The Japanese already get money from ATMs withusing your palm

W, 27 Sep 2016

ATMs appeared in Japan, where you can withdraw money without
bank card, you just need to attach a palm
to the reader, dial the pin and pick up the issued
availability. On a unique event in the world of the financial industry
Ogaki Bank representatives told the world public
Koritsu.To be able to use new ATMs,
Japanese need to visit a financial institution and write
application for the provision of this service. After registering at
credit organization its client is free to receive money
using your own biometric data. To enroll
funds to a personal bank account or withdraw them, the Japanese
must be attached to the reading device palm, inform
your date of birth and PIN code, previously issued in the bank.
present ATMs with the ability to read biometrics
indicators are set in the branches of Ogaki Koritsu in Gifu Prefecture,
however, in the near future the same devices will appear in the prefectures
Mie, Aichi, and Shiga. ATMs can be used not
Only in Ogaki Koritsu branches, but also in mobile offices.
New technology is that it will allow residents of Japan
to save your funds in any conditions, even if the country is again
natural disasters will overwhelm, and bank cards and documents
will be lost. The biometric data recognition system has long been
used to create additional security conditions
when it comes to financial assets.

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