The former wife of Andrei Arshavin will lead the show onChannel One

Sun, 07 Sep 2014

After a divorce from Andrei Arshavin, TV people show
incredible interest in his ex-wife, Julia Baranovskaya. AT
lately she’s just been doing a dizzying career on

Not so long ago, she was a consultant to the program “What
want men “on TNT, co-host of the transfer of” Girls “on” Russia “, with
the beginning of the summer is transmitting the program “Restart” on TNT, and now Julia
I got to the first button.

AT наступившем сезоне Барановская вместе с Александром Гордоном
will lead the program “Male / Female”. Transmission based on
gender issues. According to the idea authors, unhappy wife will
to bring her scounding husband into the studio, and invited experts
will give their advice on improving the climate in the family. Yuliya,
naturally will be on the side of women. ATидимо, продюсеры шоу
intend to exploit the topic of complex personal life itself

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