The effect and contraindications of alcoholdiets

The effect and contraindications of alcohol diets

Currently there are a huge number
various diets. Some women choose for themselves unusual
way to lose weight: they get rid of unwanted centimeters in
waist and hip area with alcohol. Автором подобной diets
considered to be Jacqueline Kennedy. This woman possessed a graceful,
sharpened figure. Once a week, Jacqueline completely abandoned
food: she only drank a bottle of champagne. Lady gaga in her
desire to find the perfect figure went even further. World
celebrity getting rid of extra pounds with the help of …

Достоинства винной diets

When consumed in small quantities, alcohol activates
metabolism, stimulates the breakdown of fats.

При соблюдении низкокалорийной diets в рацион включают
a glass of excellent cognac, red wine, champagne or a glass

You can afford a little and quality “live” beer. But
red has the most beneficial effect on health

When consumed in small quantities, the drink is inhibited.
the formation of blood clots, reduces the likelihood of stroke,
normalizes blood pressure.

Red wine helps to improve water-salt metabolism.
The drink is endowed with tonic, bactericidal properties. Red
вино обогащено и антоцианами  —  антибиотиками природного
origin. The composition of the drink contains antioxidants,
slowing the aging process. Red wine contains such
beneficial substances like organic acids, cobalt, phosphorus,

Cons of losing weight

Основной недостаток алкогольной diets в том, что в процессе
losing weight may occur drowsiness or dizziness.

In some cases, alcoholic beverages will provoke
alcohol addiction. In women, it develops significantly
faster than men.

Alcoholic diet is not suitable for representatives
strong sex, engaged in mental work.

When drinking alcohol, concentration may decrease.

Как усилить эффект diets?

При соблюдении diets рекомендуется пить качественное красное
wine, which contains the minimum amount of sugar.
Products such as baking,
smoked foods, sweets, fatty foods, figs, grapes, bananas,
soda water.

It is recommended to give preference:

  • low-fat meat dishes;
  • fermented milk products;
  • fresh fruit;
  • natural juices;
  • dishes made from fresh vegetables.

При соблюдении алкогольной diets употребляют ржаной или
whole wheat bread.

The amount of salt in the diet is limited as much as possible.

Per day is recommended to use no more than 20 ml of olive
oils. Fats of animal origin should be excluded from

Meals are recommended to cook on a grill, in a double boiler or stew in
минимальном количестве oils. Soy sauce is added to salads,
balsamic vinegar, lemon juice. From mayonnaise and zesty fatty
sauces should be discarded.

It is recommended to add herbs to the dishes: cilantro, fresh onion, mint,

In the day should drink no more than 1.5 liters of pure water.

Coffee consumption must be limited.

A woman who decides to lose weight can drink black
tea or herbal teas

Для усиления эффекта алкогольной diets рекомендуется выполнять
physical exercise.

Соблюдение экспресс-diets на три дня

The ekpress-diet will help to quickly get in shape before
holidays. At the same time throughout all three days it is necessary
придерживаться одинакового меню:

  • breakfast – one hard-boiled egg and 2 small
  • обед  — 200 граммов творога невысокой жирности, небольшое
    the number of leaf lettuce;
  • ужин  — 100 граммов нежирного сыра, 200 мл качественного
    red wine.

If you have a strong feeling of hunger, you are allowed to eat
one green apple.

После завершения diets нужно сразу же отказаться от
drinking alcohol.

Fatty foods and sweets should be included in the menu gradually and in
minimum quantity. Daily caloric intake is necessary
increase gradually: about 200-400 kcal per week. In such
случае результат, достигнутый после завершения diets, сохранится на
for a long time.

Diet for 14 days

При соблюдении алкогольной diets на 14 дней следует употреблять
за ужином 200 мл сухого red wine. Более подробное меню diets
presented below.

For breakfast you can make one of the following.

  • omelette from 2 eggs;
  • a portion of cottage cheese casserole with dried apricots;
  • porridge with fruit slices cooked on low fat

For breakfast you can eat low-fat yogurt, a few slices.
whole grain bread, boiled meat, kefir.

The following dishes are prepared for lunch:

  • a portion of beef borscht;
  • mushroom soup;
  • boiled chicken with tomatoes;
  • boiled squid with brown rice;
  • fillet of fish, baked in the oven. To this dish
    It is recommended to serve salad from cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage;
  • a portion of cream spinach soup with a slice of rye bread;
  • braised beef liver with a small amount of barley
  • boiled beef jacket potatoes;
  • a portion of vegetable soup;
  • chicken fillet with buckwheat.

Ужин женщины, которая решила придерживаться
алкогольной diets, может состоять из порции курицы с салатом из
cabbage, low-fat cottage cheese with dill and garlic, vegetable salad with
adding cheese. It is allowed to eat a little while snacking.
nuts or dried fruit.

Who is contraindicated for an unusual diet?

The prospect of dropping a few extra pounds leads to
delight any woman. But не стоит забывать о существующих
restrictions. Alcoholic diet is contraindicated in the presence of
the following health problems:

  • hypertonic disease;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • alcohol addiction;
  • severe chronic diseases in the acute stage.

Alcoholic diet is contraindicated in adolescents, pregnant
for women. Nursing moms should also opt for
another method of losing weight.

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