The former wife of Mikhail Zhvanetsky told about hisendless romances and numerous children

Tue, Aug 26, 2014

Officially, Mikhail Zhvanetsky has five children. Married he
was only two times. Journalists managed to meet with one of
former wives of satirist Nadezhda Haiduk, who told about the huge
the number of ex-husband ex-spouse.

Hope Haiduk broke up with Zhvanetsky at the beginning of his career. Already
then, according to the woman, the satirist had numerous novels, in
the result of which children were born.

However, according to official figures, Michael’s first wife
Mikhailovich was a certain Larisa. The second is Haiduk herself, married to
which was born daughter Elizabeth. Another beloved woman
Zhvanetsky Venus bore him a son Maxim. In 1991, as a result
connection satirist with costume designer Natalya was born son Dmitri.

According to the memoirs Haiduk, one of their mistresses of her ex-spouse
called Kira, who realized that she had nothing to catch in a relationship with
celebrity, threw “Misha” for the sake of the famous dancer Michael
Baryshnikova, with whom she moved to live in the United States.

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