The meaning of the name Robert, the nature and fate of histhe owner. What does the name Robert mean, what are its origins andstory?

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The name Robert is strong, not inclined to sentiment. But precisely
it often turns into the short form “bob” or ambiguous
�”Robik”, “Bobby.” But the Aryan, that is, the Old German
The origin and history of the name Robert requires restraint.

Parents who decide to name the boy that way
It is important to learn more about the meaning of the name Robert.

The meaning and origin of the name Robert

In the Orthodox tradition there is no such name, it is Catholic.
Therefore, the meaning of the name Robert must be dealt with in Western
catholic sources. Especially since the very origin of the word
associated with the ancient Germanic tribes.

The name is composed of two ancient roots:

• roud, which means “kind, glory”;

• beraht, which means “light, unfading, bright.”

Obviously, what the name Robert means is either “unfading glory” or
�”Unfading race”, or “bright, bright glory.” If recover
on the origin and history of the name Robert, get the word Hrodebert
with one of the given values.

What character is endowed with Robert

A boy with this name refers to the school life with a cool.
If parents do not control performance, learns from threes and
skips lessons. But sport gives a lot of time, with
pleasure to participate in competitions and often becomes
professional athlete.

Robert’s mind is analytical, calm and balanced,
and the memory is just amazing, even unique. Little robert
closed, focused on himself, strict and rarely show emotions.
Surrounding it is alarming and often frightening, so friends have
boy is not much.

But adult Robert, on the contrary, attracts with his holistic
kind and successful ratio in the nature of calm and interest in
around the world. With age he becomes very purposeful,
able to persevere, but failure can not break it.
Robert’s wishes are always clearly articulated, and to achieve them
developed an effective plan. That is why character and destiny
Robert is associated with his desires directly and unequivocally.

Young Robert is an intellectual, a skeptic, and in general a gloomy type.
He does not like fuss, rigidly controls emotions and speech. Nothing
you will not hear too much from him, but everything said causes respect.
Therefore, Robert has surprisingly many friends, and women from him without
mad By the way, Robert’s love for women

Sometimes young Robert is not averse to trying on an image of a rebel,
may even get into trouble, but eventually returns to
your own way, and it is always the way of prudence. Although
propensity for rebellion keeps for life, may have
problems with law. In a force majeure situation, it retains
Olympian calm.

Robert’s Fate

This person is very attached to his parents, rarely forgets about
loved ones and always ready to help them. Friends keeps the distance
trusting only the closest. Anyone who tries against him
get too close or use for their own purposes without
doubt rejects and terminates friendship forever.

Ease in dealing with women does not allow Robert to marry early.
First, he takes all the pleasures of life, the benefit of the ladies is not against it, and
only by the middle of life starts a family. Women chooses bright not
necessarily smart, but necessarily interesting in the personal
respect. It requires a lot of them, so often provokes conflicts
and parting. In the vicinity is not only physical joy and
the ability to relieve accumulated tension, but also resources for
further development.

Having settled down, it becomes a wonderful husband and a good father.
He is attentive to his wife, trusts her, creates a warm relationship in
family. Wife helps in word and deed, delves into her problems,
understands perfectly well. However, he likes comfort very much, and therefore requires
from the wife of maximum comfort. Needs a personal space, loves
be alone.

Spends a lot of time with children, loves them very much and preserves them.
proximity is already after the chicks will fly out of the parent
nests. However, it raises the offspring strictly, does not allow
disobedience. Children fear and respect Robert.

Robert’s profession

If you remember what the name Robert means, professional
the aspirations of this person will not cause surprise. He often chooses
profession, capable of glorifying his name, and gives a great career
value. The role of the gray mouse is not for him. Directing effort into some kind
path, it is completely given to the selected case. Due to the awesome
memory, frantic performance and incredible dedication
able to quickly achieve success in any business. It does not
work the meaning of his life, knows how to have fun and

The nature and fate of Robert determine the choice of profession. Highly
good is this strong, confident little man in sports, especially
if it is not a team, but an individual type of competition. Command
Games Robert doesn’t like in other professions: he is a loner,

Robre reaches success in various, sometimes opposite
areas of human activity: in science, art, sports,
commerce. It is aimed not only at the result, but at the wealth, but
because never choose a low-paying specialty or job
without the prospect of high income.

Famous people named Robert

• Robert Rozhdestvensky, the poet;

• Robert Louis Stevenson, poet, writer;

• Robert Koch, microbiologist, physician;

• Robert Scott, traveler, known for his research

• Robert Pattinson, popular musician, actor;

• Robert Asprin, writer;

• Rbert De Niro, director, actor;

• Robert Boyle, scientist, philosopher;

• Robert Kinasoshvili, design engineer;

• Robert Burns, poet;

• Robert Schumann, pianist, composer;

• Robert Downey Jr., musician, actor;

• Robert Kiyosaki, businessman, writer.

Name Compatibility

Robert is capable of strong feelings. Married life promises
be strong and happy with Alexandra, Valentina, Vera,
Zinaida, Olga, Nina, Love, Lydia, Nadezhda, Tatiana,
Rosa, Edita, Faina, Evdokia, Anna, Lada.

The union with Anastasia, Varvara, Elena,
Antonina, Ada, Maria, Marianne, Taisia, Stella, Emma, ​​Dora,
Louise, Elsa.

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