The main mistakes made in the upbringingboy

Fri, 25 Apr 2014

The birth of the long-awaited son is a joyful event in every family.
A happy father wants to grow a real man, and a young
mother – protector and support. But, having completely dissolved in the child
and trying to give him all the best, adults often allow
gross errors in his education. About them will be discussed below.


This phenomenon is often manifested in the upbringing of the late and
only child or when raising a child in incomplete
family. Moms literally stifle their own child with their love and
excessive care. �“Did you have breakfast today?”, “Did you remember to wear
a scarf? “,” Try not to stay late, I’ll worry ”
– such phrases are heard every day not only by the child, but also by the teenager, and
even a fully formed young man. Mom is scared
let him go for a walk with friends for fear that he might get in
unpleasant story; it seems to her that the girl’s beloved son consists of
some shortcomings and so on. Albeit unconsciously, but mom
experiencing that one day can be pushed by son
in the background and it will be unnecessary and alone.

Is there a way out of this situation? Of course it is quite normal that
parents worry about their child, especially for those
moments when there is a threat to his life and health. But, excessive
�”Quacking” over a child can cause it to grow
Mama’s little boy. Above the boy will tease in
collective, it will be very difficult for him to fight with life
difficulties without the help of parents. Therefore, the child must be taught
independence from childhood. For example, let him
decide what pants to wear in kindergarten, or let go with
friends to the zoo accompanied by adults.


Every parent wants his son to be educated
by man. And it literally forces you to cram day and night.
complex formulas, read historical literature, pore over
complex drawings. Very often, adults do not attach importance to
that their child, like any boy, wants to run around with the guys in
backyard, play football, go to the pool. As a result, grows
boring nerd, from which you can hear only solid
�”boo Boo Boo…”

What can be done in this situation? The accumulation of knowledge is,
Of course, good, but do not forget about the need for physical
развития boy. Ask what sports section he
would like to visit. In addition, be sure to at least 1-1.5 hours
plays in the open air a day, and arrange family on weekends
attacks on nature.

Conclusion in the four walls

Some parents believe that a child is behind the walls of his home
is in complete safety. And there is no need for him to hang around
down the street if there is always a dad and mom at home who are
best friends in the whole wide world.

Of course, when it turned out to establish trust
between child and parents is very good. But it is worth remembering
that the boy needs to communicate directly with
peers. What to say about the relationship with the opposite
by the floor? Therefore, do not bind the child to yourself, allow
periodically communicate with the boys in the yard, arrange children
holidays, let him go to visit his friends.

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