The Greek fig tree is a miraculous fig.The benefits and harms of the king of dried fruit. Dried figs: usedproperties

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Even in ancient Greece and the Mediterranean countries knew about
propertiesх инжира. There he was valued not only for the pleasant aroma and
сладковатый вкус, но и за ее целебные properties, что инжир оказывает
on our health. In these regions, it was consumed fresh. AT
Central Asia, which is the homeland of fig berries, has been made from it
medicinal tinctures and mixed with nuts and fruits, baked from it


Figs: why do we eat it dried?

The fig is the fruit of the fig tree. It is also called “fig”
�”Fig” and “fig”. ATсе зависит от страны его происхождения.
Fig trees grow in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia,
Iran, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Fig likes a warm climate with moderate humidity and almost no
endures cold weather, one can no longer speak of frost. Fleshy and
juicy fruits are poorly stored and very demanding
transportation. Because of these difficulties, figs are quite expensive and
not everyone can afford it.

It’s easier to bring dried figs. It is light in weight,
unpretentious to transport, but has such a rich amount
vitamins and microelements, as well as fresh figs.

It is light beige. No way neither caramel nor
brown. These colors are a sign of processing dried fruit.
chemical preparations. Rounded and slightly flat (which
much easier to transport). On the surface it is sometimes possible
notice white crystals (or bloom), which is a sign
natural yield of glucose, which is so rich in figs. Has a lot
pits. Sweet to the taste, but not cloying. AT сушеном виде
figs are stored for a long time, up to six months.

Healing qualities of figs.

Fig – a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. For that
He was loved by both doctors and nutritionists. Last often
recommend it as the most popular and useful substitute for sweets and
flour in diets. Also, athletes that adhere to
certain rules in the diet, and need an increased amount
fiber, always have a couple of berries of dried figs in reserve.
ATитамины и полезные микроэлементы инжира:

ATитамины A, B1, B2,C

Omega-3 and Omega-6

Potassium and calcium salts


Pectin substance

Citric acid, malic and acetic acid



Due to its composition, fig helps in the treatment of colds.
diseases, good for ligament therapy, has a positive effect on
the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory system.

Полезные properties инжира на организм человека

The beneficial effects of figs on the digestive system

Thanks to the fiber, which benefits fig tree keeps
leadership among fruits, it is very beneficial for digestive
system and has a beneficial effect and normalizes the exchange process in
the body. Several berries of dried figs poured boiled water
and give the berries to evaporate, and water insist. After drinking
the resulting broth. The berries themselves are also helpful in constipation. They,
due to the same fiber, have a laxative effect.

Phytosterol — защитное вещество для нашего кишечника. It reduces
the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed into the intestines.

Pectin helps to eliminate toxins that accumulate in our
body and other harmful compounds. Such as: urea and
bile acid. Еще пектин имеет хорошее обезболивающие properties,
that help people with peptic ulcer disease. This cumulative property
and the result will show itself when used for a long time and regularly.
dried figs every day.

Fig tree benefits for the cardiovascular system

The potassium content has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular
the system. Daily consumption of figs reduces the risk of onset.
infarction condition. Potassium helps stabilize blood
pressure. The presence of potassium and glucose in figs should be paid.
attention to athletes that are actively working in the gym. So
as, thanks to potassium, the work of the muscular system is normalized. 4-5
berries washed and pre-soaked figs, eaten, for
good mastering, two hours before your workout. ATо время занятий
You can drink not just water, but an infusion on dried figs. This
water absorbs some of the glucose and will tone up the
throughout the class.

Several berries of dried figs are useful for people
that suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Ficin, что
contained in dried berries of the fig tree, helps to dissolve
blood clots.

ATлияние на сушеного инжира на опорно-двигательную систему

Calcium, which is contained in the fig tree in large quantities,
nutritionists and doctors recommend that they be used by older people and those whose
musculoskeletal system is quite fragile due to disturbance
metabolic processes in the body and calcium deficiency.

Use of dried figs for throat diseases and how
vitamin supplement for the body

– Several dried fig berries that are rich in “vitamins
Beauty “A, B1, B2, and C, saves all active and modern people,
that they want to have silky hair, �”Clean” skin and strong nails.
AT этом случае эффект накопительный и результат будет виден при
regular availability of figs in the diet.

– The fig is very good at treating colds and
throat diseases. Due to the high content of vitamin C, it
beneficial effect on improving immunity and helps the body
copes with a strong cough and even sore throat. To do this, prepare
decoction. 1 tablespoon chopped dried figs poured
liter of boiling water and boil over low heat for 10 minutes.
After filtering and drinking half a glass three times a day.

– The iron content in the fig tree is almost the same as that of the fig tree.
apples. ATрачи рекомендуют каждый день употреблять 3-5 ягод людям,
that suffer from iron deficiency. Office staff and media
It is also useful for workers to eat a couple of figs a day. Iron
beneficial effect on skin color.

– With such a huge list of positive qualities, this “king
Dried Fruit “has several limitations when it is consumed. ATсе
they are associated with the presence of certain trace elements, which is negative
affect the presence of a number of diseases in humans.

ATозможный вред сушёного инжира

Due to the high glucose content and the presence of sugar in dried
figs, it is contraindicated for people with diabetes.
So же он вреден для приема в пищу людям, что имеют лишний вес.
ATедь сушеный инжир достаточно калорийный продукт — 250 ккал на 100
grams of berries. With a strong desire, nutritionists strongly recommend
consume 50 grams per week. Due to the content of oxalic acid,
this dried fruit is strictly forbidden for people that
suffer from gout. The abundance of fiber is, of course, very good,
but not in cases when people use dried figs
with acute diseases of the digestive tract and pancreatitis. Or with
upset stomach. Because of its laxative effect, here
dried fig tree can only harm. And you should not forget
that any healthy person does not need to get involved in these delicacies,
if there is a long road or an important meeting.

AT целом — польза этого продукта зашкаливает! ATыбирайте легкие и
bright fruit without shine. Dried figs – soft and well chewed! AND
with each ingeny you fill with strength and health!

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