The first donor bank opened in Russiaof milk

Thu, Nov 27, 2014

Recently, on the basis of the Moscow Scientific Center for Children’s Health was
открыт первый в России банк донорского of milk. It is assumed that
nursing mothers will act as donors, and their
�“Clients” are premature newborns and infants; and
babies suffering from severe indigestion and allergies. If a
this company will be successful, then the opening of such banks
will be launched across the country.

На открытие в России банка донорского of milk чиновников от
health care pushed successful foreign experience. In European
countries 203 of these banks are united in a special association.
The president of this organization is convinced that by the importance of the bank
донорского of milk может быть сравним с донорством крови и
internal organs. Feeding babies with breast milk is a pledge
their health and normal development, because no matter how high quality
there were modern dairy mixes they can never replace
real milk.

Nursing mother volunteers are planned to be donors.
passed a special medical commission. Candidates will have to
tell about your lifestyle, diet, history
diseases. After a thorough check, the milk will be

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