standard of female beauty.

To the positive traits of character Rustam worth

• Gratitude;

• Nobility;

• Diligence;

• generosity;

• Loyalty;

• Desire to be helpful.

To the negative traits of his character is worth

• aggressiveness;

• Some cruelty;

• resentment;

• Intolerance.

The fact is that Rustam quickly forgets about weaknesses
other people, he often neglects the mora framework when it comes
concerns financial gain. is he с детства старается командовать и
rules others. He gets it great. But to myself
he only hurts this activity.

is he часто разочаровывается в других людях и боится, что и сам
hit the face with the dirt, so prone to attack first. Can
fan the scandal from scratch. Can сделать это, специально и
scheduled. At the same time, the surrounding people will not understand that this is just
trick to get the desired goal.

is he часто рискует и только он один знает, ради какой цели.
Surrounding people consider him a fool in how he tries to show himself
in front of the girl you like. But his charisma is having on her.
indelible impression. The girl is literally ready to go.
to the edge of the world for their Rustam. is he кажется ей действительно
courageous and compelling.

For Rustam, his material status is of paramount importance. is he
does not believe that a man should earn a lot, but he must
обеспечивать their loved ones. Rustam always thinks ahead and therefore
calculates their spending and their profits.

It is often difficult for him to work with someone in a couple or with someone in
submission. is he довольно импульсивен в принятии решений, поэтому ему
It is difficult to comply with a half-word. But he is wonderful
head, he knows exactly what and how to apply, and
when need to say. is he знает, кто из подчинённых лучше подойдёт
for a job. In business, he ponders everything carefully and
only then begins to develop their own business. He needs a confident
my life partner which can provide home comfort.

Love Rustam

The nature and fate of Rustam заставляют разбивать женские сердца.
is he с детства притягивает к себе женский пол. is he отличается
wonderful health and cheerful disposition. It’s quite interesting with him.
and calm.

If Rustam likes a woman, he will definitely achieve it, but
when the desired object is received, then Rustam changes
tactics and begins to behave more restrained. is he мало времени
devotes to the family, because it works a lot. If his life partner
appreciate it – there will be no problems in their family. If she will
demand attention to yourself – he will leave her.

Rustam believes that raising children is a woman’s business and not
interferes with it until adolescence. Son can cruelly
to punish if he sees that he does not respect the mother. To daughter
is loyal. Can иметь любовниц, так как его нрав не
allows you to stop there. But he honors his wife and not
will give offense. is heа чувствует себя за ним, как за каменной
by the wall.

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