The meaning of the name Julian, the nature and fate of a womanwith that name. What does Juliana’s name mean: origin andstory

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Usually for girls they try to pick up beautiful names. Today
more and more parents pay attention not only to the beauty of the name,
but also on its content. What is the name of Julian? What are
происхождение и story имени Юлиана.

The meaning of the name Julian

Juliana – descended from Jupiter. The name has Slavic roots.
Its short values ​​are Yula, Yulia, Julia. Day Angel
Juliana marks the seventh and sixteenth of February. Name characterizes
girl as a talented, comprehensively developed.

The planet that patronizes Julian is Jupiter. She knows
questions of new beginnings and talents, so the girl is so
developed spiritually. Zodiac signs that patronize her are fish
and archer. They allow Juliana to adjust her personal life,
build strong relationships based on love.

She has a subtle sense of human nature. The meaning of the name Julian —
descended from Jupiter, give the girl confidence. She sometimes
even too self-confident, not retreating even before serious

Происхождение и story имени Юлиана

Historians believe that Juliana is the Latin form of the name Julia.
They also propose a theory that the name is the female form of the name
Julian. The name became especially popular in Europe, namely

What is the name of Julian? Under the auspices of Jupiter. Her number
is the number nine. It characterizes the people who follow to
according to the call of the heart. Juliana will never be
engage in an unloved affair, she will not waste her life on
unloved person.

The nature and fate of Juliana

It is worth noting that the girl is a born leader. She is
ready not only to defend their goals and ideals, she is also ready
to lead like-minded people. She has huge ambitions
seeks to surpass others, in many ways, so from an early
age loves sport and competition.

Since childhood Juliana is very sociable and friendly. She is может
find a common language with almost everyone. The main thing – she is not touchy.
Juliana does not see the point of proving her case to anyone – it is empty
a waste of time and effort for her. Juliana is easier to silently go to the cherished
goals than to waste time on empty talk.

She is излишне требовательна к себе и к окружающим, при этом, она
attracts the attention of the opposite sex
spontaneity. Juliana has a lot of positive traits.

• self-discipline;

• Practicality;

• Flexibility;

• Responsiveness;

• Mind of kindness.

She is умеет хитрить, но ей не стоит играть на чувствах других
people, especially those who truly love her. She is часто поддаётся
tempted and deceives others for their own selfish purposes, but this
the fact quickly opens.

Since childhood Juliana loves to dream and soar in the clouds.
In her dreams she, while still a girl, forms the image of the ideal
men She is then very difficult to accept the fact that men are around
do not match her ideal. She is любит поэзию и даже сама сочиняет

Juliana always has a hobby. The lesson that brings her
joy. If a girl goes in for sports, then she’s a big part
your free time will be spent on training. To study
Juliana is more careless.

Juliana is very demanding of herself and it can be for her
negative trait of character. She is будет стремиться к идеалу любой
price, and the price may be too high. It’s about giving up
food, entertainment, even sleep. If Juliana decided something – to convince
its almost impossible.

Juliana is proud of herself and her merits. This pride is often
develops into unbridled pride that prevents Juliana from seeing
true state of affairs. In order not to lose focus in life,
Juliana help friends. They often warn a girl in time.
from rash acts.

Juliana is hot-tempered and even hysterical. In these moments
close people try to support the girl with a kind word, not
provoke a repeat scandal. Juliana is very talented and can
engage in almost any business.

She is хорошо проявит себя в профессии воспитателя, педагога.
Juliana loves chic things and expensive rest. She is любит сама
earn money for fun
Good work. Juliana will prove herself well in business. She is будет
lead him just perfect, not allowing any violations and scams.
She will often be tried to be drawn into a dubious business, but the girl
refuse such work.

The nature and fate of Juliana характеризуют её как активную личность,
with frequent mood swings. She is вовсе не обидчива и любит
pleasant conversation over a cup of tea. She is также любит активно отдыхать,
loves music and dancing. Juliana’s energy beats the fountain, namely
therefore, she charges with strength and positive all around. People are drawn to
her, try to stay friends with her.

Juliana’s love

Juliana strives to be perfect in everything, so she chooses
partner to match yourself. A man who may be interested
Julian – should be successful and purposeful, love to relax,
have a lot of interests.

Juliana does not accept boredom, so she often travels. Her future
the husband must also love the change of scenery and be able to adapt to
your sweetheart. It is worth noting that the men next to her
become successful and increase their wealth. Looking at Julian,
they begin to move more actively towards their goals.

Juliana is quite jealous, but she doesn’t trust her.
will allow. She is не любит рутины, но хорошая хозяйка. With homemade
Julian copes quickly and successfully. She has a rich
fantasy and lots of ideas. Juliana loves to dream so much that
almost always gets everything desired.

Children Juliana loves, but not in a hurry to have a firstborn. She is не
wants the child to restrict her freedom. Juliana does not enter into
disputes with her man, she wisely stands in her, not allowing
family life turn into a disaster. Juliana does not like gossip,
does not allow others to discuss their lives. She is хранит её в
a secret.

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