The meaning of the name Leah, the character and fate of a girl withby that name. What does Leah’s name mean: origin and history

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The name of a person is given to him from birth and determines his further
life path. Many people have several names.

What does the name Leah mean? What is the character and fate of Leah? Worth
sort out.

Meaning of name lia

Лия — от еврейского, антилопа. Fast and
mobile girl with a graceful figure. It’s easy to lift
a person who is always more worried about the fate of their loved ones
people, rather than personally for their own.

What does the name Leah mean?

Leah marks her birthday on the first of January, this is the day of the beginning of the year,
therefore, the name means a quick start, a quick decision.

The girl herself is assertive and restless. Has a cool temper. Value
Name Lia is closely associated with the lunar calendar.

Так, зимние Лии более холодны и сдержаны.
Летние же — весьма активны и подвижны.

The origin and history of the name of Leah

Leah is a Hebrew name. It has ancient roots. In the old days to them
They called girls from a noble family. Zodiac sign, which
accompanied by Leah – Aries. The planet that controls it is the sun.
The color that impresses her most is the scarlet. Her tree is a palm tree
date The patron saint of the animal kingdom is the antelope. Leah’s Stone –

It was believed that if Leah would wear amber amulets, she would not
terrible hardships and losses, it will be under reliable
protection of the kind. The origin and history of the name of Leah весьма интересны.
So, in the Middle Ages, the name became widespread in the territory
Eurasia. In these times, Liam girls were called not only from noble
kind, but also those who were the direct heirs of the kind.

The character and fate of Leah

Worth отметить, что у Лии очень много положительных черт

• Reliability;

• charm;

• Kindness;

• Subtle humor;

• Responsiveness.

With all these positive qualities of character, Leah knows herself
price She rarely joins the argument and very rarely conflicts.
with strangers. Leah quickly argues her point and
thinks that’s enough.

To Leah’s Negative Character Traits

• Internal stress;

• Hidden aggression;

• The need for protection.

It is rather strange that such a seemingly wise woman
inside of himself wears a ticking time bomb maybe
Are there any objective reasons? Worth отметить что Лия довольно хитра и
inventive. She has a huge internal potential. She knows how to
a few seconds to persuade the opponent, win over,
make you take your point.

At the same time, Leah helps her natural charm and charm. She is –
a true woman who can pretend to be weak and
defenseless girl who needs the support of her strong
men At the same time, she wisely enough and guides him
almost every step.

Leah is able to feel a man so subtly that practically
can predict all his future deeds. In the choice of profession, Lia
Do not limit yourself to the top of the business. Girl
quite hardworking, so be able to express themselves in any

She can support and can guide anyone. Colleagues
they always admire her ability to work and skill
anticipate a difficult situation. She is an indispensable specialist. Leah often
выбирают творческие professions. They bring them a lot of pleasure,
at the same time, girls often shoulder much of their responsibilities
more than their colleagues.

Lees are pretty successful in business and can hold high
position in society. They know how to morally support their loved ones
people. Never deny help to other people. They have enough
subtle sense of humor that helps them quickly settle
any conflict. At the same time, they are not supporters to sort things out, they
it is enough to hear a person’s point of view once and accept it.
In this case, the girls will defend their interests, trying not to
do harm to others.

Love lee

Leah has a pretty cool temper, so she tries to take
leadership role, while she can subtly find an approach to
needs of the other half. Leah is somewhat impulsive in
youth and may even make huge sacrifices for the sake of his family. WITH
by age, she rethinks values ​​and is already somewhat more
balanced, does not take rash decisions.

She is always ready to sacrifice much for her loved ones.
. Friends finding support and support in it. She is pretty
hard going through betrayal and does not understand the meaning of betrayal. She is
may in order to create his family even quarrel with
parents. But this is not for long, because Leah is true.
hearth keeper.

She is не спешит создавать семью, тщательно
eyeing her future husband, but also in a relationship
quite selective. Always surrounded by male attention and
care, because it can subtly and very flexibly communicate to its
second half, what she really wants. Leah can find
approach to any. If there is a conflict in the family, she first
acknowledges that she was wrong, but afterwards she will do everything in order to
get the desired result.

Муж души не чает в ней, как и родственники. But,
if Leah gets bored with him, if she doubts even a minute
his love for himself – this can be a reason for breaking off relations,
therefore, Leah’s man must constantly pay attention to her and
show your feelings.

Leah’s children are gifted with love and care.
. She is старается с ранних лет привить им хорошие
manners and give them an exceptional education. Leah cares for them before
mature age. There are always many guests in her house. She is рада
to each.

Благодаря крепкому здоровью и гибкому характеру Лия
может сплотить вокруг себя много людей
, может вдохновлять.
She is наполняет жизнь близких счастьем. But, если кто-то пренебрёг её
trust – this person will never be able to cross the threshold again
her home Leah is a very creative person and can simultaneously
perform several tasks, do several jobs. Relax
girl on the beach with her family. She is всегда найдёт, чем
to occupy both children and adults, and at the same time it’s wonderful

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